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New tool helps you write articles at lightning speed!

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because I've been away "in the lab" working on a new tool that helps you write articles at lightening speed. It's the kind of thing you have to see to believe, so I've uploaded a demo video to YouTube demonstrating its capabilities.

I suggest you watch the video in full screen mode. Also, you can safely ignore the request at the end to click the link for leaving me feedback. I decided to share the video on my blog instead and take advantage of its built-in threaded commenting.

Definitely let me know what you think after watching! It's only about 10 minutes long.

If you have any trouble viewing the embedded video, CLICK HERE to view it at YouTube.

The content used in the tool is not Private Label Rights (PLR). You'll need to either use the ideas or rewrite it.

This tool will be available once we have all of the content categories built and loaded, UNLESS you own Instant Article Wizard, in which case you've got a special treat coming to you in a few days... watch your inbox for it if you're on the IAW mailing list!


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  1. Thanks for the tool hope it work well for me too

  2. Hi

    I have one question. Are you going to make this app in another languages? German for example?

  3. This I got to see.. Sounds great…

  4. I can’t believe I just saw the e-mail with the pre-launch. I totally missed it! Bummer.

  5. Can I demo the software first? I want to make sure this program is for me before I purchase

  6. Just bought cf and the tool is awesome but what I like most is that its web based and I can use it on my tablet.

  7. I like the tool but there is no Auto-Create content from the snippets like IAW does.

    Also, It does not have some of the key niches available that I need, so I’ll just have to stick with IAW even though I can get it at a big discount.

  8. Hello Jonathan,

    After selecting Spin Research how is it possible to view all of the articles from the spinner?

    For example how would this look when generated into all of the possible variations by using a content spinner?

    {Losing weight|Slimming down|Shedding pounds|Shedding weight} successfully {can prove to be|can be} {a difficult|a challenging|a hard|a tricky} endeavor {for many|for a lot of|for most|for several}.

    Is there free content spinner?

    Thank you


  9. Jonathan,

    I have more than a few of your product and this one looks interesting as well. Is this going to work on Mac’s (most of your stuff doesn’t). If not I’ll have to invest in a new PC. The old one I use for your other products is out dated. Let me know.

  10. For topics related to SEO, Internet Makreting, and Web Design users of this tool, including myself, will need very recent, cutting-edge content. Will your database contain this type of content, or only older content. In this instance, even content six months old may be outdated.

  11. Just want to know if this program will work on MAC computers? I know that IAW doesn’t, so I would like to find out before I buy it

  12. This is a project that I look forward to seeing the finished project. It looks fantastic to use. I could sure use the extra time that it would free up.

  13. Hey Jonathan,

    This software looks very good – much like all your software. The only question in my mind is that it is very similar to IAW, except where it looks for the input data, and the fact that it makes similar suggestions for further research (which IAW also does to a limited extent).

    Other than that, it looks like it will be pretty damn good, as soon as there are more niches to work with.


  14. Sorry for so many comments from me.

    Just wondering why this is better than Article Builder articles?

    I use AB to post content on my blogs.

  15. Will this work with Windows 8.1?

    Are you going to add a “Health” & “Diseases” category?


  16. Is the topic ‘Home Security’ going to be added soon?

  17. Will this program work for MAC computers? I am ready to buy if it is

  18. Hi Jonathan,

    Do you need to own The best spinner to use the spin research function or is that included in the price.


  19. You said that you don’t use the snippets directly in your article. You use them as research to write your own article.

    So even if I spin the content and put spun version into my blog, it will be seen as duplicate content?

    I thought we could build the article using the snippets, spin it and put it directly in a blog post.

  20. Hey Jon, Just got your e-mail on IAW and the categories your going to add into it.

    Are you going to be adding all the categories that are in Article Builder to this tool too?

    When you spin the content, is the article readable?

  21. 1. A drag and drop feature to rearrange the order of saved snippets.

    2. A spinable fill in the blanks option that creates an author resource signature box (for articles) that takes care of the html code for the url, E.g.

    For more information about how to get your FREE garden lamp, go to Garden Lamp Reviews.
    Garden Lamp Reviews. You may freely distribute this article as is, as long as the content and signature file remain intact.

  22. This looks like Article Builder meets Instant Article Wizard which I use both of on a regular basis. I love Instant Article Wizard!

  23. Looks great Jonathan as long as you added more niches.

  24. Hi Jon,

    I sort of understand what’s happening, but I’m not up to speed on this type of article development. I suppose I’d have to have someone take me through step by step to see the end resultant article(s). I don’t understand how all of those snippets will result in a comprehensive understandable article. If I want to use this to submit an article on a RankCrew product, how is that actually accomplished? Could RankCrew have a button which would submit an appropriate article for the product I select? My webstore deals with samurai, ninja, early military/specialty swords & knives; I need traffic because my sales are significantly short of what I need; I need a comprehensive solution which would combine several of your products to produce a meaningful result in terms of traffic & subsequent sales; can you do that? I recently spent quite a bit of time writing a 400+ word article for the new RankCrew product and would like that effort cut way down in terms of the time it takes, and yet end up with a meaningful and effective article to drive the product. I know that Google pretty much runs the show when it comes to traffic, and I’m constantly looking for solutions that will be effective, yet considerate of my time. Thank you!

    • You don’t use the snippets directly in your article. You use them as research to write your own article. But the topics you cover won’t be covered in this tool I’m afraid.

  25. This looks great. I hope it is affordable to the newbie ! Can not wait to see what additional niches you will cover.


  26. Very cool tool Jon. Will you give me a pre release version to play around with?

  27. It looks very nice Jonathan. I wonder if a suggestion on a possible domain name might help.

  28. I am drooling over it in anticipation

  29. How often are the articles updated and where do they come from? I would be concerned to have the most up to date information.

    • The database was built over the past few weeks and the articles come from article directories. So it’s very up to date.

      • Hi Jonathan,

        I was contemplating to purchase until I read your response that the data comes from article directories. That is too bad. I don’t mean to criticize article directories bur the content is really not that great. There is a lot of rehashed stuff and hardly ever do you get latest news.

        Mind you anyone in the niches like home improvement, where nothing much is changing would do quite well with this tool. As well, if people just want to have filler articles or secondary blog articles this is really good.

        Nice tools for people who can use it, but I can’t.

        Best of luck

  30. Hi Jon!

    Sincere Thanks for sharing this with me. I have writer’s block most of the time. I’m from a farming background and I wanna see millions of articles on farming in this new App.

    Please keep me posted! Looking forward to this new release! Chat soon!!


  31. Is this going to search Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing?

    Seems like it will be limited if all the information is on your database.

    Marketers need something that will research any topic.

    Is this a fixed price. I’m not interested in monthly payments.


    • No, it uses our internal database. If you’re not in the niches it covers (and we’re adding a lot more) then sure it won’t be useful. But if you are it’s invaluable.

  32. Hi Jonathan,

    Can I work with your tool in other languages, example in spanish?
    Many thanks!

  33. Hi Jonathon,
    As usual, your new product looks awesome. I hope that this product will be affordable for all :-) I am still loving Instant Article Wizard, and getting Congratulations your article has passed copyscape :-) The only thing I can think of, has been mentioned previously, and that is more niches need to be added. This is definitely another winner. Great work.
    Best Regards,

  34. Great tool Jon, but I hope that it works with Spanish Articles, I own The Best Spinner, but truth is I can´t get good use of it since the spinning for spanish is poor. If you could work on a spanish article spinning tool, millions of spanish speaking marketers and SEO will surely buy it. Please help us with one of your new amazing tools Jon, seriously. :)

  35. Hi Jonathan

    It’s great that all this content is made so easily and quickly available, but for me I would like to see much, much more relating to the IM niche. As the content is not PLR should it be manually re-written and not spun, as I understand that Google doesn’t like spun articles and can quickly spot them. I other words, if I use spun content will it affect search engine rankings adversely?

    Keith White

  36. This looks great! I am using IAW and that’s good to, but I like the subs in this system. I hope to see more topics soon.
    And yes, Time saving is important, but mostly expensive to! So, what’s the price of this beautiful tool?

    kind regards,

    PS: and Congratulations

  37. Hi Jonathan,
    very interesting, and it seems like a very strong tool. The most interesting is off course the price lap ;-)

    One suggestion from me is if it could be combined with a feature ala “Instant Curator”, to ensure you always have fresh content – this would make it even stronger, and as you state this tool will come with several more niches – however with a tool ala “Instant Curator” you would also be able to cover niches which are not in your database.

    I am not the seller of the mentioned tool, and as you have noticed there is no aff. links in it, I just find this a very strong tool, which I use for a couple of my customers.


  38. Very good tool, nice interface.

    How does it do with cross category articles? Only example I can think of,with the categories that are open, is weight loss boot camps in Mexico?

    I’d like to see some statistics to add in, popularity of brands, sales of diet pills, for example.

    Very good development as it stands

  39. Hi Jonathan,
    Great idea, I am new to Internet marketing, so this tool great.

    keep up the good work.

  40. I am sure I had the original Instant Article Wizard, five computers ago that I enjoyed using. Since then I have never been able to produce a spun article that satisfied my desire for English as it is spoken with any other spinner. I do hope that this will be within my budget?

    I do like the idea of having citations as an option as suggested by Ken Anczerewicz. I do hope that this will be within my budget? In any event I am looking forward to the launch of another of your great products!

  41. It will be a real godsend. Hope you bring out this tool early. Not too enthused about the spin part, as I really do not consider spinning as good writing.

  42. Hello,

    Could you compair this to Article Builder which I already have?
    Definitly need more topics.
    Add proper citations too.

    Mark Steele

  43. Hey Jonathan, this looks awesome. Couple things off the top of my head, maybe a word count and the ability to add material from our own sources, for example: say I have a group of folders on my hard drive, main folder called “articles”, then sub folders: folder a, folder b, folder c. etc. and it could pull snippets from there?

  44. Hi Jonathan:

    Thanks for the video – you have been busy as always. I am also a member of your ineedarticles team so I understand about writing on all sorts of topics. While your tool looks really great, I am not sure I would be able to use it if I do not write on one of the major topics that you have right now or even later. Even subjects like tea for example, I cannot think would be available any time soon.
    It still looks great though for the topics you mentioned.
    All the best

  45. Looks like another great Leger tool. Hope to see more topics in the big 3 niches…health, wealth and love.

  46. Hi Jon,

    This looks to be a very promising tool for quick content generation. I also see spin off usages for this tool.

    1) I can get a massive amount of related keywords for a given keyword. I find this to be a great bonus usage from this tool. For example, I can use these keywords in my backlinking and avoid any google penalties by using multiple related keywords for a main keyword.

    2) I can get snippets for comments. To make the comment more unique, I can use the spin research button on the snippet.

    Looking forward to lay my hands on this tool.


  47. FABULOUS IDEA, Your stuff is always great

  48. Great article tool!…I only have a question at this time….what will be the frequency of the preload information being updated. I am assuming that this will be an add on to IAW…

  49. Wow! Awesome as always Jon!

    I hope this is going to be a web-based, like you do with Keyword Snatcher.

    It would also be nice to know how many pages there are. really not that important since you already say how many snippets there are. But it would be nice, when you “page” through, you’re given a page number or something with the snippet count, for example, if you’re on the second page at the top would have 15-30 (snippet #15-#30) Something like that.

  50. This looks great hope it works better than IAW as mine only works on a limited basis but your article rewrite tool that you sent me is great I use it all the time I will look at this new tool keep me informed

  51. Jon
    How D?
    Hopefully there is a word count
    U could probably put in a feature that sends it directly to the website where the cursor was last left on the site
    So far from what i see it’s really good as i am looking to articles submissions.

    Jon, is there and article submissions field for putting in more than one url at a time to submit to? I would be nice to submit to 100 or more site with the click of a button.
    Keep up the good work
    Lakhiraj Ramdass (IAW)

  52. JL, you make the Internet World FUN. Your dedication to software innovation and refinement is fantastic.

    I have similar comments of more categories and would luv to be on BETA team to play with this for a few days to have other suggestions.

    I’m sure more is one the way, but good job what was presented…can’t wait. Hope it’s not crazy cash to buy.

  53. Hi Jonathan….

    Definitely need the categorys:

    Make Money Online
    Online Marketing


  54. Thats a great time saver.. Good job… I’ll be happy when you include internet marketing catagory

  55. I see great potential for this tool and will be interested in seeing where you go with it. I am especially interested in seeing what IAW has to do with it. I too will anxiously await that email.

  56. Looks fan-tastic to me. Can’t wait for the release.

  57. Looks like its too limiting for me. IAW trawls the whole internet even if it ‘only’ returns 1000 individual snippets. Any selective database is going to be subjective – the Article Builder database has been around for ages but I don’t see it being extended in any meaningful way (I may be wrong here).

    If I’m going to invest in anything, it would be IAW.

    Kind regards
    Rae Macleman

  58. Awesome looking tool in terms of providing the average marketer with helpful and quality content. You did say you would be adding more niche areas. I would think it would be some process in terms of being able o provide so much quality information in one tool. With that said how many more niches will you be adding?

  59. That is cool. I hope you will add more niches soon.

  60. Great job…would love to see more categories.

  61. That looks really great Jonathan. Can’t wait for that to be released. :)

  62. Hello Jonathan;
    It looks like another winner. Will be looking for more categories.
    I already have instant article wizard…so this should work out very well.

  63. Watched the video and this tool will be a great time saver. I would like to still see the ability to take that content research that I gather and be able to still place it inside of article wizard, and put the paragraphs in my own order if I wanted to.

    Another great feature would be that once the articles have been spun out, and created that the software would have separate boxes that the user could tick and it would then show each article in their own spun format individually, so that the user does not have to use another tool in order to be able to use the spun content articles that it generates. Example: article one spin, article 2 spin etc..

    I have some of your other tools already, and I use them almost daily. Great job creating this one. I have the Instant Article Wizard so I am watching for that email.

    Kind Regards,


  64. It looks like an awesome tool, if you introduce more popular niches other than the three you currently have. Please keep me posted…

  65. Looking forward to this because creating content sucks and is so time consuming!
    Any tool that saves you time is a winner.

  66. Cool tool, looks very useful. what is the difference to the instant article wizard?

    The key is to have also content for not so popular niches available.

    • The content in this tool is “clean” (not full of advertising pages etc like IAW sometimes brings back). It also can access a massive amount more research because IAW is limited to the 1,000 results google will return. This interface is also cleaner an faster, and this tool let’s you query topics and subtopics faster and simultaneously. Lot of big improvements over IAW. However, IAW is a great tool and will research ANY topic. This tool is limited to the topics we preload it with.

      • I was afraid that would be the case. The problem with the topics you preload is they are topics that too many people target.

        I can see the use of this tool if I want to target the limited niches that will be preloaded but since I usually stay away from newbie niche areas that seldom is the case.

        I will try it once it is out since you provide value for your tools. Hopefully there will be enough niches that I am willing to target to make it worthwhile for me.

        I own a lot of your tools and hope this one makes the grade for me to add it to my tool chest.

      • It looks like a promising tool but you will need to cover more topics.

  67. Hi Jonathan, love this tool, but absolutely needs more niches added.

  68. Lightning as in “thunder and lightning”, Lightening is like to whiten your skin.

  69. Looks great…keep me posted

  70. Looks like you have another winner Jonathan…can’t wait! :-)

  71. I may never know how you do it Jon, but you have this knack of bringing out monster tools that are simple, elegantly, powerful and yet super useful. I am glad to say that I have more than half a dozen of your tools and they are just as useful as ever.

    This one is great. But may I suggest that you widen the scope for content generation so that it will not only be based on your in-house database. I suggest adding the ability to grab paragraphs of content from numerous sources just like Instant Article Wizard. That will make this tool frighteningly awesome.

    Congratulations on another time saver!

  72. Awesome Jon! You did it again. As of now I have nothing to suggest but if I do I will surely put it here.

    I think this tool will be of tremendous help especially for folks like me whose mother tongue is not English and as such are not good in writing. Moreover it saves a looot ooof tiiiime.

    More grease to your elbows Jon.

  73. Hi Jon, this looks amazing, now no excuse to not put together articles daily. Love your creative ideas. keep them coming.

    Just a quick question. Say Travel topic, if we want to write articles about specific places like say Paris or Bangkok will program be able to do that or are articles just on general Travel topics?

  74. Hi Jonathan,

    What about the capability to add proper citations if you don’t wish to rework or spin the text?

    Kind Regards,
    Ken Anczerewicz

    • Yes I tend to agree with this.

      Although I can see it does save time up to a point, I would still probably research via the search engines as well if I had to rewrite the articles anyway, to make sure I had the latest up to date info.

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