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What would you ask an SEO expert?

If you could ask a well known SEO expert anything you wanted, what would you ask him?

Think hard on that question, because I'm giving you the chance to do exactly that! Aaron Walls, author of the famed SEO Book, has agreed to a question-and-answer chat session with me and you.

Does Aaron know his stuff? Here are just a few of the top rankings he has in Google:

SEO Book - Ranked #1
SEO Blog - Ranked #2
Traffic Building - Ranked #3
SEO Instruction - Ranked #4
SEO - Ranked #5
SEO Tips - Ranked #7

I'll be holding the chat Wednesday, January 24th, at 2p.m. CST (3 p.m. EST). I'll email everyone on my list where to go for the chat the day before.

Post your question in the comments below. I'll group the list into common questions and we'll spend an hour asking Aaron those questions together next week!

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  1. Well, now I’m really in a pickle. On 1/22, my entire site completely disappeared out of Google’s index, so I’ve got all kinds of questions now, Jonathan and Aaron.

  2. 1 What are the pros and cons of using a multi hypenated domain name with your keyword phrase, and how does Google treat it?

    2 Is it possible to reduce the effect of domain age factors by using expired domain names and how does Google really treat them since many of these retain links and pagerank?

    3 Domain privacy is offered by registrars as an upgrade that costs extra money.
    Will enabling a domain privacy guard cause negative effects on seo?

    4 What are the current effects and future implications of Google becoming a “Registrar” concerning seo?

    5 Should we avoid trading links with sites that use the older format of built for reciprocal link pages as their resource section?

    6 What are the most important things we should and should not be doing to avoid or reduce time in the so called “sandbox”?

  3. After going global I made only one sale from this site out of several sites I have been promoting on Google Adsense and Adwords as an affiliate of Clickbank products. I have had over 2,100,000 impressions, 3,700 clicks, and spent $1,060 since starting in September, most within the last 90 days. Do these charges seem right to you?

  4. How can you properly optimize a blog on wordpress?

    Because blogs are different than ordinary websites how do you deal with a links directory or how do you add articles to blog pages?

  5. Hi Jon,
    First a comment, great blog awlays looking out for your readers. Finding out what they want and delivering.

    Do the SE’s still look at meta tags? I know the big G uses the description meta when they parse my sites. The question is: Is it worth the time to set up meta tags on every page?


  6. What are the “must have” tools he realy recommands to make the SEO tasks easier and what does he think of video marketing

  7. Hi SEO,
    Can you visit my site & give advice regarding ‘how to improve the look & interest to the visitors & search engine


  8. I am a very strong web developer with a special intrest in PHP and Flash. How can I go about getting higher search ranking when all of my pages are stored in a database and served on-demand? Do the search engines (mainly google) have the ability to follow links to php pages and read the html output? Or is it like having no information for them to read? Many thanks,


  9. Our website was listed on MSN (now LiveSearch).
    They will not index or show our website since they changed to LiveSearch.
    We were always in the top 10 on msn and are still in all other search engines for our keywords.
    What can we do or what are we doing wrong that msn won’t list us?
    MSN does show 6,000 links to us if you type in adventurelandtravel as 1 word.

  10. How much should you change a PLR article to avoid duplicate content.

  11. First of all, let me say “Thank you” to Jonathan. As usual, you are providing a very helpful and timely service.

    Now, I am pretty fair SEO already, but I keep getting hung up on a few things, so I hope you will indulge me.

    1. Are all the outbound links to other sites on my forum draining the PR off my main site? The forum is in a subdirectory of the main site, i.e.,

    2. Other than getting backlinks from other sites on every page, is there a way to get a multipage site of out “supplemental hell?” I’ve created a couple of sites with many pages on them (not exactly duplicate content, but using articles, ebooks, etc.), but I can’t get the pages out of supplemental, even with a bunch of PR4s pointed at them.

    3. Why do my pages with only a couple of internal (onsite) links disappear off the radar after several days? Using anchor text, I can get Google to index them fairly quickly and rank high for a while, then – poof! – they disappear. Pages with related material but with many internal links stay or end up where the others were, but those “sales pages” with just a contact or privacy link drop out of sight forever. I notice that they are listed in the index AFTER supplemental pages, when I so a searchon Google. What the hey? The content is completely original; the only thing I can figure is that they don’t have a bunch of outbound links on them. This one is particularly frustrating.

    Thanks again, Jonathan and Aaron, for this opportunity. I’ve read the sales page for your book, Aaron, and have wanted to get it – perhaps this will push me “over the edge.”

    Jamie Clarkson

  12. Considering outbound links, what effect would using the rel=nofollow or even javascript links (as in a span element) have on *my* pagerank.

    Thanks, Alex

  13. What ranking algorythm changes does Google have in store for us in 2007? thanks

  14. I am doing all that SEOs say will work, yet I can’t see any results, You know why? My site was ranking 3 now it’s a 2 , that’s not good. I tweaked and changed and did all the things. I am not going to spend any money ever on the internet, always having to be dodging scams, myths, and whatever.


  15. Does social book marking helps to improve rankings? Which is better using software to submit your site to directories or manually submit to each directory?


  16. I have seen several sites that are link exchanges or where you can buy, sell, or trade links with high PR. Most of these links are sold to the highest bidder.
    Does this work or is this a waste of time and money?

  17. Hi, John.

    I’m a Japanese SEOer.

    I have three questions:

    It’s said that search engines put more improance on relevant backlinks.
    What does “relevant” mean?
    I’d like to know what is the criteria of “relevant.”

    What are the most important factors to get high ranking of three major SE, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN(

    How has Mr. Aaron Wall become such an excellont SEO expart?
    How does he study SEO?

    Thank you.

  18. 1. How relevant – or significant – is the concept of latent semantic indexing combined with a well organised silo structure to site rankings both now and going forward?
    2. As far as SEO goes, is there any one element that is too often overlooked or misunderstood by the average content publisher? What should we focus on concerning site development with a view to solid, long term SEO of a site?
    Thank You!

  19. How can I drive traffic to my site and make it competitive enough to eventually rank my site in the top 5 for my keyword.



  20. I currently rank 2nd for a key term that is very important to my site. I want to begin to rank well for new area’s. What is the best method to include these new area’s without damaging my position for my current key term.


    Kind Regards


  21. What would be the MAIN factor for reaching the top ten spot on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines on a specific keyword/s within 30 days?
    - reciprocal linkings?
    - articles submissions?
    - buying traffic?
    - submiting videos?
    - my space?
    - word of mouth?
    - put links on forums and blogs?
    - ?????

    Thank You

  22. Hi,

    You visit 100 forums in one day that relate to your website. Would the search engines look at this as spam?

  23. There are several ways to get your link shown online to help improve search engine rankings. You may submit to link directories, article directories, ezines and search engines. Do you recommend any other ways to help improve your rankings?

  24. How do you get a domain name ranked in 24 hours for Google, Yahoo or MSN?

    If you have an Ecommerce Store selling physical products and want to get it ranked #1 for the main keywords, where do you start and how do you go on with it?

    Titles: What are the optimum ways to write search engine optimized web page Titles? Any limit on words, what’s the concept, or is there a psychology or guideline to follow?

  25. Hello,

    I have one question on my mind. Regarding my sports website, is it okay to add links to other sites
    that are related to sports BUT don’t use that keyword?

    Example: I add a baseball card shop to my site as one that I recommend for visitors to review.

  26. I provide links to other sites that I think will be of genuine interest to my visitors often without a link back or a link back from a site with lower page rank.
    Is this losing me page rank? Should I add ‘nofollow’ tags where appropriate (i.e. they are not linking back)

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