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Niche Site Case Study Follow-Up

Well, it's been 9 months since my original niche site case study, so I thought it would make sense to revisit it and see how the site is doing.

If you followed the original case study, then you know that my goal was to earn $3 a day with a small, niche content site. I tried a number of monetization methods, but AdSense was the only really successful one.

To get the site ranked in Google, I put it in the network. I also distributed 10 unique articles to a few article sites (most notably After my last post about the case study, I also submitted the site to a few dozen social bookmarking sites using this software. That's all the link building I've done.

The site has maintained a top ten ranking for 4 of the last 6 months. In January I had some server problems that caused the site to be down for a few days, and that knocked it out of its rankings for two months! That goes to show you how important up-time is to Google. Fortunately I was able to resurrect it by adding a blog to the site. That blog jumped the site back into the top 10.

The site is currently #3 for its primary and secondary keywords, and #5 for a third major set of keywords. To date, it has earned $757 from AdSense, or about $2.75 per day. My goal was $3 a day, and it's well passed that now, but the two months it spent off the first page of Google because of the server problems is currently keeping the overall average down. For the Month of May, the site has averaged $4.90 per day in AdSense, and is set to outpace its best month to date (December 2007) both in earnings and in traffic.

I know you guys like to see screen shots and charts, so here are a few:

May's Search Traffic


May's AdSense Earnings


It may seem amazing, but I'm still receiving some traffic from the original 10 articles I wrote. That's why I always recommend writing articles regularly. If 10 articles can keep traffic coming for 9 months, imagine what 10 articles per month could do for your site's traffic (not to mention backlinks and rankings)?

Lessons Learned

I learned a few important lessons from this case study. One lesson is that up-time is vital to Google. Google doesn't like to risk displaying sites in top rankings if it thinks your site may go down for a few days. That would be a disservice to the searchers, and so your site might get penalized for it.

Second, I learned that if that does happen, and Google knocks your rankings down, you can resurrect them with a blog. Just adding a blog to the site and "drip-feeding" fresh content to the site caused Google to launch the site to the #3 position for its primary keywords. I didn't do any additional link building to accomplish this.

Third, the case study has demonstrated what I already knew to be true: is a long-term network. There were many nay-sayers in the beginning who just knew Google would tweak its algorithm to prevent 3WL from working, and yet, 9 months later it's going strong. The results I'm seeing and hearing from the 3WL members on the forum are nothing short of phenomenal. Are there risks involved? Absolutely. Is it worth taking those risks? I'll let you make that decision.

All in all this has been a very enlightening case study, and I'd love to hear what you think about it in a comment below.

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  1. By the way, I check my adsense account, it only display 6 to 30 impressions per day, but I have totally 90 visitors per day.

    And only one of my URL channels display impressions stat in my adsense account.

    My site’s CTR of adsense is about 2% only, how can I improve it? Change a template?

    I will very appreciate if you can give me a right way, thanks.

  2. Hi, Jon, I am new to SEO and white hat adsense sites.

    I have 3 sites set up 40 days ago, you can check my link. It’s a failed case by far, I explain detail what I done.

    1. I bought a package of niche content.
    2. I set up a WP blog.
    3. I bought a social bookmarketing plusing which can auto-post my posts to social bookmarketing sites.
    4. I post articles daily using a auto-post plugin.
    5. I submitted 10+ spun articles to 300 article directories.
    6. I subscribed to 3Waylinks and 1Waylinks service.
    7. I post articles(those included in the niche content package I mentioned above), then my posts auto-submit to 5 of top 20 social bookmarketing sites every day.
    8. I repeat the process constantly for 30 days.

    But now I found my site still only indexed one page by google and yahoo. And I can only find 6 search results related to my site domain on google.

    And the social post plugin post error url frequently so I need to correct it every 2 days, which make my post’s url change every 2 days.

    By far, I failed, I know I do many things different from you.

    You use software to create only 20 articles, but I use 200 articles to post on blog and 15 spun articles to submit to 300 article directories.

    My sites have more content, I distribute more articles to much more article directories, why I can’t get as good results as you get?

    Could you tell me where I done incorrectly?

    And could you suggest how many sites should I create in the beginning? And should I focus on several niches and create many sites from them, or I should spread the niches and test more niches?

    Sorry for many questions, if I can fix my business from your suggestion and services, I will defintely recommend your services to other marketers.

  3. Yeah I have found Article submissions to Ezine Articles one of the best ways to get trafic and rank pretty quickly.
    Also I am going to check out 3waylinks. It seems pretty worthy from your case studies, so thanks for the heads up !!

  4. Hello Jon,

    Thank you for the case study which can obviously help me in enhancing my current niche or maybe upcoming niche site. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  5. An interesting case study. I’ll keep your tips in mind when optimizing my websites for search engines.

  6. Nice reading, but i am afraid of the threat of server going down that keeps knocking my mind. Can you clearly tell that how big the blog should be made to re-rank the site? and will the blog be made in a subdirectory like ?

  7. Hi there, thank for U information. I am waiting for other articel that u write.

  8. Thank You for your input. You’re very helpful. No my goal is to boost my rankings of my site…(:

  9. Brian:

    Will it harm you’re site? Not at all. You will, however, have to do a bit of extra legwork to rank the article if that’s your goal.

    Read this blog post to get more info: Why Post Duplicate Content To Your Blogs?

  10. Almost forgot,

    Also, can I add a link on my blog back to the home
    page or is this bad?

  11. Hello Jon,

    I was wondering if it will harm my site by adding articles from ezine articles to a blog I want to start on my site. I want to post a couple paragraphs from the article with a link to the main article on ezinearticles. Then, I was going to use shareapost as well. Would this be against the terms and conditions?

    Thank You

  12. Chris:

    I’ve provided the exact step-by-step details of everything I’ve done and exactly how much it has earned. From what tools I used, to what sites I submitted articles to, to what methods I used to gather links.

    That hardly qualifies as ambiguity.

    I do not, and never will, reveal the url of the web site because it violates the terms of service of the service to do so. As it is a link network, it would be a security risk for others in the network to give out that information.

    The post I criticized lacked any evidence that anything they were saying is true or accurate. For this case study, the proof has been in the performance of the case study site.

    Your opinion is, of course, welcomed, but I strongly disagree with it.

  13. I found your blog through Google because you wrote about other people’s SEO information and how ambiguous it often is.

    Isn’t this “case study” ambiguous to, Jon?

    Is it a case study?

    or is it just sales copy?

    So you”ve setup a site using your products and services or stuff you recommend that has a price tag attached to it and you make money if we buy it.

    You don’t even make an effort to give some basic data like net versus gross earnings.

    Now that you seem to have come to a conclusion for this “Case Study ” at the very least you should have revealed the actual web Site. Surely, at this stage nobody’s going to contaminate the data, right?

    This experiment lacks the proper settings, analysis and proof to be called a true Case Study.

    As ambigous as those you critisize.


  14. I saw a very similar effect from adding a blog to one of my sites as well. I’m now in the process to adding a blog to each of my sites, with reasonable content on them of course.

  15. Thanks for the update on the case study – also a great testimonial for the 3wayslinks – it’s also been really helpful for my sites

  16. Hello guys!

    Brief Update:

    I joined 3waylinks and my site is now live on the network!
    My first couple articles got approved, and I now have 20 key phrases showing up in google. Not a ton of traffic yet but it’s
    slowly beginning to trickle in.

    By the way it is simple to set up your site on 3waylinks. I
    can easily recommend this service. Jon you are awesome!

  17. Another great one, Jon!

    I can’t wait to see how it works:-)
    Like usual, I have great trust when it comes to your products and services.


  18. Hi from SEO London.

    Sure thing, writing and submitting articles online is a great way to get a high quantity of backlinks quick. they might like fresh unique content but hey duplicate content works just as well.

    Follow Jonathan Leger advice and you too can experience #1 spots on Google with little or NO effort.

    Keep it UP….Jonatan Leger ROCKS !!!!!!

    SEO London

  19. Hey everyone! Just launched my very first site this past Friday morning. When I checked early this morning 12 of my 13 article pages are already indexed in Google. I am excited to see if this 3WL will work. I’m signing up tonight!

    This is what I did so far. Put up a 13 page website via Hyper VRE. Next I bookmarked each page. (3 pages per day) Next I set up a blogger blog and made 3 posts the day after my site went live. I will make 1 post every other couple days to keep up spider activity.

    After I set up blogger I submitted two articles. Still waiting for them to get approved.

    What I found interesting was not only the fast indexing of my site but also the Yahoo Slurp(bot) has visited my site more than Google has? Hmmm…

    Still waiting on my 11 articles to get written…I will submit those as well. I will now set up 3WL.

    Anyway I’m using the same method as Jonathan except I’m going a little further on link building. I’ll keep you guys posted on my results….(:

  20. Hey Jon,

    Another great case study for the benefit of mankind!

    Writing and submitting articles online is one of the surefire way of getting traffic to our sites. I’m thinking of doing one now already!

    Thanks Jon!


  21. Hi Jon,

    Thanks so much for your always updated information. I’ve been following your methods recently and I am happy with the result so far.

    Thanks again for sharing it.

  22. This is great info! Thanks. As an article marketing newbie, I was wondering how to track if a particular article submitted to say Ezinearticles is bringing in traffic to your site. Is there some kind of software used to get this information? Thanks again.

  23. Shahidah Halijah Travel:


    AdSense Excellence:

    No links, installed in the /blog/ folder of the same domain.

  24. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks very much for the case study update. As usual your posts are very informative and educational.

    Interesting to learn the effect server down-time can have on google search engine listings… makes a good case for getting your web site hosting right from the start.

    Many thanks,

  25. hi jon

    good stuff! again…

    you put a blog on the site you said…did it put backlinks to adsensesite or was it enough just having a blog on the same domain with updating fresh content?
    was installed like this:

  26. Great.

    So now we need to rinse and repeat for another 99 sites and that would be $300 a day.

    Right Jon?

  27. Guess I’ll be doing some article writing and 3waylinking in the near future.

  28. I’d say you’ve done pretty well with that site, being that you didn’t need to put in that much work to it. I didn’t know uptime was so important to Google, but I knew blogs were.

  29. This is really a nice case study. It is very improtant to have regular updates. You have rightly updated after some gap.

    Thanks for the update and some useful information Jon.

  30. Thanks for sharing the latest updates regarding the niche case study!

  31. thanks for the update. everyone always likes to see what is really going on out there.

    I wonder how many people sat and waited for these results before they started anything, and are now sitting there going I could have done that when you started and have made some of their first dollars online.

    anyway thanks for the post and i hope that someone will read your case study and GET STARTED and stay focused.


  32. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks so much for always providing great content, and very cool tools online.

  33. Great post as always! Blogs are great for keeping content fed to Google to keep them happy. Also, I have to confess I had not heard of the 3WL site so I will head over and check it out.

  34. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for the update on the site. In your post you mentioned there were risks involved with 3WLs. What is the risk?


  35. Thanks Jonathan — Appreciate the update. As we all know, fresh unique content is what the search engines love. I hadn’t really considered the uptime factor though — interesting find.

    All the best


  36. Thanks Jonathan For the detailed report on building a niche site
    The stats & info are great, and give a faboulous road map to any one wanting to build small content sites.

  37. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the update on that test site. Out of sight and out of mind, I have actually forgotten about that site but I’m glad it is now doing better than targeted. So, it seems to be a myth that we have to continuously update our sites to get traffic.

    BTW, from an SEO point of view, it might seem better to have a static site with a blog rather than just a stand alone blog. Do you think so?


  38. Hi Jon
    It looks like a site will never beat a blog in the search engines
    because of the fresh content added daily to a blog? With a combination of Adsense to make a buck. Thanks for the info

  39. Hi,

    Nice post. You give us good information.


  40. Thanks for a great update, Jon. Always learn something here. I never put up a site these days without adding a blog. It just seems to help so much. Also, article marketing still remains an effective way to build links. Can’t do without it.

  41. Thank you for this case study……very interesting.
    What you say about articles is true….I wrote one two years ago that brought me over 200 visit in one day last week…strange world the internet!
    Richard Haigh

  42. Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for the update, I joined 3waylinks about 2 months ago and it rocks!!

    I am noticing massive increases in Google activity. I tested the process in different ways, 1st by linking using keywords that were on or about the landing page (money page), then secondly by using keywords which were topic related but not even on the page.

    Success! – I have managed to get NO1 listings in for UK websites on 2 & 3 word keyword phrases which have over 500,000 results listed.

    Anyone who doesnt want to risk just $47 a month to promote 50 websites should seriuosly think about giving up internet marketing today.

    I use to work alot on on page omptimization, but now I am converted to the power of the link. Google had already indexed my sites, I would check every now and then but no traffic!, so I repeat site fully indexed in Google and NO Traffic. Within weeks of adding 3waylinks the sites are not just getting traffic for the 3 terms I entered, but are getting a wider variety of broad searches.

    Its certainly a set it and forget it proccess, takes 10 minutes to setup, then just come back a few weeks later to check your positions.

    Thanks to you my adsense return for these sites as gone from avg $60 a day to over $175

    Thanks again!

  43. Thanks for the update. This has been an interesting case study to follow. I hope you do another update at the 1 year mark.


  44. Thanks for the update info.

  45. Thanks for sharing this great info…

    Still, niche content is the king.

  46. Hi Jon,

    Your results speak for themselves. Not too shabby for residual income and just a few hours work. A few of these a week and a few more article submissions could result in some serious income.


    P.S. Is your Helpdesk operational? I am awaiting some help.

  47. good advise here. I experience the same too.

  48. Thanks for the update info…I have to try this one:D

  49. Great recap Jonathan. Thank you very much for your Question and Answer response. This cleared up lots of issues. You mentioned that you only used Bookmarking Demon AFTER you already had links pointing to your site. Have you had a bad experience with Bookmarking Demon in the past? What happens if you use it on a new site?


  50. Thanks for sharing the niche case study. Great info and absolutely i will try it!

  51. Hi Jon,

    Very interesting case study.

    It would be interesting to see how the site would
    do if you focused on Web 2.0 type promotion for
    a week or so. I’m still not convinced that Social
    Web.2.0 traffic is quality traffic. This would be a
    good test case, to see if that kind of traffic would
    increase your Adsense earnings.

    All the best,

  52. Hi, thanks for the information and what was your conversion rate.

  53. Jon,
    Thanks for update, I had really woundered how the test site would fair with time. I also am a member of 3WL, my sites tend to remain on the lower end of the PR spectrum is this normal? Traffic to several is in top 500,000 on alexa.

  54. Hi Jon.

    Thanks for sharing this! I am member of 3waylinks but I am getting worried about other members seems to be targeting the same or very similar keywords.. this way the competition will be very hard in the next months, what do you think about this?

  55. Hi Jon,
    I just wonder… it seems like a very high CTR in my experience – is it normal to have a CTR above 10%?

    Have You mentioned which site it is – I would like to see how it’s done? Is it a very small niche?

    Best regards,

  56. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s good to know that a site remains in the Google index with a good ranking even if you leave it alone for months. It seams like something drastic like a few days outage is needed to destroy the initial hard work.

    I have a site that I have left alone for over a year now and it has even disappeared from Google’s index but It still gets traffic from Ask, MyWebseach, Yahoo and Exite. Occasionally also some hits from Google. It also seams like a lot of people have bookmarked the site because I get a lot of direct address traffic. If you give a site a good start it can live for ever.

    Thanks for your interesting case studies!

  57. I am having pretty much the same effects. My site was one of the sites I added to 3way links back in the beta stage and over the months it has produced fantastic results. Then 2 months ago I was hacked and my account with 3waylinks was effected so of course my Google ranking went to hell and my income dropped 75%.

    But once I discovered that I had been hacked and fixed the link page in 3waylinks, my ranking immediately rose and my Google income came back to normal.

    Having a 3waylink account is the best business decision I have ever made. Keep it up John :)

  58. Hey Jon,

    I’m beginning my first site as well as my VRE
    business! Each site will have 13 articles. Waiting
    for my last set of articles to get written. Well done
    man! I’ll post my results here in a few months.

  59. Hi Jon,

    I am an admirer of your honesty and over the past few months I have put to the test much of what you have written about. Stuff like Search Engine Myths for example.

    I have built several duplicate only content sites, not altering any of the articles just to see if the sites get indexed. Sure enough, no problem getting indexed, the sites get traffic and even make a very small income from adsense.

    At this time I have not bothered with links or article marketing, relying purely on duplicate content.

    I am looking forward to the release of the product you mentioned

    ‘Yes, I use a tool that helps me quickly gather information on a set of keywords specifically for blog posts, and creates the post on a WordPress blog for you automatically. I’ve not yet released this product for sale’

    My testing of duplicate content is ending soon and I will be joining your 3way links next month.

    Never stop innovating, it’s what you are good at.



  60. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for sharing the info, it is good to show what really works, because when people first start out, they only concentrate on 1 form of traffic building, not understanding, that it is a number of factors that keep your site up in the no 10 spots.

    Once again thanks for the info



  61. HI Jon

    Thanks for giving us this update, i was hoping you’d bring this site up again.

    I too have notice a loss of rankings after my sites went down for about 3 days, luckly for me the sites still had about half their 3wl links to go + i did some extra liking through article maketing and some other link networks and the site’s are now starting to rank for their kws :-)

    I’m now in the profess of adding new sites to the 3wl network :-)

    Also the first site i added to 3wl, a niche audiobook download site, back in the beta testing days, had it’s best day ever yesterday making over 70 $! Now it doesn’t do that every day YET, but when you consider that i’ve only spent about an ours work on it in the last 4 months, it not bad :-)

    Also the google rankings of that site are the first i’ve ever really had and i owe it to 3wl and what leant form you Jon. With what i know now, if 3wl was gone tomorrow I’d still be able to move forward with my sites. So all i can say is Thank you very much for all you’ve done.


  62. Jon, thank you for the update. It’s good to hear a true success story that’s not on someone’s sales page.

    Continued success to you.


  63. Wow! Awesome work Jonathan!

    I actually have a related question. I was wondering what YOU recommend to use for tracking hits, customer data, etc. There are so many things ‘out there’ that seem to do part of the job, but I’d really like a solution that will be a “one stop shop” for website data.

    THANKS! And keep all the goodies coming. ;)


  64. John,

    Thanks for the update, it’s a plan I am following myself and seeing similiar results. Keep up the good work.

  65. Great followup article, Jonathan. And thank you for answering questions in the comments section. Not everyone is willing to answer questions from readers.

    Best to you,

  66. Thank you for sharing this information….I am planning to create a couple of niche sites and this advice is timely…

  67. Jon, You said your site dropped after being down for a few days….

    I recently sold a website that has top ten rankings for major keywords in the wedding industry…such as wedding favors, wedding gifts….the site was being transferred by Yahoo and it was down for almost two weeks…..and you know what the site didn’t drop at all….however the buyer was really worried…but it all worked out and the site didn’t drop…

    So I’m wondering why only after a few days yours dropped…and after nearly two weeks the site I sold didn’t drop at all even after being crawled several times by Googlebot….

  68. Hi ,


    grt job sharing your info on niche website and steps to promote ones website.

    Waiting for your next idea on internet marketing

  69. Hi Jon,

    Nice job on the test site. You mentioned many of the methods I used on some of my first websites 7-8 years ago but had forgotton about but will revisit for my new sites now. Thanks!!

    Bob Pardue
    Webmaster Course

  70. The site is still pretty alive and earns quite nice Adsense income! Article marketing is really a good thing and with the combination of getting lots of backlinks – it does wonders! :-)


  71. Thanks for updating the report. Its interesting to see the site is still holding strong. It would definitely do well with a few more articles. Have your earnings per click stayed the same or dropped off at all?

  72. Hi Jonathan,

    I have created around almost 10 sites in the last 2 months. I have followed exactly what you have mentioned in your Niche cases same products etc.. except for i have not submitted article to directories and 3 way link. I am little skeptical about the 3 way link. In google’s language is it ethical / legal to create/purchase links artifically?


  73. I am doing that also but with a blog only. I start with long term words up and end up with main word.Blogging 2 times a day,posting articles,social media,pinging,linking.. don’t have adsense on it because it is word press and it is not on mine domain but selling one product. I had 100 visitors in 2 weeks and hope to have 100 per day in 2 months. I am testing and tracking and will post my results in a month and half from now. I hope more people will try it and post results here or some kind of forum would be better.

  74. This is a great update Jon. I’ve been trying some of this myself and have found your posts very helpful.



  75. Jonathan,

    Does your 3-Way Linking involve placing links directory on site you want to receive link to and outlinking to irrelevant websites?

    I have heard that having irrelevant categories and outlink in your links directory will get you penalized by Google.

  76. Nugreens Man:

    That one site earned $5/day in December without the blog. The blog was only needed to resurrect it after the server problems. There’s no reason to believe its ranking would have dropped had that problem not occurred.

    Also, I don’t think it’s necessary to have real top-notch content on the blog. No reason you couldn’t just post-date a bunch of free articles from article article sites into your blog. That’s plenty to let Google know it’s “alive” and growing.

    Also, as for 3WL being too expensive, just one site earning $3/day will double your investment in 3WL. I guess I’m having a hard time understanding how that’s a bad investment?

  77. To answer some questions:

    Q. Did you use the affiliate links with the Adsense at the same time?

    A. Yes. I used, which didn’t earn beans, while AdSense earnings remained constant. I did not try the two separately.

    Q. Is Bookmarking Demon working so good?

    A. I’ve found Bookmarking Demon to give a nice little boost to a site’s ranking when used AFTER the site already has some good backlinks aimed at it.

    Q. Can we delete that url from our login and replace it with another, but also keep the existing links for the site that were added on 3way links ?

    A. No, when you remove a site you lose your links.

    Q. Is there not a risk of the sites rankings either dropping, or at least staying the same, as we are not adding anymore links ( through 3way links anyway ) after this 90 day period ?

    A. I’ve not found that to be the case, no. Your links remain steady. You may need to get more links to maintain your rankings if the competition increases, which it will naturally do over time.

    Q. If we decide to cancel our membership, will all previous links remain, which we have paid for technically via our subscription payments, after we cancel our membership ?

    A. No. You lose all links immediately when you cancel your membership. It is a monthly service that you pay for. You don’t “buy” the links, you buy the service. You never “own” the links.

    Q. Any chance of a breakdown of the original cost to develop the site?

    A. You can find all of this by reading the original case study.

    Q. Is this site sitting on its own IP address or is it shared with other sites?

    A. It’s shared with other sites.

    Q. For your articles, did you create 2 articles for each keyword you targeted?

    A. Yes. I created one article for distribution, one for the site.

    Q. When you say drip feeding the blog, can you tell me what do you think is the optimum frequency to post?

    A. I have a post landing once every 2-3 days. Whether or not that’s optimum I don’t know, but it’s working.

    Q. Do you use some kind of auto posting tool (like an RSS scraper), or do you just write a few quick posts and date them to future post?

    A. Yes, I use a tool that helps me quickly gather information on a set of keywords specifically for blog posts, and creates the post on a WordPress blog for you automatically. I’ve not yet released this product for sale, so I can’t give you the name right now.

    Q. When you bookmarked the site, did you just bookmark the front page or did you bookmark for “deep links” as well?

    A. Just the home page.

  78. cool, bringing a site back to life by adding a blog and distributing articles … will give that a go … jonathan, more case studies please:)..

  79. Hey Jon,

    I used to belong to 3way but it became too expensive for me. $3.00 per day from Adsense may be possible if you have a good niche, write articles and put a blog on the site and then post to it regularly. The problem I have is how to blog on 30 blogs with different niches in one day without using up our time all day.

    Nice case study though. I’ll have to drink more of my multivitamins and Nugreens in order to keep up with the amount of content creation that is required to earn money from adsense. I’d use an automatic poster or something like that but Google seems only to like unique content – not content that is scraped. So what to do? Hire 100 blog posters?

    Nugreens Man

  80. From looking at the stats, it looks like that site could actually be earning at least double that Adsense number. Your SE love is way out of balance. You should be receiving a bit more traffic from MSN/Live, and a lot more from Yahoo! If you can balance out that traffic (which may happen over time, obviously), the resulting increase in visitors should make the site earn a lot more (based on the Adsense numbers you gave).

    I have a site that’s about 2 years old, and Yahoo! still has yet to come around, despite continually adding content and links. It just seems like Yahoo! hates me, and you seem to have the same issue. I’m going to try a burst of articles and see if that helps me. It would be interesting to see what a second burst of articles would do for your site.

    -Kurt Schmitt

  81. Its nice to see this case study is still going. Unfortunately the server down time can really screw up a sites rankings and the advice given to counter this effect is exactly what I have found to work. Also articles rule!

    Nice job Jon keep it up:)

  82. I like the new photo better!

    Great info Jon. Articles do work and are worth putting in the time and effort needed. It’s great to see results actually getting better even 9 months down the road.

    I haven’t had much luck with banners either – Adsense still beats them easily. After the last Google slap though, I am looking for other sources of revenue besides Adsense. We are also using Articles and Web 2.0 stuff to get away from the control Google has over our sites.

  83. Thanks for the update, Jon!

    How often do you post to the blog you added to the site?

    Do you use some kind of auto posting tool (like an RSS scraper), or do you just write a few quick posts and date them to future post?

    When you bookmarked the site, did you just bookmark the front page or did you bookmark for “deep links” as well?


  84. Hi Jonathan,

    It’s great to get feedback on this project especially as its 9 months after the trial started. Your 3WL service is certainly worth using and I speak from experience as I had four of my sites up using it but like an idiot the card I was using has expired so currently I’m not in the 3WL network. Has it made a difference? Well yes my adsense earnings and traffic from my main diet related site has definately started to drop off although thankfully my other 3 sites have remained reasonably steady although I ranked better on the search terms for those 3, so have less competition trying to knock me off the first page or two of Google.

    I’m only just really getting into the social bookmarking stuff and Web2.0 and have been more active on the blog front getting them listed with Technorati etc, plus using Googles Elerts as another option.

    I think a key factor in the revenue brought in via Adsense must be in selecting the right niche to target in the first place (possibly one where high ticket items would be sold by likely Adwords advertisers?).

    Thanks again for sharing the data on your test site.

    Gez Bennett

  85. Well there goes my cheapy hosting accts.
    I get traffic from sites that I set up and have not touch for months,but not all are this way,I am not really sure why I have been looking for the differance.

  86. Hi Jon,

    nice update.

    When you say drip feeding the blog, can you tell me what do you think is the optimum frequency to post.


  87. Hey Jonathan, thanks for the update on the case study. I had been wondering about that. It’s amazing what you can do with a small content site when you go about it the right way. Even a small content site with quality content, a few good links, without constantly adding new content, will have staying power in the engines. I did something very similar about a year ago and have a case study on my site about what it’s doing a year later with absolutely nothing being done. And a lot of the traffic still comes from articles on EzineArticles that I wrote last May.


  88. For your articles, did you create 2 articles for each keyword you targeted? For example, one to distribute to article directories and another to put on your site?

    You wouldn’t use the same article to create a page on your site AND to distribute to the article directories would you?

  89. hi john….is this site sitting on its own IP address or is it shared with other sites?


  90. Hi Jon,

    The effect on the site rankings from being down for a while is a real “nugget”, thanks!

    any chance of a breakdown of the original cost to develop the site?
    e.g. cost of articles, hosting, domain reg and time spent.

    Matt Garrett

  91. Hi Jonathon,
    An interesting case study and even more so as I was looking into signing up to 3waylinks only last week.
    The only “problem” I had however, and one which I hope you will be able to help me with, is that according to the salespage on 3way links the links stop being added after 90 days, so what happens after this -

    - Can we delete that url from our login and replace it with another, but also keep the existing links for the site that were added on 3way links ?

    - Is there not a risk of the sites rankings either dropping, or at least staying the same, as we are not adding anymore links ( through 3way links anyway ) after this 90 day period ?

    - If we decide to cancel our membership, will all previous links remain, which we have paid for technically via our subscription payments, after we cancel our membership ?

    Many Thanks for your time, looking forward to knowing the above.

    Kind Regards,
    Brian W. Collins

  92. Hi Jon!

    Nice Job, as always. Is Bookmarking Demon working so good?
    At 97$ it’s not so cheap.

  93. Hi Jonathan,

    That’s a great heads-up on up-time.

    I noticed the same thing when my hosting was down for a day! But, I couldn’t fix it by adding a blog cause I already had one. :)

    But adding more posts and distributing an article or two brought me back after about two weeks.

    Have a great day!

  94. When you say you tried different ways of monetizing the site, but that Adsense was the best, my question is this: if the other way of monetizing was an affiliate program (I believe your niche was {snip: I didn’t mention this on purpose}), did you use the affiliate links with the Adsense at the same time? Some believe (I think I might be one of them) that using both dilutes each method, that if you’re going with affiliate links you should leave out the Adsense. Did you try them each individually?

  95. As usual Jon, you nailed it!

    I too have begun to add blogs to some of my sites to help with the SEO aspects of the sites. Also, the Social Networking sites are great for getting Google to notice your site also. I have had some picked up within hours of submission.

    Keep up the great work!



  96. Thanks for sharing this info Jon. I was wondering how that site is doing now.

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