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Niche Site Case Study

Well I promised you that I would be creating a case study on building a niche content site from the ground up so that you could see exactly what it takes to create a profitable content site. I wanted to have the initial details in front of you last week, but I was having some work done on the house (which, as is usually the case with contractors, resulted in one disaster after the next). So I finally had the time to sit down and put it all together so you can see exactly what I'm doing.

For this case study I am using the following tools (all of which I highly recommend):

  1. Niche Inspector - This desktop software tool helps you find profitable niches to create sites around.

  2. HypreVRE Gold - This desktop software tool is what I'm using to create the niche site for the case study. I'm using the Gold (paid) version, not the free version.
  3. Instant Article Wizard - This desktop software tool is what I use to create all of the content for the site super fast. You need unique content if you really want to rank well, and IAW is the tool I use to create it (even if I know nothing about the subject).
  4. - This is the service that I'm putting the site into to get it ranked in the search engine by building up link popularity while I sleep.

Here are the steps that I've taken so far.

  1. Step 1 - This video shows how I used Niche Inspector to select the niche I have created the content site around, and also shows how I used HyperVRE to build the site itself. The niche that I decided on is "rowing machines".
  2. Step 2 - This video shows me creating the headliner article for the site in just a few minutes, using Instant Article Wizard.

  3. Step 3 - Now, in the video for step 2 I said I would create a video on getting links to the site using Afterwards I realized that a video isn't necessary, since there's really nothing to show. So let me tell you what I did.

    I added the new site to the network so that it would start building links to its home page to get the site ranking for my target keywords. You won't get anywhere in the search engines without links, and my sites in the 3WL network are doing phenomenally well (as are the sites of hundreds of other people).

    I didn't stop there, though. I wanted to get links to the home page, sure, but I also wanted to get links to the inner pages of the site. This helps not only rank the inner pages, but also reinforces Google's "trust" of the home page, which in turn will cause it to rank better as well.

    To accomplish this, I had 10 articles written that I have distributed to and Once those articles start to get picked up and spread across a variety of other sites, those links will begin to help the site to rank in the search engines.

For posterity's sake, here's a screenshot of the traffic the site is currently getting. This also helps you know that I'm starting from zero here:

All of the "traffic viewed" is from me working on the site. The "traffic not viewed" stats are from the AdSense bot crawling the site.

All in all, I spent about 5 hours building the site, including writing the on-site articles and submitting the second set of articles to and I will post an update to the site's progress once a week so that you know how well this system is working.

In case you were wondering, I'm not revealing the domain name to prevent skewing the stats by having everyone go to the site to "check it out."

Please post your comments below, letting me know what you think, and if there's any information about how I'm doing these things that you'd like to know. Ask your questions and I'll post my responses in the comments as well.

UPDATE: This case study is now complete. Here are links to all of the case study follow-up posts:

  1. Week 1
  2. Week 2
  3. Week 3
  4. Week 4
  5. Week 6
  6. Week 10

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  1. why ten different articles to one place and ten other articles on your web…

    I thought you said it is important to get links to the inside pages of your sight…does ezine allow you to link to the inside pages of a web page…

  2. Hi Jon
    Interesting case study. When can we expect an update on how the site is doing now? By the way I use all the tools you mentioned IAW,3WayLinkNet,Hyper VRE Gold and I am very please with the results I get from them.

  3. Hi Jon

    Fantastic case study. I was just wanting to know where you had your 10 articles written.


  4. You have such VALUABLE info – is it any wonder 30% makes up our repeat visitors (including myself!) Great info – thanks Jon!

  5. Get a good web host.. you get a great one for like 8$ month.. then all you pay for is the domains. so its like 120$ year for hosting. then 7$ per domain when you need them.

  6. Jonathan,

    I have the following question: with an anticipated website farm of 100 sites, what strategies do you recommend to cut down on the cost of web hosting. I figure that with 100 unique sites at about $3.00 per month, that would be $300 a month in web hosting fees.

    Hopefully, with your tools and these tutorials, I should reach a break even point after 6 weeks?

  7. HI Jon just a few words as came onto this late. Been doing IM for @ 12 months with moderate success but this case study is brilliant. Pulls out all the essentials to get started and build upon. Andre Chaperon also does a good series but is more complicated ;-)

    Keep up the good work and I wish you every sucess. Many gurus have come and gone on my hard drive but you remain ;-)

    Interesting James blog no longer exists and the account has been suspended all rather weird as he had some great comments


  8. Hello Jon,
    Thank you for the case study.
    Where does Niche Inspector get the data from? Is it current or is it old Overture data? Rowing machines has very different numbers on wordtracker and Keyword Elite.

  9. The site seems started getting some traffic without any hard work except the articles submitted in ezine articles as well as 3 way links.we will wit next week to see if site gets more
    money from adsense clicks

  10. Your videos are of course great. but It seems microsoft live changed the feeds from your examples.. All I got was the html or xml or whatever the page is, but no normal page article URLs to put into Hyperve rss feeds

  11. Do you have an evaluation version of Instant Article Wizard? I just want to put it through some tests before committing. Thanks.

    And your videos are really great and informative and very convincing.
    Looking forward to next video. Have a nice day!

  12. Jon,

    Just curious – what is the website address for this niche you’re creating.



  13. Oops, sorry I ment to say Jon, John is my name.

  14. Hey John,

    This case study is very helpful, can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    How about an update?

  15. Lee:

    I ran out of time, and wanted to get the case study going, so I had the 10 articles for distribution written for me.


    roughly 500 words per article.

  16. Approximently how many words (on average) are on each article on the case study web site?

  17. Dear Jon,

    I’m very excited about your casestudy. I have Hypervre Gold and IAW, so I’m two thirds of the way there.

    The reason why it’s so exciting is because if we find our niche, then it really is a great opportunity to learn how to take what you are showing us, and make a coin.

    It’s great to read the feedback from people as well. Their questions are great for learning something new.

    Thanks and God Bless


  18. Please bear with me regarding why I am commenting on your blog..
    I am thinking and hoping of the many “despicable” things people should do to me IF I EVER even THINK of opening or re-newing an account with Google Adsense! Never receieved a check from them in over 1 1/2 years until this month I had one coming I believe. This week they disabled my account for invalid clicks/or impressions. I send 3 emails to which not a one of them were answered.
    Approx 3 weeks ago, I was receiving a few more clicks than you just showed on your stats. One day I saw an earnings report of $.01 cent. I suddently realized what an insult it was to have an adsense account. I sent off an email to google old them of my stats. Told them that $.01 cents was not adsense but rather “NON-Sense”! I went a few more days no earning showed up (ps, approx 100-200 hits/day). I then went to one of my sites and clicked 3 different times, NO credit on stats. I informed google again. they warned me about invalid clicks.. I reminded them I said 3 clicks..
    Let me try to shorten this – they disabled my account. I finally figured out (It-think) that I added several of my sites into a page tracker that I used for the first time in 8 months that kicked up the impressions according to c/panel awstats, no invalid clicks. Now Im waiting to see if they will chisel my first check.
    Wih that said – on to your “case study” which I just read over. Your stats just told me everything. For a year and a half Ive been “catering” to the google myth of optimization and banishment.. I just realized thru your case study what it has cost me in terms of the google regimentation of “their” rules.
    Your case study proves – Who the Hell really needs google? – Certainly not newbies. Newbies need to get to the main course as in your case study instead of the google crumbs that are better left to the roches and mice.
    Ps, any suggestions of google replacement that will serve newbies instead of dancing the Google dance, would be welcome.,. Thanks Harvey

  19. Great videos Jon and a good start to the experiment, just wondered why you chose to have 10 aticles written for submission to article directories but used the article writer for the website content?


  20. Jonathan
    Excellent video series so far. Can not wait for segment three?
    Do you have training videos done for IAW? I have had it for a while but just got an idea of how to really use it while watching this series.

  21. Jon,

    I’m just going to give you a little warning about Niche Inspector. It pulls data from Overture. Overture is not being updated anymore. Overture is about as useless as a jelly sandwich to a drowning rabbit.

    Alternatively, you can have it pull data from 7search. A place I have never heard of in my life. I really don’t think Niche Inspector is a good tool. At least, not until the creator deals with the whole Overture thing. They should work something out with WordTracker.


  22. Thanks for the great idea und for the wonderfull tip.

    Thanks again

  23. Jonathan,

    a) “rowing machines” has over 640.000 competing pages in Google. Isn’t that way to high for a little niche-site and even if successful, won’t it take very long to rank for “rowing machines”?

    b) What keywords with what competition numbers did you choose for your other web pages?

    Thank and good luck


  24. Look for an update this week.

  25. This is how I feel. You have to put your own touch into these phrases you speak about. I have been using IAW for some time and seen nothing but benefit to it. You must write in your own words after the IAW gives you your phrases. I hope I am right, because that is the way that I have been doing it.

  26. Any new information on your new site? I am looking forward to seeing what the results are…
    Thanks again,

  27. Quote:
    I ran “rowing machines” through Wordtracker and found that it has a very low Google KEI (0.017). Why is there such a discrepancy between Niche Inspector and Wordtracker?

    This is a good question. The KEI using google results/overture searches is also around .018 , but I noticed in the video that Jon does not have overture selected, but rather ‘alternate database’. That would probably explain the unusal KEI.

  28. Hi Jon,

    I am curious to know if you receive any penalty from Google for using complete sentences with IAW? What have you seen? I’ve put off purchasing the product because I fear that articles written with it would be penalized from Google’s duplicate phrase detector.

    But if you haven’t seen any ill effect since using it, compared to your own articles, or those written by ghost writers, please let me know.

    Dave Jackson

  29. Jonathan,

    are you not verifying the keyword search volume by other sources before you built a site?



  30. Scott:

    I’m not sure why there’s such a big difference. I guess we’ll find out as the case study continues which was more correct.

  31. Hi Jonathan:

    I’m really glad you’re doing this and I’m excited about seeing the results. After realizing incredible success wth 3WL during the beta testing, the first thing I thought about was how well it would work with mini sites since you don’t have to do anything after set-up.

    After watching the video of you using Niche Inspector, I ran “rowing machines” through Wordtracker and found that it has a very low Google KEI (0.017). Why is there such a discrepancy between Niche Inspector and Wordtracker? Just curious. Thanks.

  32. Hi Phil. Just wondering what your other linking stratagies are. I am a newbie to nall of this and any help would be much appreciated.
    ( yes that is me on the vidios at my site. )

  33. Victor:

    1) I just use AWstats, which is installed on the server.

    2) Yes.

    3) There’s no fixed number. It really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

  34. Jon,
    Going to try the same on a site myself and see what happens.

    Three Questions:
    1- What software is best for tracking visitors to your site. I am curently using Google Analytics. It seems to miss some of my visits while I am testing. What tool was your screenprint?

    2-Is your key word/niche in the domain name also?

    3-How many articles on the site do you really need to get good rankings?


  35. Love the niche content site case study idea, very clever!

  36. Jon,

    Yeh the blogs theme is pretty cool…I’ll transfer it to an actual domain later..But the info is the really cool stuff.

    I’m telling all of you..If are into internet marketing, SEO and other cool stuff…I’m telling you this information is very very powerful..This is the info I used back in Nov 06 to take a $70 investment to over 20K a month in 4 months NO BS!!!

  37. KC:

    It’s the plural of the keywords.


    For the most part, I keep religious material off my blog, since that’s not it’s focus. But I was answering James’ question and felt it was an important part of that answer. If you’d like more information about it, email me. Thanks!

  38. “It’s allowed me to do so many more important things, especially involving my family and my ministry.”


    I’d love to hear more about your ministry!

    Please do share!


  39. Quick Question Jon…

    For your primary keyword, did you select the singular or plural version? (rowing machine or rowing machines)

  40. Great looking theme, James. I’ll definitely take a look at your info tomorrow.

  41. Well Jon I just threw together a quick blog not really threw it together but..later on I’ll transfer it to another interface but information is what really counts right?

    Ok go check out the blog and make a post and let me know what you think everyone…

    View the blog if you want to explode your traffic and dominate Google and never pay for pay per clicks again…..

    Thanks everyone James

    Check it out!! Vital information to get rid of pay per clicks forever

  42. Thanks for the suggestion James.

  43. Oh and Jon I have one suggestion for your 3waylinks.

    Being that I think Google gives more weight to articles and links in text maybe you should think about having the one way links look like short blurbs or articles and have the links in text. I think it would be more powerful for Google…just a thought.

  44. Nah man I don’t take it personally. I’m still making 7 figures a year. Which is by far more than I could’ve dreamed of when I was unloading trucks at Wal-Mart a year and half ago making 25k a year.

    I totally understand Jon, this is your site, your voice and your creation. I will still gladly listen to everything you have to say and debate or agree.

    Thanks anyway.

  45. I’m sorry if you were offended by my response, James. I’ve turned down requests from some very well known marketers to make posts on my blog. This blog is my baby, my voice, and so I’m just not really interested in having other voices on it. My response was not meant to snub you personally.

    I have not by any means forgotten where I’ve come from. I think about it almost every day, and sit in awe and thankfulness at how a plain-ol’ programmer like me finally “made it” online. It’s allowed me to do so many more important things, especially involving my family and my ministry.

    At any rate, I wish you the best of all successes with your blog. You will no doubt do very well, based on your posted qualifications. And if some day I wish I had taken you up on your request, it’s my loss. I hope you do well enough for me to regret my decision. :)

  46. Jon,

    Yeh your probably right but I was trying to get a jump start on the blog. But thats cool, I’ll just start the blog within the next month or so and blow it up. Not a problem.

    Thanks anyway, You know when I start my blog I’ll gladly help others just like I do with ecommerce because “I” can still remember what it felt like to struggle with ecommerce. Now I’m a self made man and “I” never forget where I came from thats why “I” am always willing to help others and not feel like I got to big for my britches.

    Your still cool! But not the coolest

  47. Jonathan,

    What a gentlemanly response. I love it! :-)

  48. Well you sound like you have the qualifications. If you start up a blog and start posting your proven advice, I’m sure you’ll grow a following fast, especially if you use the same skills you used to rank your other sites to rank for SEO-related keywords.

  49. Oh and Jon I was talking about me doing a guest post on your blog not on mine. I want to do a post on yours.

  50. Ok,

    Jon I consider myself a SEM and obviously internet marketer. I know I have some really great advice and tips that this audience would love. Like dominating search for your niche market. How I kill my niche by domination of the serps.

    I tell you Jon I have some keywords that get searched “not crappy bs KW’s” that I dominate by using web 2.0 methods and leveraging authoritive domains and I dominate the serps for practically any keywords I choose. By domination I mean I have several keywords that I own 6 or even more out of top ten for high converting keywords.

    I am a very big article marketer, I have several 6 figure ecommerce websites that I dominate globally, I have several adsense sites that do well, I do affiliate marketing, I sell my own products in Click bank as well.

    The thing is Jon I have been sitting back in the shadows just building a nice little empire. I haven’t wanted to come out until recently. So I figured I would start me a word press blog for SEM and “what not” and see where it takes me.

    I have been helping several people just through my wedding site on my add url page. These people call me by my cell phone and I love to talk to them and help them out. I have made several peoples businesses very successful just by taking a few of my tips and putting them into action.

    I feel it is the right time to get the blog up and running because now since the money is coming in I can delegate more tasks and free up a lot more of my time.

    So Jon think about it. Everyone needs a starting point. The thing is lots of “Guru’s” sit in the shadows and are happy with that….but now I think it is about time to come out.

  51. James:

    I hadn’t really considered doing guest posts, James. I probably would, depending on the site that was asking, its reach, etc.

  52. Jon,

    Whats up? Ever think of doing guest posts?

  53. I did pretty much the same thing as Jon with a magic tricks sales page not adsense. After one week of distributing 5 articles through and made one hubpage at and I had at its peak 91 unique visitors after one week and was already in Google for some long tail searches. Now the traffic has leveled off to around 50 uniques a day.

    That was all I did. If I leveraged some more web 2.0 sites the traffic would explode…but you know with so many projects going on this site is on the bottom of the list.

    But if you want to make some easy adsense money then release a few articles, leverage some of the new web 2.0 sites and their you go instant traffic and instant cash.

  54. Candace:

    Yes, that is correct. 20 articles. 10 for the site, 10 for distribution. The site content, while written on the same subjects as the distribution articles, are completely different from the distribution articles. That is, no reused sentences, etc. I used IAW for the 10 on the site, and hired a ghost writer for the 10 for distribution (for lack of time to write them myself–I wanted to get the case study out).


    Those are the article distribution sites that have been giving me the best results. Granted, I’ve been using them for a long time, and haven’t given much thought to some of the newer sites. Based on what you’re saying, perhaps a should. That’s a good idea about a case study for finding the best article sites.


    I will not be using PPC to drive traffic, no.


    I just submitted them all at once. As various sites pick them up and post them on their sites, the links will show up gradually to the inner pages of the stie.


    I’m not doing any forecasts on the site’s income, but I’ll post the results as I get them.


    Yes, the 10 content articles all target different “long tail” keywords for the subject area. For example, one article is on “water rowing machines”, another on “air rowing machines”, etc. All 10 were written using IAW, with a different project in IAW for each article.


    See my comment to Dave — they are all for different keywords.

  55. Jonathan,

    thanks for sharing. Are you writing your 10 articles for the web site without any further keyword research (long tail) but just writing about “rowing machines”?


  56. When creating the 10 articles to use as website content, how did you use IAW to provide different articles highlighting different keywords? Did you use “rowing machine is” and “rowing machines are” and just manually select different content, or did you use different keywords to research the content for each article?

  57. Hi,

    I want to know jonathon how much it will generate money daily from adsense alone after a month or so. Because your are expert in this field. at least approximately.

  58. My interest is peeked after just one day of the case study Jon.

    Can’t wait to see the coming results.

    Thanks for the details in the creation.


  59. Jon,
    Thanks so much for the case study.

    Yours is one email that always provides
    value. This is a great example for all
    of us.

    Could you tell me how you submitted to
    those directories…one per day one
    article per week, What was your process
    Best wishes,

  60. Jon, are you planning to drive traffic with PPC? That would be very interesting. If not, perhaps another test–like the one with Abhishek Agrawal, featured by Matt Callen.

    Thanks very much for this fine example.


  61. Jon

    What makes you think and ArticleCity are in the top 3 article directories? Is it because of their alexa rank. Well if your going by that then you should definitely look again. sucks! Hardly any of their articles actually show up in Google, their linking structure sucks..which only pushes the articles in supplemental is decent. They have a good linking structure such as such as “Other articles from this category” on every article in that category which helps ride off the freshness of the article and keeps them out of supplemental.

    Ezinearticles is the bomb!!! Definitely the authority. I myself am in the top 100 and #1 author in my category. The articles show up really fast in Google, excellent linking structure such as “other articles in the category” which keeps the articles out of supplemental, Plus they have most viewed article links on every article in that category. Definitely #1 directory by far.

    But let me tell you sucks they definitely in my book are not in the top 3 directories, Google doesn’t count the links directly from directly, linking structure sucks which keeps the articles supplemental and I never see them in Google.

    Maybe you should recommend or Articledashboard both get great direct traffic plus they have an excellent linking structure and unlike Goarticles their links count.

    Maybe you should case study this.

  62. Greetings, Jon!

    Just for clarity’s sake, you’re saying that you actually created 20 niche market articles for “rowing machines”—10 that you featured on your 11-page web site, and 10 articles that you submitted to and Is that correct?

    My second question is did you use similiar content for all 20 articles, but just created a variant title for the article?

    Could you say more about creating those other articles, to help us understand the depth and breadth of your case study?

    Thanks so much! You’re “training” videos are awesome!


  63. Peter:

    I’ve never found it very beneficial to submit to hundreds of article directories, no. I focus only on the big 3:, and sometimes

  64. Really interested in seeing how you go about this Jonathan. I had a few articles approved on EzineArticles the other day and really noticed the increase in traffic to my site.

    In your opinion is there any point spending time and effort submitting to the hundreds of article directories out there or should you just concentrate on the larger directories like and


  65. It is amazing. Every time you use the instant article wizard, you make it look so easy. I don’t seem to have that touch I guess. I will be interested in seeing the results. I wish the 3 way links was not so expensive, being I am on a limited budget. Keep up the good work.

  66. Ludzen:

    The submitted articles were not written using IAW. I hired a ghost writer for those. I ran out of time dealing with the contractors, etc., and I wanted this case study to get moving, so I spent $50 and had the 10 articles written elsewhere.


    I don’t really have a goal for this site. It being a case study, I’m mostly interested in demonstrating that a site can get ranked and receive traffic. I’ll give the AdSense figures, etc., but my primary goal is to show how to generate traffic. If you have the traffic, you can make money from it one way or another.


    I looked at RSSGM once, but at that time it was just a scraper tool (I don’t know if that’s still all it is). Scraper sites don’t work particularly well these days for generating traffic, so I don’t recommend them.

  67. Hey Jon
    The video’s are really great. I’ve got the IAW software and working out how to use it. I have xsitpro so will look at how to adapt to that. But it’s a very different process it seems to me. Perhaps not as user friendly as HyperVre.
    I find the visual experience of watching the process quite exciting – maybe I should get a life…

    {snip: no personal urls please}

  68. John:

    I take your comments to mean that you personally have not had success with online marketing, or have been scammed in the past? Well, follow this case study and you’ll see exactly how I do it.

    It’s true that there are a lot of “gurus” out there who just want to take your money and run. That’s why I backup what I’m saying with actual examples of how to do it, showing the results that I’m getting. If I can’t demonstrate it being done, don’t buy a thing! But if I can show how it’s done, and that it works, then the tools are an investment, not a loss.

  69. Very clever! To Chris and those others who asked how Jon was going to monetize the site, he doesn’t have to. . . . all Jon has to do is publish a whole bunch of these blogs and make an immediate $194.00 and a portion of a recurring $47.00 from probably half of you.

    Cynical, yes, but that’s how we get drawn into the web that these so called “Gurus” create.

    Ever noticed that none of these people seem to put their money into solid investments but rather purchase fancy homes and overprices cars then, when they’ve spent what they got from their latest project, they come back for more.

    The Internet is full of examples of greed and more greed. Anyone who honestly believes that for a hundred or a couple of hundred or even a thousand dollars any one is going to teach you how they really do it is gullible. By the time most of these projects hit the market they are worn out and selling them to another few hundred people doesn’t help.

    Be cautious people, the Internet is for suckers.

  70. Great stuff Jon!

    Looking forward to the rest of the series :)

  71. Thanks Jonathan.

    This has given me something to think about. I’m glad I’ve remained subscribed to your list.


  72. Jonathan,

    First I want to commend you on producing those informative and easy to understand videos in reference to HyperVre and Instant Article Writer. I would like to know what software you used in the videos to format the articles that you wrote.

    Keep up the good work,


  73. Donald, I also got the alert popup message about the script but I clicked the button to let the video continue to run and there were no problems.

  74. Hi John,

    I think someone else mentioned this already but you should make it clear that if you use your network you first need at least 2 pages index in Google before you will accept them into the 3Waylink network. Obviously you are the owner of the network and can do whatever but for us paying clients we first need to get indexed which will take a few days at the very least even when you know what you are doing.

    Just to be clear, I love and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone.


  75. Jon, I am using NicheInspector 1.0.41 but my interface looks significantly different to yours. What edition # is yours, please?

    Btw… great information you are sharing. I’d forgotten the brainstorming function of NI. So thanks for the reminder about that.


  76. What is your view on RSSGM?
    Have you made any money from it?
    How many sites have you built with it?
    What is your average daily earnings from one site?
    What is your average daily earnings from all the sites?

    I have RSSGM sitting in a box and keep wondering whether I should build some blackhat websites.


    Kev Foulds

  77. Hi Jonathan,

    This is an interesting exercise and I am looking forward to seeing your results. I have purchased IAW from you and have upgraded my Hypervre to Gold, based on your recommendation. I have also subscribed to
    Now, all I have to do is learn how to do it all right and follow the rest of your teachings.

    Keep up the great work. I enjoy learning from you!

  78. A nice idea Jonathan but unfortunately there seems to be a script running in your videos which terminates them after running for about a minute.

    I’d love to watch them but….

  79. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the case study, i’m really looking forward to seeing your results as i’ve been planning a few niche sites myself the last few days and bought IAW yesterday to help with it.

    What’s your aim for this site financially? I presume you chose this site as you thought of a decent amount you could earn from it, but what sort of figures do you hope to achieve in the short/long term?

    Thanks again Jon,

    All the best.

  80. Some good points here.

    I didn’t know about Niche inspector, I use keyword elite to inspect niches, after looking at that program, it looks a little hit and miss. I have also seen times when a keyword which looks profitable shows nothing, but one which is very similar, but different phrasing, is very powerful.


  81. Thanks for the visual. Sure is nice to see how a pro does it. I intend to follow your lead and hopefully can repeat the same success I am sure this site will achieve. One ? The articles you submitted to and, were they generated by IAW?

    Be bless


  82. It’s not everyday that a “guru” puts himself out there proving s/he can get true results. My hat is off to you and I wish you best. Thank you for providing quality information that is usable. Best wishes!

  83. John:

    I made an exception for this case study, but normally yes, at least 2 pages must be indexed in Google for a site to go into 3WL.


    You’ll have to ask the product creator if it runs on Win98. I’m not sure if it does or not.


    Thanks! =)


    First, congratulations on your baby! Second, I’m glad somebody who uses XsitePro was able to post regarding this. I’ve not used it myself.

  84. I have always been very impressed with your products. I have IAW Pro and the desktop version, love them both. I use xsitepro (instead of hypervre), and just researched Niche Inspector… looks promising. I’m very interested in following your test… you’ve never steered me wrong. niche inspector looks to do what i’ve been doing manually for 2 yrs, and even better. to answer another poster, i think this method would definitely work with xsitepro. i’m curious about hyperVRE but xsitepro has really done well for me. your current strategy is exactly what i do, i just doing it a little more manually (and it works really well for me). i’m having another baby in 2 days, but when i’m back on my feet i intend to follow your lead! :)

    Thanks for all your efforts.

  85. Thanks Jonathan for this case study, you are ahead of me on this endeavor and that’s a good thing for me…I’m new at this and your about a galaxy away from being new. I will be anxiously looking forward to updates on this case study. I feel fortunate that my path has crossed with yours, I’ve already learned valuable things from your willingness to share your knowledge with others. It is appreciated.

    Keep up the great work!


  86. Hi Jonathan,
    I’m anxious to see what results you’ll have in a month or so.
    I’d also like to know if NicheInspector can run under win98.
    best regards

  87. I thought you had to have two pages indexed by Google to use 3waylinks? If I’m mistaken……great. If not……what’s up with that?

  88. Your presentations are exceptional. You provide or point us to the tools that do all the things…other internet marketers only say we should do…but don’t really show us…how to get done.

    Do you have any recommendations on where we can get good headers and graphics for the sites we created…with HyperVRE ?

  89. Jon,

    Have you ever thought about doing guest posts? I think I have some really vital and $$$$ making info that this audience would love and maybe even you.

    Think about it

    Thanks Jon

  90. Christy:

    I’m not sure. You’ll have to inquire about that from the product creator.


    I’m playing it by ear. If I see that more content is needed, I’ll add it.


    That is an issue I’ve run into also. One of the feeds works fine, the other one does not.


    The site isn’t making money yet — it’s a case study for building a site from scratch and ranking it in the search engines. But it’s monetized with AdSense and a few ClickBank ads related to fitness.


    I will be including profit amounts in my case study, so you will get that information. As for the template, it’s nothing fancy: just a modified version of the “standard” VRE template.


    The site has 11 pages (the home page and 10 unique article pages). All of them are unique, I did not use any articles from HyperVRE. That answers your second question: since all of the content is unique, there’s no issue with duplicate content. The articles I submitted to article sites are different from the ones on the site. And thanks. =)

  91. Jonathan,
    Thanks for the case studies… Keep it going.
    Three Questions:
    1- What software is best for tracking visitors to your site. I am curently using Google Analytics. It seems to miss some of my visits while I am testing. What tool was your screenprint?

    2-Is your key word/niche in the domain name also?

    3-How many articles on the site do you really need to get good rankings?


  92. Jon:

    Just for the record, can you provide more of an account of exactly how much content is on the site. For example, how many articles you provided versus how many were provided by the HyperVRE tool etc. Also, what you did to the content pages to ensure that they aren’t necessarily penalized for duplicate content.

    I feel that this is valuable info to document in the case study.

    Thanks a ton,

    Jim L

    P.S. I love your case studies.

  93. Great stuff!
    I love it when you show how easy some of these tasks can be.
    I’m really looking forward to the next update.

  94. Awesome, looking forward to it

    Please sorted out the tabbing system on these comments

  95. Dear Jonathan,

    I want to know how much you earn in average, with this case study, in Google Adsense, and if you show us a template with the structure of the page you use for VRE.


    Alejandro Bustos

  96. Thanks Jon

    for fantastic insight.

    One thing I missed was once you set up
    the site you never mentioned how you made
    an income & where did the blog link to
    which website & are you an affiliate to the
    Various sites you received the contents.

    Hope this makes sense


  97. I think this is a great idea. I’m currently running my own case studies with Hyper Gold, IAW and a different linking strategy.

    The question I have is about the RSS Feeds. I’ve always struggled to get decent feeds for use with Hyper and don’t really trust the ones that the program finds for you, so the method is something I am looking at – thanks. However, I’m under the impression that Hyper will only accept xml feeds at the moment and returns more than just xml feeds. When watching your video it looked like the feed you selected wasn’t an xml feed, so did that feed actually work when you uploaded the site?

  98. What a great idea Jonathan. I got the gold HyperVRE a few weeks ago and I just recently bought your IAW software. Can’t wait to see your results.

    Do you plan on building any additional links or adding anymore content to the site?

  99. Hi.

    I would like to know if the niche program will work on vista I am having challenges with some of my programs so before i buy I need to find these things out. Please thank you so very much christy

  100. Dr. Goodman:

    Yes, they can be. Dating sites are not allowed in the network because they’re not “kid-friendly”. People post things to dating sites that children shouldn’t seen. If I allowed one dating site, I’d have to allow them all (which I can’t do), so even though yours may be “clean”, I’m afraid it won’t work in the network.

  101. Can your techniques be used with xsite pro? Also, since my dating site has been deemed “adult” by 3waylinks (even though there is no profanity or nudity) where else can I get good backlinks?

  102. Jody:

    LOL. I should have visited your site before last week!


    The site is LSI-driven, since the articles are high-quality with numerous related keywords in each one. I haven’t used Content Composer, so I really don’t know what it’s all about.

  103. Hey Mr Leger,are you building the site with LSI-driven seo and content?because im in the process of using IAW,ContentComposer,and HyperVREgold combined,i know you usally build your own program’s but man you should use (content composer)as well,your boy jason potash is genius like you are,im combining both of your talents/programs together for testing and success,Great case study’s.P.s Storm.

  104. James:

    Thanks for the web 2.0 tip.


    I had one article written and submitted for each internal page, on the same topic of the internal page. 3WL only provides links to the home page, so the inner pages will not be linked to using 3WL.


    I am not submitting the same articles to article directories. The articles I submit, while on the same topics, are completely unique articles themselves. That way the content on the site does not appear anywhere else.

  105. I had to laugh when you indicated that you were dealing with contractors and having one disaster after another. Perhaps you need to check out my site Jon! At any rate I’ll be following your progress as mine certanly is a niche site and right now Adsense is the only thing that is making money on the site albeit chump change. Encouraging none the less.

  106. Jonathan

    Recently we have seen many programs that produce unique articles using sophisticated shuffling between paragraphs, sentences, groups of words or even single words.

    In your experiment, you use single articles. Since you submit your articles to ezinearticles and goarticles only, there is of course no point to produce a lot of unique articles.

    However, I’d be glad to have your comments on the benefits of these new tools.

  107. Hi Jonathan
    As usual – Your Video tutorials are very informative.

    I have had a Gold VRE for quite some time now and your infoormation is already proving invaluable. Sometimes a tiny little change or way of doing things makes a huge difference.
    I must admit although I have articles usually written – I am quite impressed with Your Article Wizard – Sounds like its going to go onto my to buy list.

    A couple of questions Jonathan -
    When you had the other 9 articles written – Did you have them written on the same primary keywords or is each one targetted at a secondary keyword to get the deep links into each of the 10 keywords for example so different article for each secondary keyword page.

    At that point do you then submit any of the secondary keywords into 3w way links or is that excersise only for the domain?

    Thanks again


  108. You could definitely increase your traffic by utilizing web 2.0 sites too. In my niche it is very common for my site to hold 5 out of the top ten for almost any long tail I choose…My comp hates me..I was BM before BM even came out.

    But if your just trying to show that 3waylinks, hypervre and instant article wizard will help you build instant adsense cash…Your right!..Articles, one way links and hyperVRE will help YOU streamline and almost automatically start putting instant cash in your pocket.

  109. Pete:

    Yes, I will be publishing traffic and dollar figures, etc.


    I considered doing an eBay affiliate thing on the site, but decided against it. For now it’s mostly AdSense with a few ClickBank products. I might drop an eBay script on there, though, I’m not sure.

  110. Thanks Jonathan,
    Are you going to put in any affiliate links to Amazon or any other affiliate sites to sell actual rowing machines or related products as well? It would be interesting to see how that compares to the Adsense revenue.


  111. Jon,

    Enjoyed the vids, great idea. Will you also be publishing exactly now much money you make from the site and how you monetised it please?

  112. Dan:

    It’s CPanel stats.


    Thanks! I fixed it.

  113. Looking forward to seeing the results!

    Btw…your link to HyperVRE on the Video #1 page is bad. :-)


  114. Jon, the traffic summary you have listed, is this from your host (cpanel stats) or are you using some other script for traffic stats?

  115. Jon,

    Excellent detail on the step-by-step process of working three software programs to create your site! A complete system. Thanks for sharing. The best of success to you on the site’s results.

  116. Thanks for the reply, Jonathan!

    Good luck!

  117. Chris:

    The site is monetized mostly with AdSense, but I do have links embedded in the articles to ClickBank fitness products as well. There wasn’t anything specificly related to rowing machines (I wouldn’t expect there to be), so I’m thinking most of the profits will be from AdSense for this particular site.

  118. This is so interesting, Jonathan.
    The first video is really rather good. I like the clarity of explanation and examples.
    Just going to watch the second video.


  119. It will be interesting to see how this develops. I’ve got HyperVRE Gold sitting around collecting dust. Maybe this will get me going building sites again. (Since using RSSGM site builder I’ve really quit building many sites)

    I didn’t join your 3-way linking except in the test phase where I submitted one domain. I might have to rethink that decision.

    Good Luck,
    Andy Doering

  120. Jonathan, I have a question.

    How will you be monetizing the site? Will it just be with AdSense?


  121. I love case studies, and I’m always interested to see what Jon is up to, he’s a very clever marketer.

    This all goes to show that testing is extremely important,
    and how metrics can be really exciting, when you see your
    traffic surge,and your profits follow right along!

    It’s always more fun when you’re making money!

    Best Wishes,
    Jeff Davis

  122. Great Jon, I love the real life examples! :-)

    Go on.


  123. Awesome! Can’t wait to see it!