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Google neglecting your site? Add a blog.

How long has everyone been telling you that Google loves blogs? Months? Years? Well, it's true, and I wanted to share an experience that helps reinforce that truth to you.

The Blog That Resurrected My Rankings

I had a site devoted to a particular type of exercise equipment. The site was in the top 7 results for its keywords in Google for over six months. Unfortunately I had server problems and the site went down for a few days. Google crawled the site constantly because it was well-linked, and so big G knew instantly that the site was down. Since it stayed down for a few days, Google must have decided it wasn't coming back up, and its rankings plummetted.

After the site did come back up, it reappeared in Google, but this time on the third page (ranking 25 - 28 for its keywords, on average). Its original page one rankings just wouldn't come back. I shrugged it off as a lesson learned and basically forgot about the site.

Early last week, though, I was testing a tool I'm creating that helps you write and post blog posts to WordPress blogs super fast. I decided to setup a blog on the site that lost its rankings, just to test it out. I made a bunch of blog posts (they were post-dated so they would show up slowly over time), and sat back to see what would happen.

To my surprise, over the weekend my site jumped back onto page one for its rankings. I hadn't touched that site in months, and now it's ranking better than it ever was -- at #4 for 3 great sets of keywords. This, of course, has spiked my AdSense earnings for the site.

Another nice benefit of the new blog is that the blog itself is getting some additional traffic from Google, even though the blog does not have any external links directly to it. Google is applying the authority of the site itself to the blog. Since the site is well-linked, the blog is given a bit of "trust" by Google and is appearing in the search results as well.

Scraper Sites Can Help You Rank

On a related note regarding blogs and traffic, I've recently setup a blog that automatically creates a bunch of posts each day based on a variety of keywords. This blog is a test for a larger idea I have in mind, and the test is working great, with the blog having achieved more than 12,000 unique visitors in the last 5 days. The vast majority of the traffic has come from Google.

As part of that same test, I setup a second, similar blog that does the same kind of thing. Despite the second blog actually having more content, it has (so far) received no joy from Google at all (it's not even indexed yet).

The difference is in the scraper sites that are referencing the content. The keywords that I'm creating content around for my successful blog is a scraper magnet -- hundreds of scraper sites are auto-posting content from my own blog to theirs, and giving a reference link back to my blog posts to try and make it more legit.

How do these scraper sites know about my brand-new blog posts so fast? Because the blog is indexed by Google's blog search, and many scraper sites scrape results from that blog search to post to their own blogs. They also scrape many other blog search engines, and since my blog pings those search engines when I make a new post, the blog's content gets picked up and spread around fast.

Those links from these automated scraper sites have resulted in my blog quickly gaining hundreds of backlinks from all over the web, and that means great rankings for the pages of my blog.

The second test blog I setup, however, has not attracted the scraper blogs and so hasn't even been indexed in Google yet. It might seem strange that scraper sites can help you rank, but if they link back to the source of the content, they really can.

Trackbacks Are Your Friend

On a final note, I recommend setting up your blog to automatically post trackback links to the blog posts that you link out to. If you're not familiar with trackbacks, it's a simple concept: any time you link to an external blog post from within your own blog post, your blog posts a "comment" to the blog post you've linked to, letting the readers of that post know about your own post referencing it.

Now, not all blogs will approve your trackback link, but many will, and I've received literally thousands of visitors from a single trackback link appearing on a popular blog. So make sure you setup your blog to automatically post trackbacks to the blogs that you link out to -- it can often result in a flood of traffic.

Have any more great blog-related traffic building ideas? Care to share your opinion about this post? Please post your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Great info Jon, Scrapper sites freaked me out early on but after reading this post and seeing the benefit it does seem alright for them to knock my work off.


  2. Thanks for the great info on 1000 visitors to your site e book.

    Also thanks for the case study results about marketing using video methods.

    Very interesting reading.

  3. Will be looking to put more input into blogs.

    Thanks again

  4. Excellent information on how to increase web traffic.

    Thanks to everyone here

  5. Yeah, Blogs are highly sought after by Google. Especially blogspot blogs. Which of coourse Google favors and indexes them vey fast and efficiently.
    Your related other case above is very interesting and to get 12,000 visitors in 5 days is quite amazing !!

  6. Article quote: “Now, not all blogs will approve your trackback link, but many will, and I’ve received literally thousands of visitors from a single trackback link appearing on a popular blog. So make sure you setup your blog to automatically post trackbacks to the blogs that you link out to — it can often result in a flood of traffic.”

    Sure wish I knew what you were talking about here. It sounds like something I need to be doing. I know blogs have become the hottest item now for gaining traffic. But I’ve never set one up, and wouldn’t know where to start to install one on my website.

    I swear, all this new technology will wear a person thin!


  7. Great post Jonathan.

    Trackbacks in my opinion is one of the most underestimated “tricks” for gaining backlinks with blogs.

    Thanks for reminding us of this…

  8. Jon,
    Thanks for the quality information that you ALWAYS freely give.

    Thanks to the person that gave the ping list. I have some of these in my blog list, but not all.

    I have a couple of blogs, but based on this I think I will try another one that is more specific to one of my site’s niche content.


  9. Great advice as always will look at putting a blog on my sites now

  10. Hi Jon,

    You’ve given great advice here, thank you.

    I’d love to get your opinion on my video blog – it’s a weekly web TV show for entrepreneurs. I’ve been contemplating whether to transcribe each episode and include that text in the post, below the video. Obviously very few people will read it, it will be more for SEO. Any thoughts on this, do you think it’s a good idea or not?



  11. I’ve been blogging for 3 months now and while I am index by Yahoo…. Google has yet to pay me a visit. Boo Hoo Hoo :(

  12. Glad to see you’re experimenting.
    I’m encouraged to do the same.

  13. Hey Jon,

    Any advice for when your blog site surpasses your main site on the results?

    Aside from tearing down the blog site in frustration that is :)


  14. Hi Jon

    Thanks for the enlightening information.

    I am just starting out and wish to build content sites for adsense and to sell my products. I was going to use traditional websites; however, I have read so much about blogs being a better medium for indexing and ranking I am now not sure what content management system I should begin with.

    Should I use a static website, a blog or a website with a blog attached? I would really appreciate everyone’s opinions. Thanks.

  15. Very interesting. So what exactly are these keywords that are attracting so much activity? Will be adding a blog to all my sites soon :)

  16. wow,
    thanks jonathan for the useful tips,it was really very relevant to me.

  17. Google does like sites which change the content often, and they have been this way for a long time. With other sites it is too hard for the average joe to make the needed changes to his site to keep it fresh, but adding a blog makes this a simple task for anyone. Adding a blog does help a lot!!

  18. Do not stop to wonder how useful and productive are your ideas into practice. Thank you, Jonathan! I follow your advice and got PR3
    in 3 months.

  19. Hey Jon,
    Great post. I have been trying to get my blogs to rank well for some time. I am in the process of running a test for different ways to bookmark blogs. I have found that if you bookmark the the new post then ping the rss urls to the bookmark sites, the new post will rank really fast.

  20. I like the auto-post blog idea, it does sound like a good way to get some backlinks. You could probably allow it to go until you get a few thousand backlinks, and then go ahead and setup a legit site.

  21. Google does love blogs! Every single business website should have a blog along with it (like mine does), just for the rankings. It’s also good for visitors to read too.

  22. It’s interesting which blogs Google indexes and which blogs they don’t. I have one on careers which is still not indexed on Google after several months of putting up posts, and one on lighthouses which I post sporadically to (and which has far fewer posts than the career site), which Google instantly indexed and still sends some traffic to. They’re both blogger blogs, so I can only speculate the lighthouse one deals with a less-competitive arena than careers. Go figure.

  23. You don’t want to over ping and get “ping spam” penalties. I use this WordPress plugin to make sure I don’t over ping…

    MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer –

    Also you don’t want to double ping with your ping list. I found this list that I am using…

    2008 ping list

    found on this page:
    WordPress Compressed All-Inclusive Ping List

  24. Interesting post as usual Jon :-)

    Just wandering, is the system your creating smiler to what ezinearticles do? IE they take the title of the articles you post to them + a few lines of text and then posts it to a series of blogs and link back to your origional post. I’m assuming the wain reason they do this is to combat duplicate content by having more links to the duplicate articles on their site than the other duplicates around.


  25. Hi Jon,

    Hmmm seems like I have to start posting on my blogs on some keywords that scraper sites like. Any ideas what kind of topics these sites like?

    Probably those high paying adsense keywords? :P

  26. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for more great info and tips as always!

    In one of the responses someone asked is there a good & reliable resource or guide for WordPress. As a newbie to WordPress, I would be interested in that as well.

    Any suggestions??

  27. Hi Jon,

    Excellent advice, thanks for the explanation about the trackback and how to use it correctly

  28. Jon,
    I appreciate all of your research that you do. I have a hard time just getting the stuff done without doing research. I use a lot of the information you provide and it really helps. Thanks

  29. I’ve been teaching this since last year. The best way to get top 10 rankings is to add the blog to your site.

  30. 1. Dearly Beloved Jon:
    2. Greetings and great to read from you once again.
    3. As always, you spun out information that make a difference.
    4. Have gained more understanding by reading this post and all the comments above mine.
    5. From practice and experience, I have seen that all my blogger blogs get picked by “Google” specifically almost immediately and when I post something that looks like a sought after topic, they rank within first or second page most often.
    6. Now, WordPress blogs are all round in the search engines be it Google, Yahoo, MSN and all the thousands of search engines out there because they go the extra mile of pinging all the necessary engines that will get your site or blog into the open. But, misuse will most certainly kill the goodness so a lot of caution is needed in this regard. Pinging some of those engines on the list above more than once a day can block your blog or site altogether.
    7. Moderation and making a load of “GOOD” content available on your blogs will most “NATURALLY” get you into the lime light “OVER TIME”.
    8. Thank you once again for sharing this and please keep the updates coming as that made it possible for some of us to catch up with what is going on here.
    9. Remain blessed and a blessing and we shall communicate again soon if God is willing!
    10. Regards, Olakunle Solomon Fatoye.

  31. Jonathan,

    It’s unfortunate the Wikipedia beats you out as I find that around 20% of the information they provide is crap or very biased. Your content/info is right on the mark….but I guess they beat you on back links as everyone references wikipedia.

    If you hear it on the internet (wikipedia) it must be true, right? :-)

  32. Jon,

    I am definitely curious to see what kind of software you are working on….As of a few weeks ago a partner and I have started ramping up the blogs …so I’m curious….

  33. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the information. I know from my networking experience that more & more people are demanding verifyable information. This is a perfect way to quickly & economically meet this demand.

    I appreciate you,

    Bill Tessore

  34. Hi Jon,

    Usually how many times in one day to ping your post ? just not to make being banned by the social site (digg, reddit, etc)

    Any suggestion ?


  35. Jon,

    No, problem. Thought I would share since I picked the list up from a well known affiliate marketer. Let me know what you think.

    The Comic Collector

  36. Jon,
    I had similar server problems, my site took a month or so to regain it’s original rankings.
    I have noticed my wordpress based sites doing better in the rankings than several of my other php sites, do you have a recommendation regaurding wordpress with a fixed page front-end possibly with an updating related rss newsfeed?

  37. Patrick:

    Thanks for that great ping list. I’ve added it to my test blogs to see if it makes a difference.

  38. Scrappers can be an easy source for links, even anchored links if you set your feed up right. All you have to do is mention something like “weight loss”, “iPods” or even “golf shoes” in a post and you’ll pick up dozens of free backlinks. It’s funny how so many bloggers get bent out of shape even by excerpt scrappers who’re actually doing them a favor.

    One cool WordPress plugin I ran into recently was the Dagon Designs Scheduled Post Shift. Using it you can add about 20-30 posts to a blog and have them constantly recycle. This makes your content look new to Google because it pings every time the date is shifted while not incurring duplicate content filtering.

  39. Hi Jon,

    I have been a customer of your products for quite some time now…I like your stuff!

    I have been building 100′s of Word Press blogs with unique content about niche subjects….with great success. Managing that many blogs can be difficult, except I use a free product called BlogDesk which makes posting to my blogs and adding pictures a breeze!

    I have my overseas writers install it on their computer and that is how they upload content to my blogs….they love it too.

    I am not sure what your new WP posting software will do (as usual I bet it will be great) but for now….Blogdesk is something I highly recommend and use on a daily basis.

    Keep up the good work!

  40. Hey Jon,
    Well I have been in this business for about 6 months now.. I do not own a website, but I have a free domain blogger blog.. Since after I have added my link in google, yahoo and aol.. without any kind of optimization .. I am getting about 1000 to 1200 hits from these 3 search engines per month.. I happy with it .. Its giving me a good supportive start.. So I suggest.. yes having a blog with a website or with out a webiste, is a good and smart move!

  41. Jon,

    Thanks for your acument on using blogs. I recently re-vamped my “comic book collecting” site a couple of months ago and have been appearing on the front page of Google since.

    One caveat though, I’ve noticed that my main term “comic book collecting” hasn’t risen any further than about #4 due to and I’m working on a way to beat them out of those positions so any input would be appreciated.

    As far as pinging, yes, WordPress automatically pings “pingomatic” but there a few other sites that you should be including in that list and the place to update that is under “options”, then “writing” and the field is under the title “Update Services”. Add these sites:

    That list will definitely help those of you who are starting your blogs.


  42. Hi Jon,
    I’ve already known this and have experimented with it before, but like many I’m sure, I try lots of different things and it’s good to get a reminder that yes that strategy did work. So thanks for the reminder.

  43. Thank! I am going to start bloging and do trackback link.

  44. Hey Jonathan,

    This is exactly the kind of thing I talk about on Nichework Marketing.

    Blogs are so powerful for search engine rankings that anyone who has a static web site should add a blog to their site. It’s not very hard to do, most hosts come with Cpanel and a simple one click install of wordpress.

    And the 30 minutes it might take someone to learn to setup their blog and post to it is well worth the effort. The extra boost from additional links to their blog alone is worth a little extra effort. And once you learn to do it for one site you can do it for many sites.

    Thanks for your posts. I love the fact that it just reaffirms what I’m already teaching my team to do.

    - Ben Fitts

  45. Great article, I appreciate your comments and tips on how to easily create blogs on your site. Please let me know when your software becomes available to replicate your process!

  46. Okay guys, I’m going to try and answer some of the questions posted in the comments:

    1) Does it matter whether the blog is on the same domain as your main site?

    Yes. The blog needs to be on the same domain. I suggest putting it in a subfolder (e.g. ‘/blog/’).

    2) Where in WordPress do you set the blog to automatically post trackbacks to the blog you cite?

    Trackbacks are ON by default in WordPress. The option is found under Options -> Discussion. The option is “Attempt to notify any Weblogs linked to from the article.”

    3) Can you share with us how to attract scraper sites to reference your blog content?

    I find that I draw the most scrapers for immediately popular keywords. So, say a controversial news story broke about a person or company. If you make a blog post about that situation, you’re more likely to get scraped.

    4) I just set up my site but then im unable to get listed on Google?

    Submit your blog to a few social bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, etc.) It’ll get indexed fast.

    5) You seem to prefer adsense to promoting affiliate products, am I right?

    I do prefer AdSense for my content sites, since it’s so much easier to setup and I don’t have to do any preselling. Since many of my content sites are test sites for trying out a variety of traffic tactics, it helps me get a good idea of how well the tactic works.

    6) How often do you have to post to such a blog?

    I setup a post for every other day or so.

    7) How about creating my own bunch of scrapper site on various platform and posting content from my legitimate site. Would that help?

    That’s called a “blog farm”, and is a common practice. It can work, but you have to make sure that your blogs are in different geographic locations. You also have to be willing to accept the consequences if Google kills all of those sites, since Google doesn’t like farms.

    8 ) Does Google make a distinction between blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and MyBlog and give better rankings according to what platform you use?

    Not that I’m aware of, but I’ve always found that Blogger and WordPress blogs are super easy to get indexed in Google.

    9) Can you recommend a way to stop scrapers who don’t link back?

    Other than DMCA notices, no. It’s part of doing business online these days I’m afraid.

  47. Great Blog Post, I have always known Blogs have a lot of pull with Google but the idea of scraper Blogs is new to me and something I will concentrate on.

    I’m also interested in the software you are testing. it sounds to be a winner. I can’t wait for it to come out.

  48. Great post as usual. You offer genuine sound advice based on real world experience and not simply theory or conjecture. I can confirm that Blogs do offer the ability to quickly create relevant content. I must admit that I am surprised that having that content duplicated on a scraper site would benefit PR.

    In previous articles you have indicated that the duplicate content issue was more related to the exact duplication of entire pages, not simply a piece of content. I’m assuming that because only a single article is being scrapped this avoids being penalized for creating duplicate content.

    I also must wonder if Blogs are reviewed using different rules those applied to static websites.

  49. Jon,

    Excellent confirmation of what a lot of us have believed all along-that a properly submitted blog can act as a net for your main site’s traffic.

    I was not aware a scraper site could help anybody but the scraper. I think most of us think scraper sites are junk sites just trying to get traffic on the backs of diligent, thoughtful bloggers.

    The problem I’ve had with scraper sites is taking my stuff WITHOUT credit or link. I’ve tried a WordPress plugin that adds “this post is from…” but they can truncate that off.

    Can you recommend a way to stop this?



  50. What is better, forward my own domain to any blogger service or vice versa?

  51. Hi Jon

    Thanks for sharing your findings with us. I have also found that my static sites increased in rankings for Google when a blog was added to them.

    Interesting about the scraper sites. Seems as though they can create some good things for those that try to do the right thing afterall.

  52. God tips – thanks!

    I’m really intereted in the new tool your are developing for posting quickly to blogs.

    I current;y use an old tool called Smart Auto Blogger. It’s not available for purchase now for some reason. However, I find it useful as I can create snippets of relevant informtion for my websites and then get it to ‘drip feed’ these posts on a daily basis over a period of time.

    The problem with it it that you cannot put the ancor text links in the content and my understanding (please can someone confirm this?), is that it is the keyword anchor text links that are contained in your blost posts that then link back to your webpage, that help to get your site ranked in the seqrch engines for that term.

    You can also use wordpress to schedule a future posting and the post can contain anchor text links, but I do find this time consuming.

    If you want anyone to beta your new tool then count me in!!

    Kind regards,


  53. Jon,

    Another great post!

    I have a question, though.
    Does Google make a distinction between blog platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and MyBlog and give better rankings according to what platform you use?


  54. Hi Jon,

    How about creating my own bunch of scrapper site on various platform and posting content from my legitimate site. Would that help ???


  55. Hi Johnathan, Once again I come from your newsletter. Congratulations on your success stories.

    Yes, Blog is the best way to get your site indexed frequently. I notice my site get indexed in 1 or 2 minutes right after I post new blog article.

    My blog is now PR4 without building massive amount of links. I guess it being a blog is also one of the reason. Maybe because of the scraper sites recently spammed Google for an article I wrote.

    Finally I hope you don’t mind I use keyword on my link back to my site.

    Binh Nguyen

  56. Hi Jon:
    Thanks for the post.
    Two questions:
    1) Does the blog have to be on the same site (e.g. or can it be a Blogger blog or WordPress blog on a separate domain with links from one to the other?
    2) How often do you have to post to such a blog? I have a hard time keeping up with just the few I already have.

  57. Jon, as ever you keep me intrigued with your innovative use of search engine optimization.

    I have been rreading your search engine myths regarding duplicate content and I have been experimenting with building huge duplicate content websites.

    Guess what, the duplicate content does not matter, the sites are getting traffic.

    Keep the information coming.


  58. As always Jon, Brilliant tip. But like one of the other commenters asked. where do you go into WP dashboard to set up this automatic trackbacks?

  59. Thanks Jonathan for your good information on the value of blogs. I get alot of emails from many people, however, when I see your name I pay attention and read your emails. I go back to your $7.00 pricing articles. Keep up sending your good honest information.


  60. You seem to prefer adsense to promoting affiliate products, am I right? and is there a reason why

  61. HI Jon,

    Great post as usual. Why don’t you give Semio a plug? You put me onto it and I think it’s a great tool. In answer to Timothy’s question, I am currently in the middle of a live test (starting a new blog and getting it listed at #1 for target search term). Started to see results within 24 hours…quite amazing…more details on the site..all the best, Allen

  62. Thanks for the great post. I write original daily content on my blog and ping it at technorati and yet my blog does not yet have a good listing.

  63. Thanks Jonathan you’re a mine of information and ideas! Always appreciate you’re blogs and columns.

  64. Hi Jon,
    I have known for some time that blogging is the way to go.
    I have been trying to understand WordPress (2.5.1) and seem to get confused about how to set it up. I would like to be able to adapt a theme (three column and my own header). I am not good on php and scratchy on css.
    Can you recommend somewhere I can learn how to understand WordPress without breaking the bank account?
    Thanks for your advide on this matter


  65. I just set up my site but then im unable to get listed on google? its been one week already… Can anyone help me?

  66. Hi there

    Thanks for this great post. I just recently linked an old blog to my website and hope to receive the results you mention here.

    As far as keywords…. is there a specific method to setting up keywords on blogs? I use blogger for my interface.

    Thanks for your help

  67. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the interesting post! Your articles are
    always very good.

    I love blogging. Perhaps, that’s because I’m a writer.
    However, because I like to write, I haven’t focused
    on keywords. I just write whatever is on my mind
    at the time. :)

    My blogger blogs get indexed and achieve fairly
    good page ranking without doing anything special.
    But, now, I must focus on keywords, to boost the
    ranking. I have noticed that Google seems to love
    the mention of place names in my posts (e.g.
    Nova Scotia). I’m curious to know if other people
    have noticed the same thing?

    Keep up the excellent work!


  68. I had in contact with you in the past about money making websites but because of my bad experience in a certain websites that did not prosper while waiting for so long. I switch to blogging. Probably you have my email address that is why i received your first email on this blog article. I am new to blogging and still have to learn and apply techniques in my blogging and blogsites but step by step i can see light in the nearest future. I pick up lessons from other blogsites who had already had experience in their SEO and its working. I can see that your experienced being shared would do a lot in the success of every blogger. Thanks for the info and hope you could share more.

  69. Jonathan,

    Wow! Some great ideas you have here. Thanks a bunch, I’m off to scratch my head on how to implement these ideas :)

    Thanks, Misha

  70. Hi Jon,

    Can you share with us how to attract scraper sites to reference your blog content?

    Is there any tool we’ve to set up or certain keywords attract them?

  71. This is great! I have had all the questions raised here, running through my mind. I have quite a few blogs on their own domain, but have just set up a website about alternative therapies. It has sub domains and I have added a blog as a sub domain. As they are still being ‘tweaked’ I was really unsure how Google would see my static site and whether the blog attached was a good thing or not.

    I am assuming I am doing it right. Any more suggestions regarding this, and I am all ears! I have never used static sites before.

    Thanks Jon

  72. Thanks for these great tips.

    Where in WordPress do you set the blog to automatically post trackbacks to the blog you cite?

  73. Interesting and important stuff Jonathan! Peter asks an important question that I’ve seen multiple answers on. I have my blog as a sort of sub domain of my main site, but at last check it ranked higher than the main page…LOL Doesn’t surprise me since it’s got much more content than the landing page site. Good Luck All!!!

    Anyone know any good Car Wrap advertising companies??? I’m not looking for a new car or anything (have 2)…but do put on about 144 miles per day and thought I could generate some beer money with it if nothing else…but the ones I’ve checked into look kind of sketchy…I know a bit off topic, but marketers are marketers are they not???? LOL



  74. G’day Jon,
    For 6-8 weeks I have been submitting pages from other websites that contain links back to my blog to Delicious, Digg and StumbleUpon.

    This has coincided with a 70% increase in unique visitors to my blog.


    Craig McPherson

  75. Jon,
    Interesting article, using scraper sites to actually do your blog a favor. I am always amazed by your insight.

  76. Does it matter whether the blog is on the same domain as your main site? Will blogs at different subdomains and/or different domains altogether produce the same effects at a blog located in a directory of your site’s primary domain?

  77. @Jack,

    An SBI! site of that age should typically be getting many more visitors than that without the blog, but there are many factors. You may want to look at correcting whatever is wrong with the site first before you add a blog.

    Also, if you have 4 blogs and they’re not getting crawled, you’re not putting your links out there in the right places. You can get sites or blogs crawled and indexed in a couple of days pretty easily.

    If you do want to add a WordPress blog to your SBI! site, you’ll have to use Infin It! to do it and set it up as a subdomain. That is what I did with my latest SBI! site.


  78. Jon:
    Just received your email and came to your Blog and read all the comments. Looks like Blogs are really good for a site. I have 4 Blog’s and have yet to have any crawled, and have no one at them.
    How do I add them or at least 1 of them to my web site? Do I just put up a page and direct from there or just add links to the Blog from different pages? I have an SBI site and sometimes it’s a little hard to add outside stuff to it, but I could add links or a page. I have had the site for 4+ years and traffic stays at only 40-50 visits a day.
    Any info would be appreciated

  79. Good idea…I am also planning to start a blog for my directory site…Apart from impressing google, I am hoping it will also help me to bond better with my visitors.

  80. I have just started using WordPress and I need all the pointers I can grab.
    The fact that it pings . pingomatic ,SE ,ect was a big plus to switch my sites over to wordpress.


  81. Hey Jon,

    It looks like we’ve made the same discovery about blogs. :-)

    In one of my case studies, I used a blog to make Google more aware of a brand new website. It’s working like a charm.

    Lastly, its reassuring to know that you are one of the most prolific and active SEO experts that I admired on the Internet.

  82. Watch Free Movies:

    I usually make it if the site itself is not a blog.

  83. Where do you recommend placing the blog on a static article oriented site?

    Should it be used as the front page as a kind of running news page, or should it be setup on a separate directory such as

  84. Or maybe I’m remembering wrong at it was just number one in minutes… Either way — blogs still wield a lot of Google power.

  85. I think Google blog search now has a widget on the main page that will jack a timely blog post up above the first search placement. I experienced this last week when I wrote a post called “Lynndie England talks Like President Bush” and saw my blog post featured above the top result for that phrase within minutes…

  86. Mickey:

    I use WordPress, which by default automatically pings, which in turn pings a variety of blog feed engines. Google crawls all of those engines with incredible frequency, and so your feed gets picked up and indexed in blog search.

  87. Blogs definitely do have pull with Google. That’s why I decided to start a blog almost right away for one of my new sites. They also open you up to linking possibilities (such as the trackback suggestion) and community building that you don’t have with a static site.

    I’m glad to see someone else pointing out that scraper sites are not the evil that some people seem to think they are. I love it when several junk sites pick up my RSS feeds. Despite the quality of Google’s search results, a lot of these sites get top 30 placement on both regular and blog search. That helps.


  88. Jon,
    How do you get your blog on Google Blog Search?

    p.s. Some great advice here!

  89. Also, make sure you have google blogsearch in your RPC Update Services if you are using WordPress as a Blog platform

  90. Great post reminding us about trackbacks Jon. Have you checked out Jack Humphrey’s TrackBoost, or know of any products similar to it?