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Use Coupon Code: HALFOFF

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20,000 Follower Account

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10,000 Follower Account

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5,000 Follower Account

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Here's how it works...

Once you place your order, we'll reach out to you asking what niche you want your new account to target. Our team of Pinterest experts will build the account in a very natural way, adding thousands of followers to the account and pinning loads of relevant pins. We don't stop until we get it to the follower count you purchased. You own the account from day one.

Not only do you get the hugely powerful account, you also get my powerful Pinterest software, "Social Multiplier" which you can then use to continue to build the account out and build an even bigger audience ... driving more and more and more traffic to your sites!

That's not all!

HUGE Potential

As a free bonus you'll also get a free copy of the most powerful Pinterest software on the planet (which I created), "Social Multiplier!" This software can generate huge traffic from your account.


Be an Authority

People will instantly see you as an authority when they see the shear volume of followers and pins your account has. Social proof, but also real traffic/lead/sale generating power, all in one!

I pinned an image to one of my weight loss accounts a few months ago (click here to see it). As of today it has been repinned by over 45,000 people! This could be one of your pins!

We're Pinterest Experts!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've driven over 1,000,000 visitors to our sites and our client's sites in just the past few months. Just ONE of those sites has generated 56,467 visitors just from Pinterest in just the last month! See for yourself!

... and here's the traffic data for that same site over the past 4 months!

Q: How long will it take to build the account?

A: The max. wait period is 90 days for a 5,000 follower account - 180 days for a 10,000 follower account and 365 days for a 20,000 follower account. However, for many markets it won't take nearly that long.

Q. Will I be able to access the account while it grows?

A. The short answer is, "yes." But we strongly advise against it until it's grown and we do require that you agree in the terms that if you use the account before it's completed and it gets suspended refund requests will not be honored.

Q. How much traffic can I expect from the account?

A. It depends on the market you choose, how often you pin, the quality of your pins and how much you interact with other users and followers.

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