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Tell Your Customers What They Want

I hope you're having a great day. Whether you're relaxing and taking time off or working hard to grow your business and pay the bills, I sincerely hope you're being successful at it.

One way to help ensure your success is to make sure that your potential customers know EXACTLY what you want from them.

Tell me if you can relate to this experience: You walk into a store needing a specific thing. You don't know a whole lot about the type of product, but you've been told you need one and so you go to get it. But when you get to the shelf where that type of product is sold, there's a HUNDRED different kinds to choose from. Since you're not an expert on the product, you're frozen -- you don't know which one you should buy!

I know I've had that experience many times (especially when it involves going to the store for something my wife needs--ack!).

That is not a situation that you EVER want to put a potential customer into. You see, you might have a great sales pitch, and your product line may be great, but if the potential customer isn't an expert and you give them too many products to choose from... they may click away, unable to make a decision about what to buy.

In fact, studies show that giving a person more than three choices raises their stress level and causes indecision. The more choices a person has, the less likely that person will be able to make a decision.

You may have a dozen different options for your fantastic product, but it's very important that you limit the number of choices you give the potential customer to as few as possible. If at all possible, give them only ONE choice.

Once choice gives them only one decision to make: to buy or not to buy? Multiple choices gives them multiple decisions to make: First, to buy or not to buy, and second (if they decide to buy), WHICH prodcut to buy?

If you have a lot of options for your product, and there's just no getting around having your customer make decisions on those options, DON'T put all of the options on the same page. That's far too overwhelming. Try and break it up across multiple pages.

First, let the customer click the "Buy" button on the product, and THEN give them one option at a time (if possible) per page that follows. Making sure the person only has one decision to make at a time makes it far more likely that they won't get frozen by indecision.

The fewer options the better, though, so if there's any that you can elimite (or bundle into easy "packages") -- do it.

Nobody likes to be bombarded with decisions. Make the buying process easy by making the decision process simple. Your bottom line will thank you for it.

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