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Why Google Is Ignoring Your Content And Links

What is the goal of a search engine? More specifically, what is Google's goal?

To deliver high quality, relevant results to searchers. If they can't do that, the traffic dries up, along with the revenue.

So when you're working on your website, whether it's writing content or getting back links, it's important to ask youself whether or not what you're doing is what Google is looking for.

If you get it wrong Google will ignore your content and links, and all of your time and effort will be wasted. After all, if Google doesn't think your site will add to their search quality (and, thereby, their bottom line), they're not going to be interested in your work at all.

On the other hand, give Google what Google is looking for and the traffic will come a runnin'. So let's talk about what Google wants from your website.

For starters, let's talk about the content you're submitting to article directories, blogs and blog networks and the various web 2.0 properties that Google indexes. It's true that you can generate traffic directly from the content you post to those sites (more on that in a bit), but your primary goal is probably to get links to your site that will get that site ranked in Google.

Those are good, valuable practices, to be sure. But are you submitting the same article to multiple sites? If so, ask yourself: how does that contribute to the quality of search results? A little, perhaps, but only when there's nothing else for Google to show.

Google has explicitly stated that, when possible, for any given keyword search they will try and show unique content in the results. That is, unless there's nothing else to show, Google is not going to show the same article from multiple sites in the top 10 results for any keyword search you perform.

That makes sense, right? Would you want to read a book about nutrition, for instance, where every chapter was just a copy of the chapter before it? What good would that do anybody?

In the same way, when people search Google, they expect to get a variety of information back -- not duplicate copies of the same article. Google is designed to give people what they want and expect, and people do not want or expect duplicate content.

So it makes sense that Google will only show one copy of an article in the search results, which means the content on your site should not appear anywhere else. But have you ever thought about unique content in terms of the links you get to your site?

You probably know that to rank well in Google you need to get links aimed at your site from other web sites. But are you making sure that the links you are getting appear on unique pages of content? When you post content to the sites mentioned earlier, is the content you're submitting unique? It should be. Let's talk about why.

Think about this: lets say you are reading the reviews for a product on Amazon. You want to see what other people think about it before you buy.

What would you think if all 100 reviews were posted under different user names but said exactly the same thing? Would you believe those reviews were fair and honest? No way! You would assume, and rightly so, that the "reviewers" were up to no good. In fact, you would ignore those reviews completely and try to find ones that were unique. True reviews might have some thoughts in common, but they would not be word for word the same.

Well, to Google your web site is the product, and the pages that link to your site are the reviews. One big way that Google makes sure that the pages it displays in the top search results are "quality" pages is by judging the "honesty" of the "reviews" that link to those pages. A BIG factor in that is whether or not those linking pages are unique.

Google will count links from duplicate pages, but it won't apply nearly as much importance to them. Why should it? They are obviously "reviews" written by the same person, even if they appear in different sites (under different "user names", as it were). Google wants to rank sites that get good "reviews" from a lot of different people. That is a better indication of real quality.

So when you're getting links to your site, you need to make sure that the content those links appear on is high quality, unique content. That just makes good sense.

There's another really good reason to make sure that every page linking to yours is unique, though. You see, Google is what's called a "full text search engine." What that means is that Google breaks down content into the words and phrases that it's made up of, and catalogs all of those keywords in an index.

Then, when somebody performs a search, it looks through that index and finds pages that are related to the keywords being searched for. If your page is one of them, and the other quality factors are in place (like links to the page), then Google shows that page in the search results for the keywords.

That means that if all of the pages that link to your site are the same, then all of the keywords that get put into Google's index for those pages will also be the same, which seriously limits the probability of your linking pages popping up in the search results.

For instance, let's say you post the same article to 100 sites, and that article contains 10 phrases that Google considers important enough to put into its index. That gives you 10 keyword phrases that all 100 of those linking pages have a chance of showing up for in the search results.

On the other hand, let's say you distribute a unique article to each of those 100 sites. If each one of those articles contains 10 different phrases that make it into Google's index, that gives you 1,000 keyword phrases that your linking pages have a chance of showing up for.

If each unique article can deliver only one new visitor per day, then all 100 duplicate articles would only deliver 30 visitors a month (because remember, Google will only show one of those pages in the search results). On the other hand, if you have 100 unique articles each delivering one new visitor per day, that's 3,000 new visitors per month.

Start multiplying that out by 1,000 articles, or 10,000 articles, or even 100,000 articles, and you begin to see why unique content is so valuable.

The problem with this inescapable fact is that to rank in Google, even for keywords that don't bring a ton of traffic, you have to get hundreds, even thousands of links. For really high traffic keywords you need hundreds of thousands of links!

To write hundreds or thousands of unique articles would take an enormous amount of time. And you would have to repeat that process for every set of keywords you want to rank for. That's not a problem for huge web properties with massive budgets and hundreds of writers, but for the lone webmaster that presents a real challenge.

You could hire other people to write the articles, but even at a few dollars an article you would quickly run out of money! Not to mention the fact that it would still take a long time for somebody else to write them.

So what's the individual web marketer to do? Can you compete with those big dog web properties that have buckets of cash and hundreds of full time writers?

Yes, you can.

You can compete by using what I'm calling a "Super Spun Article." This is a high quality document of around 50,000 words of content that is capable of generating a virtually limitless number of article variations.

All you have to do is either drop the Super Spun article into a content spinner (or use the one that's built into the Super Spun Articles web site) and click a button. Every time you click that button, you get a new, high quality, human edited article that is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique from every other article generated by that same document (and it's usually much more unique than that).

In my experience, any content that is at least 70% different from other content is considered unique in Google's eyes. The odds of two articles generated by a Super Spun Article containing 30% duplicate content is one in ten billion. So that document would have to be used to generate ten billion articles, on average, before that ever happened. (Can you tell I did my homework when designing these documents?)

Once you've added a link to your website into the unique articles you generate, you then submit them to article directories, blogs (or blog networks) and other web 2.0 properties, making sure you get a unique article onto each site.

When Google sees that unique content with your link in it, it doesn't see it as a duplicated, low quality "review" of questionable value. Rather, it sees it for what it is: a high quality, unique page linking to your site. It's those kinds of links that will get your site ranked in the search engines, and it's having a huge number of those unique pages spread out across the web that will generate a snowball traffic effect.

One or two new visitors doesn't seem like much, but if you get that many new visitors per unique page, and have thousands of unique pages -- it adds up in a big way.

So if you're a lone webmaster trying to rank in Google, get traffic and earn revenue from your products or advertising, I strongly recommend you go take a look at my Super Spun Articles. There's a video on the home page demonstrating how they work.

Please post your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Waiting anxiously for a super spun article on my niche – I did sign up for notification and requested my topics – thanks for the great products and info.

  2. Should I use Super-Spun Article for creating back link, or article for Adsense. I saw that the quality is very well. Should I use it for Adsense?

  3. Extremely Great Jon. I am using your article builder for creating link building. It get good result. Thank for good content.

  4. I know a lot of people that reccomend your software Jonathan. They tell me that the best spinner is called that for a reason…
    Thanks for being so candidly honest about what you think.
    All the best,

  5. Hi Jon,

    First of all, thanks for this such great share. But I’m curious did Google is really like a fresh or newly spun article with more than 70% different from the original content? I’ve been faced a situation where my article is 100% unique content but Google takes time too much in indexing my article on several of article directories. Sometimes it gets more than 1 month to index my articles. I’m wondering, what the actual criteria that Google looks in indexing ratio. I’m tired to write article and spinning articles if don’t get indexed fast eventhough they had been published on popular sites with web 2.0 properties.


    • Depending on the number of links into the site you are posting your content to, you may still need to get a few links into your sub,otter pages and articles, even if it’s 100% unique. That’s just a fact of seo life these days.

  6. I am new to IM but have spent enough time on the blogs and forums to know that for every negative outlook as to the future of this business there is an equal amount of the positive. This post and the ensuing comments is a great example. What I take away from it all is that nobody really, really knows what the future holds and no matter what opinions we tend to agree or disagree with, we should always keep this in mind. There are many pioneers in this industry with a great deal of knowledge and a lot of them disagree on some very core issues.

    Sometimes I think I make things more complicated than they are. Once you have a basic understanding of what is going on it just might be that we should listen to that inner voice of common sense and go with what our instincts are telling us rather than be blown about by every wind that comes along.

    Just my thoughts for what they are worth.

    Thanks for your article JM!

  7. Hi Jon
    Thanks again – reading your blog is never a waste of my time.

    I do think newbies to article spinning may require more education, eg to edit the spun content prior to blasting it across the internet for some of it plainly does not make any sense.

    BTW. Jiffy Articles is just what I needed to get the creative juices running.


  8. Hey Jon,
    Thanks for the great article. I already own several of your products and I am getting ready to purchase the Super Spun articles. One request though, I don’t see anything available for Forex, Dating, email, web hosting, dance (ballet), video and pc games, GPS. Guess what niches I am in?…lol. I would really like to be able to use these articles in these niches too. Any chance that you will be adding these to the inventory? I appreciate the make money blogging/affiliate marketing niche but it is the smallest of my holdings.



  9. Thank you for the great post John. Your products will give great contribution to
    uniqueness of articles. I got your TBS and Article builder this is the 2
    tools that makes my life easier in IM.

  10. I love these super spun articles. I am so freaking busy I would never have time to create these. I have a question for you Jonathan: Do you think it would over-kill spin all of the words as well. Its not like I am going to do it, because that would take forever, but I was just curious what you think about it.

  11. I find interesting that although Google keeps changing its algorithm for the best, this algorithm does not apply to local searches. For example, in Greece you may very well see two identical pages indexed on different domains. And the content aggregator sites did not get banned! The spinner is indeed an amazing tool achieving great and easy links! Thanks Jon!

  12. Thanks for the article Jonathon, it is very informative and helps heaps.

    The writing of articles is now most certainly a key strategy in any sales system and you clearly know your subject.

    This is very time consuming, but to give very good information in your content that is specifically related to the subject is worth the effort.

    Then by using the software that you steered me onto makes that job a whole lot easier. Worth the investment, many times over.


    Phil Polson

  13. Isn’t the definition of a “relevant back link” the real issue here?

    This article makes the deduction that 100 backlinks from unique articles is worth more than 100 backlinks from duplicate articles.

    My opinion is that there isn’t much difference in the two cases. All 200 links are essentially “a vote for myself” when the articles are living on their respective article directory sites.

    If uniqueness was the be all and end all, then why did EzineArticles, which always insisted on unique content, get smashed so hard by the Google updates this year?

    • Because EZA’s article quality had gone down the tubes for a long time, and many of the inner article pages had no links. It was living on the strength of the home page links and the links to the articles whose authors got backlinks to them–a very small percentage. That’s not a pattern Google decided indicated quality anymore.

      That doesn’t mean the links from EZA aren’t valuable, just that the inner pages no longer rank based on the link strength of the rest of the site.

  14. People also fail to realize they must use a variety of anchor text in each article as well or it will be easier for google to spot! I have been using the sentence rewrite method for years and the article stick and rank well. I rewrite each one 3 times so 10 should make these articles rank and stick really well!

  15. It never ceases to amaze me how much valuable information you give away for free to anyone who pays attentions. The simple and clear instructions and examples you give above are easy to understand and follow and with a few minutes work they can be applied by anyone.

    Thankyou Jonathan, Keep up the “GREAT” work!

    Yours in Service
    Udo Hoffmann

  16. Not only are your products the best on the market, the insight that you share is invaluable and adds to a readers knowledge base in a big way.

    Someone with vision will be able to do much more with super spun articles than only post them in article directories. The flow of the content in each spin can spark new ideas for new re-writes that have nothing to do with the original topics.

    This is an amazing product!

  17. “Google will count links from duplicate pages, but it won’t apply nearly as much importance to them.”

    Do you have conclusive proof of this from your own tests?


    • Yes. I find that unique content “sticks” much better with Google. It’s easier to get it indexed, it’s easier to keep it indexed, and it takes fewer links to rank.

      • Hi Jon – I’m asking if Google applies more importance to backlinks gained from unique content than duplicate content – which is what I took your meaning to be in your article.

  18. Jon, you never stop to amaze me with the product and services you create. Each of them intended to help other struggling internet marketers and you get it right every time.


    I have been using the Ultra Spinnable Articles service for the past year as that was the only high quality service that provides such Ultra or Super spun articles as you call them.

    If I had to guess who will come up with the same or even better quality articles than I would have said it would be you and seems I was right :)

    Looking forward to see your Super Spun Articles service grow to include more categories and hopefully some kind of a monthly plan.


  19. Hi Jon, I think the article is excellent. Spun and super spun articles are a great way to get traffic and links to your site – especially if you have a quality distribution system. I used to write an original article for one link – it’s no wonder I got burned out. Thanks for the info!

  20. I always submitted fresh articles in web2.0 properties but for lasr 1 year I found Google does not show web2.0 sites in top 10. Even not the article directories. In this case, I don’t see any logic in building link from these places.

    But, in that case from where we can get links???

    My Blog – EasyFatLossTips.Com

  21. Very informative article, thanks Jon, and thanks for the bonus Super Spun article with Jiffy Articles.

    After wasting a lot of time and money on-line I’m learning who I can and can’t trust. Your products are always in the “trusted” category.


  22. I think your super spun articles are very good. It will save a lot of time indeed.

  23. I like your informative article. Whenever I get invite to read your article, I read your article carefully to learn something new. From this article I got details of Google indexing. Thanks

  24. Hi Jon,

    Another great article. I love the advice you give. Always trying to put into practice your tips and views. I am still a newbie and hope will start to rank in SE fast. Love the Article Builder with the super spun articles feature.
    Thanks again.


  25. So is the instant article wizard and article builder no good at all. I have to heavily rewrite them to get them through Copyscape. I have read spun articles(Or I should say ,tried to read spun articles), and the vast majority are crap.
    Is there any reason these will be different. I also have Jiffy Articles which always pass copyscape because you have to write them yourself anyway.

    • It sounds like you didn’t read the blog post.

      These are NOT junk auto-synonym replaced articles.

      These are hand-written, hand-edited paragraph and sentence rewrites that are put into a spin-formatted document and are capable of generated crazy-good quality articles that are highly unique.

      You really need to go look at the samples at You’ll see just how good the quality is.

      Also, neither IAW nor AB were meant to be used to pass Copyscape with the click of a button. IAW is a research tool, intended for you to rewrite yourself (which is all over the sales page and in the video).

      AB is undergoing a major overhaul that will make most of its content Super Spun as well, meaning everything you generate will be highly unique.

  26. You are absolutely right that the articles should be unique, and the book example with the same chapters, does explain a lot.
    Enjoyed your inputs. Thanks.

  27. Hi,

    I’m new to the world of article spinning and over the past few weeks I have received a few emails from you. What I would like to know what’s the difference between all these products:

    - TBS
    - Article Builder
    - Jiffy Articles
    - Super spun


  28. Jon,
    I traversed a few articles here in your blog, and find it interesting that you, like I being programmers, understand that software can only do as much as it is humanly programed to do, and that after a while a pattern will begin to emerge, due to the extent or lack thereof of the amount of code.

    This is exactly why Google can identify anything they want, which is produced by software or a template that the so called gurus are pushing on these desperate people out here, who are totally blind to the truth.

    Although Google’s algorithm has it’s own flaws, it is flawed due to the engineers limitations of all knowing, however they are very good at what they do know, and that is why they shut down thousands of accounts who were identified as having a specific footprint which was traced back to an affiliate marketer who they basically wanted to black ball and get out of their index.

    Due to a lot of flack, and the FTC antitrust suit Google most likely will not be taking such massive high profile actions, however I feel that panda will continue to identify the undesirables and they simply will not give them traffic, it’s as simply as that.

    Do I feel that Google’s actions are correct? Absolutely not, and if their algorithm was ever brought under investigation I would feel that there would be several lawsuits due to blatant discrimination.

    I do feel however that Google definitely has their hands full, and quite the responsibility of attempting top serve high quality content, but they surely have a long way to go, and scoring sites based on social interaction is not the solution either because as you and I know, software can be built to cheat the system there as well which will only cause Google to add yet another investigative element to their algorithm.

    If this keeps up the internet will be so busy with algorithms that are running that it will affect the over all speed – not likely, but it’s an interesting though just the same.


    • Wow. You sound like you believe Google is some kind of diety that knows all and sees all.

      They LOVE people like you who believe that. But it’s utter rubbish. It’s simply not true.

      Google is a piece of software, written by engineers. It cannot tell that two pieces of completely different content originated from the same document. That’s simply impossible.

  29. Your information are always so valuable and with your guidance, now our site ranks pretty decent under the costume jewellery category. Thanks lots Jon!

  30. Jon,
    I think there is some confusion with the term “super-spun”.

    Some of your readers assume that “spun” means spun by a computer. After I read your post it sounds like your “super-spun” efforts are all done by a real person.

    Maybe you need to call them something else?

    - And thanks for a really interesting idea!

  31. Thank you Jonathon for more invaluable knowledge shared, as always, priceless.

  32. Hi, Great sharing. I have bought articlebuilder and tbs, will you put it in articlebuilder? seems not…

  33. Thanks for this article Jon,

    I can see that a lot of what you say makes very good sense, specially using the comparisons that you have used. I am not sure I agree with 100% of everything you say, but certainly enough to make me realise that super spun articles would be very valuable, if they are done right (which yours appear to be).

    I wish you every success in this new venture. You seem to have changed the direction of your marketing away from software into the service industry, which is helpful to the little guys that don’t have the time and resources to do a lot of these things themselves. I suppose this is filling a void and that makes it all worthwhile.



  34. Super Spun Articles. Jonathan I am not a big fan of any spun article. In my humble opinion writing your own stuff using nothing but your brain will almost always outshine any spun article…no matter how many times it’s been “SPUN”.

    Of course what you endorse here will help many of those who are having a hard time coming up with their own content.

    There is so much more to marketing than just writing articles, posts or content but this looks like it would work for those who are impatient or can’t write it themselves.

    It looks like you’ve done your homework. If the top search engines cannot distinguish between super spun and original content…then I congratulate you.

    However, don’t you think the S.E.’s will eventually begin to distinguish between super spun and original content?

    I would love to read your thoughts on this.


    • I don’t think any machine will ever be able to tell that two completely different articles that share only one sentence were created from the same document. News stories quote people all the time, and thousands of other news articles use the same quotes. How would the machine differentiate between the two?

      Sorry, but people give Google way too much credit in this department.

    • These spun articles are NOT computer spun, except in the meaning that a computer juggled some lottery balls around and came up with a particular combination of numbers. With 6 lottery balls, you can get about 15,000,000 different combinations and every one of those combinations is valid and unique. These superspun articles contain writing that has ALL gone through people’s brains. Every single paragraph, every single sentence and every single word. And then the articles have been edited to make sure they make sense in all versions of a spin. Consider how many more “balls” the computer is juggling with a superspin and you will come up with millions of unique and valid articles and each one was human produced NOT spun in the sense of a computer making choices of which synonym to use. As the articles are human produced, the SEs cannot distinguish between super spun and “original” articles, any more than they can tell which articles on your site are written by you and which ones you purchased from a ghost writer.

  35. Hi Jon,

    I think your Super Spun articles is exactly what the doctor ordered; however, I don’t want to get to carried away with distribution. So, based on your expert opinion, how many articles should be distributed per day with two links added per article?



    • That really depends on the number of links the site already has and it’s current growth pattern. For a brand new site, I would start slow and increase the distribution each month.

  36. Another great piece of IM tool, Jon! Anyway, you still limit the Category around “weight loss”. Do you have a plan to add more categories like Travel, Health, Cancer, Electronic, etc? If yes, when?

    Thank you in advance.

  37. Well, it’s actually interesting but quite often whenever I search for something in Google it does give me exact copies of the same articles. I don’t even have to click the links: it’s obvious. Usually quite irrelevant results or low quality content. I think people overestimate the power of Google and its search algorithms. And it also tends to ignore very good content even if it is unique if it does not have backlinks and social status. Just my observation.

    • Totally agree with Alice. I think Google is actually quite overrated. I have seen the same things that Alice is talking about. I do like your Super Spun Articles, although I do not see a large variety. Also I have notice some of the spun articles make no sense when reading. If it is just for a couple of backlinks back to your site that will work, but if actual persons read them they do not make a lot of sense.

  38. Hmmm, only weight loss articles available.

  39. The concept sounds good. My main concern is if Google would somehow penalize me for having similar articles. But I agree that it is VERY time consuming to write articles since I write them myself…no outsourcing.

  40. Nice article. Actually Google now removing content farms if they are only developed for content. It doesn’t care how useful it is. This idea of Google will effect it in Long term

  41. Hi Jonathan,

    I am comfortable with your method for ranking. I think it’s going to be much more effective with Super Spun Article factor added in. Thanks for your expert advice.

  42. Great article but just wondering you have the best spinner and why would some like me be interested in the super spinner if we had the best spinner. This is just an additional cost.

    Love the article and it make good sense about creating unique content and your best spinner as well as jiffy article allows individuals to create unquie content. so just wondering how a normal joe like me would use this if I have the best spinner already?

    • It would take one person at least one full work week (40 hours) to make one of these documents. If your brain didn’t explode first. :) So the question is: what’s your time worth?

  43. Hi Jon,

    This Super Spun Article is another brilliant creation of yours and I will be definitely having this like the IAW, IAF, and AB.

    Even though nowadays it’s hard to rank with google panda updates it will still be helpful for readers to create unique contents for your link building.


  44. Hi Jon,

    Looking at your presentation it seem to suggest the niches available are limited to weight loss. Can this system be used with any Keywords, any business, for instance massage?

    Kimberley Morgan

  45. Do you write super spun articles on custom content like debt settlement? Can we order one?

  46. Really great info I have been understanding this more and more with my link building… thanks for the elaboration though….

  47. Jon, Right now Google couldn’t find its backside with a flashlight and a seeing eye dog. They are too busy fighting off the lawsuit from the Author’s Guild over Google stealing copyrighted content from copywrited works. Google lawsuits against Google for details. Then they are fighting off two very nasty bills before Congress that if passed would about destroy the internet. See Matt Cutt’s blog for this.

    Then the Jigglybot is busy for the past two months indexing searchbox parameters and putting massive amounts of junk pages in the Google index with searchbox parameters on them. ie. type junk. I mean everybody will search for those links right? And I would bet Google is busy whacking your PR and penalzing your domain with dup content penalties too because of this type of indexing. Oh yeah. The bing is doing the same thing.

  48. Great Article Jon,

    And great comments jeff, but i do think that new internet marketers cant help but focus on getting the cash flow as a priority until they escape the 9-5.

    They just need to remember who is reading there content.

  49. Cool beans.

    Build My Rank is working well for me, and I like the way you can get quality backlinks from them in an easy way with a clean interface that’s easy to use.

  50. Hi Jon, Great Article!

    And Jeff great comments, I think it is an easy trap to fall into especially for those starting out, looking to get out of the 9-5 and begin working from home.

  51. i totally agree, Google will not penalize your website for same, duplicate content.. It will just not giveyou the rankings that you want.. so, it is very important to have unqiue, high quality content.

    Will be sharing this valuable info too, thanks!

  52. Hey Jon,

    The concept is great for sure. The only problem that I have with it, is the lack of inventory and the cost.

    Make it so everyday marketers can afford it, and than it would be a hit!

  53. An excerllent article and rationale for Super Spun Articles. Jonathan, you are a genius. This product in addition to Article Builder makes for a great pair.

    ~Kirk Lindsay

  54. Google is looking for three main factors in order to rank your site against its competitors:

    1. Brand exposure – this indicates authority and the more exposure you get the bigger and more credible your brand in Google’s eyes
    2. Reader behaviour – if your content is worth reading and people stay around long enough to let Google see you are saying something worth listening to, your site content will rank
    3. Relevent backlinks – as is and has been the case for a while – backlinks still count today and will most likely count a year or even five maybe ten years from now .

    With all these things in place you have a solid chance to rank but the task is getting this done and that gets harder by the second unless you have the right tools and strategy in place – your content and the Super Spun articles are high quality JL and will go a good way towards giving Google exactly what it wants

    Neil Ashworth

  55. I am now using the super spun article you thoughtfully included as a bonus for Jiffy

    So far I have used only 3 or 4 spins and the uniqueness score was in the 80-90 percent range on each. All the articles came out easily read and well written. I did make a few tweaks for my own particulars but that took less than 5 minutes.

    Not sure what the differences between the two classed will be in real life but if the one article I have is any indication this will be money well spent. Am looking forward to more articles in your inventory.

  56. Hi Jon

    Thanks for the analysis of how to win Google’s favor. It is indeed true that Google is seeking to please their customer, the searcher. And that’s as it should be. That’s the service they provide in return for payment.

    We too, as marketers, should be trying to please our customer. But in our case there are two customers to please: we have Google first and then the customer for the product featured on our Website.

    We need to sell Google on the credibility of our site and its content. When Google sends visitors to our Website, they are in effect recommending our site to the searcher.

    Then we have to sell the searcher on the relevance and effectiveness of any products we offer, to their particular needs.

    So cooperating with Google as far as possible would seem to be the course of wisdom. However, in all honesty, the effort required to do this is becoming monumental. There’s a growing loss of trust toward marketers and Google seems frantic in its effort to present trustworthy search results to the customer. At times the sensibleness of Google’s own actions is questionable with seemingly good sites being penalized. Obviously putting trust in Google as one’s main source of traffic is a precarious situation.

    As backlinks carry less and less weight, much longer and more engaging content articles are called for on Websites. Also some significant social media presence needs to be maintained to get decent rankings. The list of requirements seems to grow endlessly. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep up with the dizzying pace and the increasing labor needed to supply all this! There’s no point of stability in sight.

    Somehow the goal of a good Internet income seems to be getting farther and farther away. Much like a dangling carrot.

    If a marketer already has money to do mass outsourcing, his chances may seem better but the lone webmaster is working against increasing odds. And even with capitalization and outsourcing, the question still remains as to whether there’s a better payoff for less effort.

    Our problem is no longer the Google dance. It’s now the Google race.

    So much for my frustrated thoughts. What do you think?


  57. Yep, Google knows what a crappy spun article looks like these days. That stuff might have worked a few years ago to rank your sites, but not anymore.

    Good stuff, Jon. I’m always excited to see what you’re working on next. :-)

  58. Hi Jon,

    To an extent, I understand where you are coming from when you talk about unique content for links. But what about those Press releases that you can send out to major news publications around the country. These large authoritative sites use the exact same content as other large authoritative sites. Using the exact same content on these sites seem to work quite well dont you think?


  59. Wow Jonathan, this is an article Google will love for sure!, with 1678 words :)
    Anyway this article opened my mind about a lot of changes made by Google in latest updates.

    In fact in last months I’m finding some difficults in getting all my sites in first Google pages, especially in Italy. I will try to apply all the techniques you have suggested, also if in Italy is difficult to find the right resources because we are 15 years back in IM…

    Anyway I’m 101% sure your techniques will work, and I will try at least on my english websites.

    Thanks for all your time devoted to your followers, it’s always appreciated.
    See you soon,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  60. Thanks and for the super spun articles I would be interested in fashion, jobs and education (just to put a bug in your ear).

    Thanks for always providing accurate info for everyone. I know you know how much disinfo is out there.


  61. Very informative post, Jon. I never knew that you needed unique articles when submitting to article directories, etc. However, that certainly makes sense after you explain it. I’m going to take a look at your Super Spun Articles to use in the future. Thanks.

  62. Hey, does your program work on a MAC?

  63. You always come up with good logic. I believe this time Google means business with their latest updates. I believe one of my sites has been “Pandad”. No matter how I build links and write articles it stays where it is and no budging.

    I did a little check and came to the horrible discovery that there are a few sites with very similar contents, similar paragraphing etc. By the way, I used a template provided by the affiliate network I work with. 4 years ago, I only made a few changes not to be 100% duplicate and I guess other webmasters did the same. Now I think I am paying the price.

    I have already started to rewrite the pages which is a terrible thing to do considering that I have over 100 pages of content.

    Thanks Jon for your advice.

  64. Jon,

    I get a lot of information from your blogs, and this one is no exception. I have had question as to how and why the big G ranked my site and many others.

    This has answered my questions. As you may know I still have a very high ranking with Google for my site, and now the reason is clear to me.

    When it comes to programs, I have no need for any products that do not come from you.

    I use TBS (both 3 and 2.9), IAW, Answer Analyst, Article Builder, Jiffy Articles, Keyword Snatcher, Shablast, and Tip Builder. Moreover, I use them all on a regular basis!

    Without these products (which are where I get all of my information), my writing would not be unique, and I would have very few clients.

    I had been a little concerned when you came out with the Super Spun Articles that my articles would no longer be in demand. I was wrong; they are more in demand than ever!

    The Super Spun Articles are better than good they are ‘SUPERB’! In addition, anyone who has question as to whether or not they are worth the money, simple has not checked out the samples!

    However, I would like to add that they will not put people like me who write key worded original articles to a client’s specifications out of business, as I had feared they would!

    Thanks again Jon for all of your hard work and support you give to your customer base and forum members,


  65. Jon, Thank you again for your continued onward press with helping people in an area that I’m sure excites you as much as it excites me. Can’t wait to see one of these super spun articles.

    Dave Drew

  66. Love it! How often will you have new articles? Any chance of putting out articles in the gardening niche?

  67. Hello Jon,
    Thanks much for this insightful article on how Google sees our website

  68. Good unique content written for the keyword does better at ranking than trying to write a page for google. It also seems like google likes the pages with 1000 to 2500 words better than the old short articles of the past 3 to 500 word articles. I also think they are starting to get wise to the spun articles.

  69. Hi Jon

    That certainly looks like a good way to go about content development – how do we go about finding the full list?

  70. I’ve used your service before, submitting articles but they were never niche published so the relevancy to my own website was a huge issue. Also much of the synonyms of the spun articles, though carefully reviewed didn’t really make sense – many of the versions were never published because they were so obviously spun. Have these issues been addressed?

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about. Super Spun Articles are all 100% human edited. There is no automatic spinning involved — it’s all human rewritten at the sentence level. There are no “synonyms” involved, so all of the generated articles are very high quality.

      Don’t believe me? Go to the inventory page on and read the example articles.

      You must be confusing Super Spun Articles with something else entirely.

      • I don ‘t think Bruce is referring to suoer spun artiles, but when you attempt to spin an article in general, within the best spinner? They appear to not make sense at times. This could be perhaps due to the amount of various individual synonyms available

        • That only happens if the user is lazy and doesn’t edit out any synonyms that don’t make sense. The process is simple and fast, especially inside TBS. If somebody doesn’t do that, well, that’s their issue, not an issue with spinning or the software.

    • Same for me. Many sentences look like useless c**p and would require hours to be rewritten in a common sense “human” language. Better restart from scratch writing a completely new article

      So still another “best of kind” product in the same niche (spinning articles) by the same person is a complete loss of time.

      What will be the next “best of the kind” product that will be out in two months? A super gimmick non-computer and non-human spun. All I can imagine are God-spun articles…

      Just hanging in his mailing list to read some blog entries which are good at times.

      For what it’s worth to other readers.

      • Again, what you’re talking about is *NOT* Super Spun Articles. What you’re talking about is somebody using a content spinner with ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING after replacing synonyms.

        That’s not only lazy, it doesn’t help you. It’s easy to spot content whose quality is that bad.

        But that’s not what I’ve created. These are 100% human readable, high quality English, hand-edited documents that produce crazy good quality articles that are highly unique from each other.

  71. Love how your products are all very focused around article marketing. I have your Best Spinner and the Best Spinner 3 which are both excellent products. I use them for creating my articles even if I don’t plan on spinning them, just because it gives me suggestions for words I may be lost for.

    However, these super spun article will save me a boat load of time. 50,000 word articles! I have a problem writing more than 600 words. These articles are great because the content of each paragraph generated is so unique. I’m happy to see you have an article available in my niche and can’t wait to see when more are added. I’m signing up!

  72. Hey Jon,

    great advice and a super article. I can see why your a success with what you do.

    Ed :)

  73. Hello John,
    The starting premise asks, “What is the goal of a search engine? More specifically, what is Google’s goal?”

    My answer is that Google is obviously doing what’s best for Google, and not the end viewer. Enter Panda. It’s surely put me behind the old eight ball, and I’m not talking about ratty duplicate content, low content, or even spun content sites either. My PR’s have taken a point hit nearly across the board.

    The real challenge these days is to try and stay on the right side of Google and that’s becoming increasingly difficult, even with A1 content.

    I believe Google is quickly moving away from organic rankings by making them so difficult to achieve that the old ways of moving a site up just don’t apply like they used to.

    A year from now things will look very different. You watch. In the meantime, I work even harder to deliver good content…shy away from the old tricks, and hope for the best.


    • I have to agree with Norm, but, I still believe, for now at least, I should keep cranking out high quality, unique content, and, a lot of it.

  74. Great stuff, Jon! Clear advice on how to think about building backlinks and create content. A+ stuff here :)

  75. Great Article Jon!

    The most common problem that people don’t notice when creating their websites is creating based on profitability and keyword research instead of creating sites based on their passion.

    I believe that if you create content based on your passion, you’ll be perceived as an expert in that “Niche”.

    With tons of competing sites for the same niche, it would be very important to create content that can help you stand out from the crowd.

    And yes, I completely agree that you need to Give Google What it wants and that would be the best content for the End User.

    Thanks for sharing!

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