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Give People What They’re Asking For

Internet Marketers and Search Engine Optimization professionals often dream of ranking for massively popular keywords like "life insurance" or "business loans." No doubt owning a top ranking site for those keywords would be fantastically rewarding financially, but it would also be incredibly difficult to achieve and maintain. With the level of competition involved in those kinds of queries it would be a never-ending battle to keep that top ranking as well.

I prefer to target a few mid-range keyword sets most of the time. Keyword sets that, when combined, generate a lot of traffic. They are still reasonably competitive, so it takes some sweat and elbow grease to get them, but nothing like the mega keywords mentioned previously.

But there's another tactic that I've also implemented with solid success: targeting a lot of low competition keywords. They're easy to rank for and maintain, and can pull in a lot of quality traffic. Generally speaking, the more terms in a search phrase the better qualified the traffic.

For instance, if somebody is searching for "insurance" you really don't know what they're after. Life insurance? Auto insurance? Health insurance? But if they're searching for "low cost term life insurance" -- well, you know exactly who you're selling to. That means higher conversion rates and more revenue per visitor, even if the number of people searching for the phrase is smaller.

Here's another, similar, method that Google's drop-down list of keyword suggestions makes possible: find out what questions people are asking and answer them.

For instance, go to Google and type the phrase "where can i find" and wait for Google to populate the drop-down list. What I get is this:

where can i find chunk norris
where can i find a notary
where can i find my ip address
where can i find coupons
where can i find a job

That first one is kind of weird, but obviously somebody's searching for it since it made it to the top of the list! But the list gives you an idea of some popular things people are searching for.

From that list you can expand out to get more detailed questions on a particular topic. For instance, at Google I typed "where can i find coupons" and got this list of suggestions:

where can i find coupons for groceries
where can i find coupons online
where can i find coupons for diapers
where can i find coupons for six flags

See what I'm getting at here? It's a great way to explore the kinds of questions people are searching for answers to. Build a page with the exact question as the title, some quality text answering the question (perhaps pitching a product that fills the need or using AdSense for revenue) and do a little link building to rank it. Voila! A rinse-and-repeat profit formula.

Another great thing about targeting these kinds of full-length questions is that the number of searches per month, while not huge, are often significant -- but the competition is more meager.

As an example, I typed "how many" into Google and got back a great question suggestion:

how many calories should i eat a day

There are results in the top ten for that question with only a few dozen unique links to the entire site, and those links are not high quality, either. But the Google AdWords Keyword Tool shows that that question gets asked almost 3,000 times a month (local monthly searches). That's a good traffic level for something you can rank for so easily. And it's a safe bet that anyone searching for the answer to that question is looking to lose weight -- so you know what kind of products you should be offering them!

If you're interested in going after some of these kinds of questions, I've made your task of exploring some of the questions people are looking for a lot easier. Below is a list of text files containing a long list of questions people are searching for. I used an automated tool of mine to extract all of these questions.

Here they are. Click the link to get the full list of questions.

NOTICE: I haven't filtered anything out of these lists, and they were generated using an automated tool, so they may contain some queries that aren't exactly family-friendly. If they do, I apologize in advance.

  1. how many (1646 questions)
  2. how much (2120 questions)
  3. what is (3514 questions)
  4. where is (3259 questions)
  5. what are (2549 questions)
  6. where can i (1471 questions)
  7. where can i find (1323 questions)
  8. how can i (1781 questions)
  9. why should i (767 questions)

There are, of course, a lot more you can dig out of Google on your own. But that list should get you started.

Please leave your thoughts and questions in a comment below.

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  1. As usual your posts are the best Jon, I’ve been a fan of your materials ever since I joined your list when I got TBS. Keep the good work!

  2. brilliant insight, something to parctise on thanks Johno!


  3. Thanks Jon

    Another great post with really useful information. Your emails are fast becoming the few that I tend to open all the time.

  4. Thanks for the tips Jon.

    Makes pefect sense. Supply the answers to what people are searching for, write decent content and the rewards are long-lasting and significant.

  5. Hi Jonathon,

    The “where” and “how” questions are definitely still an untapped market of using those types of keywords to feed the people what they need. I target keywords in my niche markets using these 2 words first as that is a not only a natural way people search for answers but get enough searches per month to make worthwhile. Thanks for sharing this article.

  6. Awesome post, Jon! Thanks. You have just clarified a strategy that has been taking shape in my mind lately. This is such a superb way of generating traffic and it can be used in every niche under the sun!

  7. Excellent strategy, Jonathan! I will definitely share this post and use the technique to find some low competition, high traffic keywords.

  8. Thanks Jon,

    What a great idea! I wish I could remember all the time, effort and frustration I have expended looking for keyword ideas that didn’t work out.

  9. Great post!Your ideas are inspiring!

  10. Jon,
    I just put in several questions that people would ask about my niche. You are certainly right, they should be easy to rank well for.

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. It is funny because the main education on web page building I have gotten was from Site Build it and they have the exact opposite opinion. I like your idea a lot however.


  12. Hey, that is super clever. I have never thought about how many low keyword can do what one or two of the most popular!

  13. Jon
    True,2 phrase keywords is extremely competitive at present.Would rather go for 4 or 5 phrase keywords to build a website.Thanks for your post..

  14. Thanks for the useful question lists.

  15. Great insight. I have been also using this technique, but not for those specific keyword phrases. Works well in finding target audiences in social media as well.

  16. Fantastic insight, I believe a lot more useful keywords can be generated after reading your posts. Thanks lots! ^_^

  17. Thanks Jon,
    The tip to use a a phrase with a question is helpul and I suppose it would make sense to phrase a keyword the same way with your Instant Article Wizard product to refine and qualify my searches.

  18. Jon,

    Nice post and idea. It seems like function on keyword snatcher. I’ve been using this software to generate keyword for my patio landscaping blog last time.

  19. There is a slight risk in using these keywords from google suggest – it is too easy to stop short of the real keywords people are typing in, and optimize a page for the wrong keyphrase.

    For example, people are actually not searching for “how to find chuck norris’ – they are searching for keyphrases that contain “how to find chuck norris’ in them, which gets revealed in the second level. If you type in “how to find chuck norris’ in google and press space, you find that the real search behind the term is “how to find chuck norris jokes” but google tends to show “how to find chuck norris” also as a possible search phrase, misleading us into thinking that users are actually searching for this.

    If you optimize a page for “how to find chuck norris”, you will be seen by a visitor as a webmaster who is careless, and doesn’t use his common sense. Moreover, your content is bound to be irrelevant too, unless you accidentally have content for the really searched “how to find chuck norris jokes” phrase.

    On the other hand, create a page for “how to find chuck norris jokes, and you are giving the searcher what he wanted. Monetize this page, and you can be happy on your way to the bank.

    Another risk is that when you run the phrase through the google keywords tool, you could be misled into thinking you have lot of searches. There are many searches, but these are for keyphrases that contain this “how to find chuck norris’ phrase, and not exactly for this.

    A way to separate the real number of searches is to look at the exact and phrase match search counts – if there is a disparity, it could mean that the exact phrase is not the one searched for, and you are better off finding the next level of phrases suggested by the google suggest dropdown.

    What do you think about this?

    • Actually, “how to find chuck norris” is the phrase people are searching for. It was a Google gag. Read about it here.

      So while at first glance, yeah, it looks like Google’s only showing you part of the question — it’s actually the whole thing. :)

      • It’s a good joke, but my favourite is still the “french military victories” one. Classic!

        Thanks for the post; like Derek, I always find myself opening your emails, and am never disappointed!

  20. Thanks Jon,

    I look forward to your posts they are, they are always filled with useful and valuable information.


  21. Jon, you are amazing. You have just given me a very valuable tip to build my new blog. I have been raking my head for weeks trying to figure out how and what to promote among the popular and lucrative niches. Now you have given me a task for my home work.

    Thanks a lot.

  22. Hi Jonathan,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic article. I only recently learnt about the Google suggestion tool and I have found it to very powerful in handing me
    long tail keywords on a plate!

    I now use the suggestion tool all the time instead of Google Adwords Keyword Tool and am getting more traffic as a result.

    Keep up the great work that you do!

    Libby Kalis

  23. Well, that was rather clever! Thanks so much for sharing that keyword tip. It opens up a whole new area for Google exploration and keywords.

  24. This was very valuable information on how to find long tailed keywords using googles drop down menu. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Great info. I have to ask what type of domain will be used. Is the question the domain name?

    This is where I get lost. What would the domain name be in these examples?

    But I love the ideas.


  26. Jon do this mean you have to get a domain name for any of these how to’s and how can’s etc’s and build a new web page or use the one’s that already apply and make pages? I know this is not a comment but a question hope you will answer it.

    ann oakley

  27. Great post Jon.

    Your emails are one of the few that gets opened every time.

  28. Thanks Jon you make our work easy and earn money easily by your help

  29. Well l guess I missed your email the first time through (so many to scan), but I’m glad I caught it the second time! You don’t send too many and when you do I almost always read them.
    Thanks for the actual txt files too. That was nice of you!
    My mind is going again with many ideas…

  30. The list generated is good, I am guessing that this tool will be released soon!

    I would be interested in something like this to find out more keywords for my target markets.

    If you need a beta tester…I would be happy to be one

  31. You always have the best, and most realistic tips. Thanks!

  32. Thanks for the tip, working on it right now:)

  33. Jon,
    I have to give this a try. I actually rank fairly well for my main keywords, but what the heck, this can only mean more high converting traffic.

    As always, thank you.


  34. Really cool tips! Many people think that you have to go after the broadest most competitive keywords to make money, but as you’ve clearly indicated, this is not so at all. Thanks for sharing.

  35. As usual Jonathan, you continue to provide quality information in the right context. Thx for doing what you do.

  36. Great idea to look at niches. Looking to implement the strategy in the future.


  37. I thought you were going to recommend answering questions on sites like for links and was surprised by your idea.

  38. Thanks for this’s that “light bulb moment!” Now to get to work……

  39. Just yesterday I had this thought about looking up “What is ____ ” (my product name). And VOILA! It turns out this Keyword has very good search volume. So you can bet I’ll be adding a post to my site with that keyword phrase today. And I’ll check out the other phrases you mention, too.

  40. Thanks for this’s that “light bulb moment!” Now to get to work……

  41. Jon,

    Excellent article. As a newbie to the whole IM scene I am continually finding out that the answers are right in front of me however you have to be able to look at things from a different angle in order to see it. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  42. Great strategy, Jon. I’m a big believer in being ultra-niche sensitive. You can’t much more “niche” that this!

  43. This is a great technique I’ve been using for a while. I wouldn’t rely on the Google auto-populate feature solely, but to follow up phrases with checking out search volume. That said, I’m not too greedy with search volume because as you’ve said, writing dozens of posts that require little SEO effort is a very effective way to attract targeted traffic.

    For example, find 30 phrases/questions that get searched 10 times per day with little competition and write posts targeting those 30 phrases/question. Assuming you attract 3 of those daily searches to your article, you’ve increased website traffic by 90 visitors per day. Do this on a huge scale like 300 posts and you have some serious traffic.

  44. Great information here Jon, Love it absolutely no pitch on buying anything just a great value packed article.

  45. Hi Jon!

    It’s been a while since I posted on your forums. This one topic got my attention. Here’s why..

    You have to be VERY careful what you gobble up in your keyword searches. If your website focuses on websites, computers and network security for instance, putting up a page talking about banks just to get traffic is not a good thing. It is true that you will get traffic, but not the traffic you actually want. This will also confuse the hell out of Google, which will cost you big time!

    You need Google focused upon your core business always. Deviation will cause a lower rank for the keywords you are trying to maintain your domination for.

    Remember that just because a keyword or key phrase is available for exploitation, it may not be in your best interest to use. Check that key phrase and see exactly what type of results come back. Are they related to your business in any way? Are they spammy? Are they pointing to a virus infested page somewhere that is being marked as dangerous in the listings?

    Do diligence before you use the new phrases you find. If not you will not gain anything. You will lose.

    On the other hand, if you find a gem, use it :-)

    Best, Al

    • I wasn’t suggesting adding unrelated pages to a site to generate traffic. I was suggesting a way to research topics to create sites and content around.

      • I get it. Create a lot of sites for search matching then put your main site, which is relevent, as a link from within it. Not a bad idea. Especially if you put it into the resulting page, and not just as an outside link.

        It does make sense in this context. You need high ranking sites to point at your main site for this to really work though. I guess if Google lists your results high enough you will gain that just on frequency of clicks.

        I just hate short-lived solutions though. As soon as Google tires of your search result you disappear.

        I have found that the best results are found by placing an advertisment on relevent websites that rank well. An advertisment that stays in place, and does not change. Not only does it generate natural hits to your content, but it also gives you a kick from the page rankings (all factors) of the site your ad is placed upon.

        Does this cost? Not at all! Just make a 2 or 3 way arrangement with the other website (relevent but not a competitor) to display your advertisment. No money changes hands and you both benefit. If your website sells a good product or service your new clients will benefit too :-)

        Best, Al

  46. Great information
    This automatic tool, can I buy it?

    Where can I get a comment box to add to my posts like this one?


    • The tool is Keyword Snatcher, but it’s no longer for sale (it was a limited time offer).

      And the comment boxes come from the WordPress theme I’m using.

  47. So far picking the low hanging fruit has been the only real way of getting traffic to my sites. Do you or anyone have any guide line of numbers for the selection of your keywords? Like what is a ballpark number of searches per day?
    Great post Jon as always,


    • For low-competition keywords 1-3,000 searches per month is usually a sign that the competition won’t be too difficult — the lower the searches, generally speaking the less competition. There are some very high value keywords for which that doesn’t hold true, but as a rule it’s the case.

  48. Wonderful idea and a very nice knowhow that I can put to use.

    And what is the automated tool that you use to extract these questions? Is it available for sale?

    What we need now is – a tool that gets the questions, finds the answers, and creates a page with monetization included, and makes tea for us while the pages are being created!

    The hard work of spending the money I will do myself.:)

  49. Thank you. That’s very helpful and useful information.

  50. Jonathan,

    How could you do this to me…

    I have just sat down to build a website for a client and thought I would check my emails, when I saw there was one from you I put off jumping into my clients site and opened your email, which led me to your blog post.


    I had gotten rid of the wife and children for the afternoon so I could work on the client site and now after reading your post I am torn. Do I jump straight into ‘Give people what there asking for’ or get my clients site out of the way.

    Jonathan, thanks for this I too have software that I can use to return these types of searches and might even wright a quick white paper/ebook on it.

    You remain inspirational, I thank you and welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your break.

  51. Ok, thanks for the post but the most value does not come from the post but from the comments! people saying thank you for such a simple technique that anyone with a few days in IM or SEO knowledge would already know or figure it out by themselves. This tell us one thing, there is a lot of money to be made teaching newbies simple SEO, IM information. Thanks Jon, I am going to write an ebook on very basic SEO info and send it to all your readers, they are the best target for such an ebook :)


  52. Here is the message I get when I look deeper into some of the key words/phrases I am picking. Same thing is happening with adding a regional addition to key words like a city or state to a common or popular search word. When that happens Google add words says they will not let my add run for those searches in my add word campaign. If I go more general the competition is too expensive for me. Any ideas of how to adjust phrases or what to look for to correct the issue.

    Not enough search volume to show graphs.

    •Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    •Try different search terms.
    •Try more general search terms.
    •Try fewer search terms.
    •Try searching data for all years and all regions

  53. Jonathan,
    What a powerful blog post on asking questions in the title of a post or page. I have not thought of doing it. I plan to take action and use this technique on a couple of my sites.



  54. Thanks for the post. We tend to forget the simple things when trying to get traffic to our sites.

  55. Excellent. I use this and also Word Trcker’s Keyword Questions tool at

    I also find both Yahoo Answers and LinkedIn answers great inspiration.

    What data mining tool did you use?


  56. This was a very useful and informative article I will put it to good use in some the niches I am in.

  57. Hey Jonathan,

    great post as always, will be my next project.

    Have a nice day


  58. Hi Jon. Great article. I always ask myself those types of questions, so why wouldn’t lots of other people? Love the list.

  59. Hello, Sir Jonothan! Firstly, The Best Spinner is just that–awesome! Dunno what to do now re panda, though!) Your post is just so helpful; I am an IM newbie and still struggling to make $1- after 8 months; and every bit of advice re finding niches, building backlinks etc is heaven sent. You sir, are a good man!

  60. Bingo!! Jonathan where have you been all my life? This is the answer I been looking for! You just have awakened a sleeping giant!! THANKS!!

  61. I assume the question would go in the title or the description? I have one in the title, but not one that I think would get ask. Will try to come up with one that will get ask in the niche that I am in. Thanks for the posts. Always learn something form your blog.

  62. That is a great technique for finding traffic and one that I have also used. Actually answering questions on sites like Yahoo answers and using your website as the resource is quite good for links and traffic as well as long as you are careful not to spam and keep it relevant. Or in fact adding articles to ‘how to’ sites and using the resource section back to your URL. Nice post

  63. Great post Jon — I just tried some of them just now and could not believe what I found
    thanks for the post…. Rich

  64. Excellent tips Jon… as always. Thanks.

    I’m assuming this was achieved using your brilliant Keyword Snatcher software? I’m off to create some new lists!

  65. Thanks Jonathan,

    This is absolutely something worth trying.
    Some new doors about to be opened :-)


  66. Jonathan you typically add value and thank you for this. The technique is a great one for additional ideas and a good addition to keyword research. Always a reader of you.


  67. I have used Google’s drop down menu before but not like this. Great idea Johnathan! I will be using it.

  68. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the insight for improving my online business. This will enable me to target an audience for a new ebook or add pages to increase sales for my site.

    I have two of your tools. Which tool did you use for this search?

    Many Thanks,


  69. Thank you for those lists! There are a lot of diverse markets in them. It’s a good way to find new niches to go into as well.

  70. Brilliant as always John. Thank you very much!

  71. very very inspired for me…..LOL :)

  72. I think I echo what everyone else thinks… that’s a great tip and so blindingly obvious once you see it!

    There’s a lot of mileage in creating blog posts and content around these suggestions by dropping in words from your niche… thanks Jon and also thanks to google auto-suggest!

  73. Hey Jonathan, extremely helpful post. Now it is time for me to start digging and building some adsense mini sites with this info. Thanks for the great tip.

  74. Typical, I have been thinking along those lines for a while, but nothing has been done about it. I needed a man of action like you to get started with this.

    Thanks Jonathan,


  75. Great post Jonathan.
    Why do these simple ideas need to be told by someone like you?
    So simple but easily missed.

  76. Hi Jon,

    You’re a genius in this game, In fact your newsletters are pure quality, no fluff at all & thanks for that quality inputs, I will certainly include this into my idea files.

  77. I have done this from time to time, but not ever used it a systematic method. However, a tool that scrapes the questions-to-text as you have done may well be very interesting depending on the price.

  78. Hi Jon
    Great post. I will use this technique to add to my search ideas. I also use the shopping button under the Google search bar to see what people are buying, this can be a great way of getting CPA and affiliate offers. However as you point out it is important to not only check how much the keywords are being searched but also the competition, there is no point in going after highly searched keywords that has too much competition.
    Best Regards

  79. I’ve done this for years, using such phrase prefixes to spin a multitude of unique, long-tail keyword phrases which become [exact match] keywords for my Google AdWords campaigns. Because I’m usually the only one using these keywords, my cost per click is negligible. I use Abacus AdWords Campaign Manager to do this for AdWords campaigns, and Abacus Keyword Assistant to do it for web site keywords, to help with the organic search results.

  80. I don’t appreciate you referring to “where can i find chunk norris” being on the top of the searches as “weird”. :)

  81. Hi Jonathan, this is a golden advice! Because of the high competitivity in USA (from now on), I will try to use it in my country.
    I’m sure I will found a good way to be everywhere.

    Thanks so much,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  82. You find it every day! Clients who just get their website up-and-running and want to rank for their headline terms, generally 1-word or 2-word phrases that are the most competitive that their competitors are targeting so they must too.

    Targeting long-tail keyword phrases, is necessary just to get them ranking at all whether you are answering questions or not. Identifying the theme keywords and terms that the top ranking sites are themselves ranking for and writing good content including them or a niche element if the theme is wider can help you compete and over time and start to rank.

    It applies both to SEO and PPC marketing. Identify what they do and do it better!

  83. Please close down this blog before others see it. :P

  84. Wow Jonathan, who would have thunk the answer to marketing is all in the questions? I guess I knew it in the back of my mind but, you brought it to the front now.

    Thanks for the slap to the back of my head. What was I thinking? Dah, I’m so glad you didn’t kick me in the rear before I read this. You might have broke my neck.

    I can see better now too, life looks a bit brighter for some reason. Thanks to you.

  85. Thanks for providing the lists Jonathan. I think you could literally build pages for years with only this information. Actually, I wonder how much money you could make just doing these… :)

  86. nice share and it’s works for other languages too ..
    and this so funny, i found this on 3rd top lists
    “wie viele türken wurden in den letzten tagen vernichter” :D

    • Okay, according to Google translate that means “”Turks have been as many days in the last gobbler” — which has got to be wrong! So what does it really say? :)

  87. Great article, Jonathan!You have pointed out the right question that anyone should consider.

  88. Nice piece of work that will give lots of meaty site building ideas!

  89. Great post Jon. Google suggest keeps you ahead of the game with keywords. This little sniper will help heaps more.

  90. I have been using this technique for a wile and works great! Thank you for the text file:)

  91. A great tip on finding deep searches. I have a tool that pulls these from google, yahoo and bing, and i have not used these yet to their max.

    Should find a lot of high quality keyword, I should get my finger out and start pulling these keywords and building quality content sites.

  92. As a complete newbie marketer the above is certainly helping me while I get to grips with googles keyword tool .thanks

  93. A quick google search and adwords keywordtool query tells me there is a lot of truth to what you’re saying. An added advantage is that it follows what I believe is the most important aspect of marketing: keeping your readers needs at heart.

    If you’re thinking about the need of your reader it’s far easier to turn him or her into a customer.

  94. Quite often google shows related search topics to the typed-in words
    at the bottom of the result pages. This also can help to refine keywords.

    Thanks for another helpful post!

  95. Hi Jonathan
    Thanks for a helpful article. I have been trying to increase the ranking of my freelancers site and my social networking site for weeks now and seems like there’s something that I’m doing wrong. I don’t know if the problem is that keywords that I’m targeting are not specific.

    Anyone with Suggestion, please help

  96. Hmmm, sounds like a job for “KS” :) I think I’ll do a bit of experimenting.

  97. Jon,
    As per usual, sterling information you’ve shared.
    I agree with David, focus on what people are asking and focus
    on bring in the best answers …. and make an income…



  98. Hello Jonathan, Good post one of your examples is my inspiration for tonites blog post! So thank you for that. Regards Sean.

  99. Well that sure is a lot of list information. I have often looked at the drop down group of options Google presents for certain keywords. In fact I use it to gauge just how my sites are rating.
    Be interesting to put some of those phrases into a tool like Market Samurai. I’d be thinking there are some excellent web addresses in amongst the lists.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  100. Brillint post Jon, but you keep giving all the best kept secrets away.

    I already do this with one of your tools and it works brilliantly.

    I also got a lot more results than you did for ‘how many’ and I mean a lot more unless, of course. you’re using a different tool or not digging too deeply.


  101. Fantastic idea Jon. Iv been chasing the medium tail key-phrases as well but never thought of targeting questions. Il give it a go and see what ideas I get to blog about

  102. Sorry Jon-I mispelled your name…

  103. viola… but i think the best way to try it’s the hardest first .. and then your way it’s nice.. the basic is to find the rhythm ;) nice share

  104. Hi John,
    Once again you come out with another gem! There are not many internet marketers that would share like you do-that’s why I always open your emails as soon as I see your name!

    I have a site with either 27,100 or was it 2,700 searches a month so I understand the value of low search numbers that are more likely to convert rather than high search volume with massive competition.

    One of my longtail keywords (7 words) on another site converted after only 3 visits that day-result $50 commission @6%)

    Your post reminded me of one of your excellent products I bought but I just can’t remember the name of it? Please give me a clue!

  105. I am using this tactic but in different way as I am doing online retail store for my clients. Which I believe much simple and less work compare to create new pages or content for that particular phase. A simple twist of the mention method and you will have lots of quality leads with easy ranking. :)

  106. Jon,
    I agree with you and will be definitely looking forward to your future updates. Thanks for sharing

  107. This post single handedly removed the obstacle I was having with understanding exactly how to search for the keywords I need and use the flood of information i’ve been picking up.


  108. Seems to me I purchased a program from yours that generated questions. Perhaps this is the tool you are referring to. Time to explore my computer hard drive. Just launching a site on college loans and college consolidation so will try your technique to get more pages. Thanks.

  109. Great search results, pretty much do the same, just takes times sometimes, thanks again…

  110. Jon, Thanks for sharing this great idea for bringing target traffics!!! You’re very smart! I never think about this method. I will try it right now. I believe it will work fine.

    Thanks again! :)

  111. so many list, i in fact, how can i use it for my improvement on my site? I only know that i can use the answers on my niche

  112. Hi Jon:
    It’s chrystal clear to me that every day there is something we can learn. Things like these you are posting now seem to be simple but with a great marketing potential. I definitely think it’s worthy to try it. Thanks.
    Jesus Moreno

  113. Good post Jon, and the list you created is a good indication of buying keywords which @Gerry added to …here are a few more, simple, fast, easy, proven, secret and help for..

  114. Good idea definitley worth trying. Can I create free blogs and promote instead of purchasing a domain and building a site.

  115. Great share, I was always using “how to” and did not realize to add more varieties to the search to understand more of what people are searching for. Probably can add more to find out what other questions people are asking

  116. Ever since I started with IM Jon has been one of the few people I’ve kept following and that’s because of the type of posts like this one. Very informative and nice person for what you can tell. Thanks for the tips.

  117. Jon, First time at your blog after purchasing “The Best Spinner”. What a great post. Filled in some of the blanks between PR for views and PR for converting. This was one of the most informative and useful posts I have read. You are now in my “Daily Read” bookmark folder. The short list. Thank you for sharing.

  118. Aye John, I’ve been peeping that out too lately. Funny thing is that its getting to the point for me where I almost trust the suggested keywords more than that of many of the keyword tools out there.

    Thanks for pointing this out!

  119. what software are you using to come up with this list?

  120. yes indeed, you have given us some fresh ideas.



  121. What a great idea, very smart, thank you for sharing! I’ve bookmarked your site!

  122. Good tip Jonathan! It could bring in lots of ideas for high quality content to any authority site… Like FAQ section with articles answering these questions… Google loves this type of content.

  123. Awesome idea, those keywords are mostly buying keywords. Only concern is we need to collect those keywords that gets reasonable exact monthly search volume.

  124. Yes indeed, you have come up with great ideas. I have tried to adopt a similar approach for my site.

    Thanks for these tips.


  125. Yes, so many ways. Know your focus and you will find your answer.

  126. Thanks! I needed some new niche article ideas, I hit a block and this quickly fixed that. I broke out keyword snatcher and used some of your suggestions and now have a wack of article ideas.

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  128. Thanks for the leg work there, Jon. Great article and a great start!

  129. This is an excellent post. I have learned a lot from your post.
    Thanks a lot.

  130. Hi Jon,
    Google suggests has been a tool I have been using for a while. Like anything else with Google you should check the numbers with some other sources as they can be off a bit.

  131. Sweet! Thank you for this cool tip. I’m all over it. Been working it already and doing screen shots. Saving all in Photoshop to transfer to a Word Doc later.

    • Saving all in Photoshop to transfer to a Word Doc later

      Sure you are. I’d like to see a tutorial about that fer sure!

      • When the drop down menu on Google displays, I click the print screen key and paste in a photoshop .PSD, and when I’m done creating all of the layers from all of the searches, I type the keywords on another doc for later use. Then, I delete the .PSD file.

        I can create a video tutorial of that and you can place the video on your post here as an addition and give me a link??

        I wasn’t planning on doing a video tutorial, but I can create one quickly and load it on Youtube if you’re interested.

        Email me to let me know if you want me to create that video. I can have it done in a matter of minutes.

  132. Jonathan,

    This is one of the most helpful posts I have ever seen. The possibilities are endless and extremely helpful to people like me, who struggle to think of ideas and niches to promote. This one idea of yours opens the doors to so many markets.

    May thanks for your helpful and meaningful post.

  133. …some keys to success I’ve found to be evergreen truths…

    I don’t make the rules…I jus play the game…

    …it costs to be stupid…the stupider you are…the more it costs…

    don’t try to game the bigg g…they tell you exactly what they want, and pretty much how to do exactly what they want done…period. If you couldn’t read you wouldn’t enjoy working the keys alday & sometimes alnight…so there’s no excuse…read the rules…win the game…simple.

    With bigg g passing out stupid crazy kw that they want you to use…BAMM…straight to the bank…shot…sometimes jus to be cute…I’ll even hook a sufix on a kw or blueprint…

    I’m sure we all well know that when you put in your query into the searchbox…that space plus each letter of the alphabit one at a time pops a ton more ideas that are just as…if not more bankable…all good stuff here

  134. How many times should I visit this blog?

    • As often as you like. Jonathan not only offers great software and services but also does online charity work that I participate in when possible.

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    Thanks Jonathan.

  138. What I do it “practice” my SEO rankings. First I get a niche domain, rank it and if it does well then I repeat the same process over and over. Works pretty well. I have several sites on the first pages of Google. Once I do that I offer the site up for “lease” to that particular niche.

  139. Sound advice Jonathan. The internet is all about solving problems through finding information and we get infront of the right crowd we can enjoy some nice conversions and recognition as the go to guy in a given niche.

  140. Good tips there Jon.

    I often use that technique to get niche ideas. It can be quite surprising some of the things that get listed.

  141. Excellent suggestion…just search through the list and find the question that your niche is asking and add “…How to” or “5 ways to…”. GREAT and Thanks!

  142. Jon,

    Great post and gifts for those willing to do something with them. I’m going to give one I saw a go right now! Thanks!

  143. Hi Jon,

    I’m using the same Google suggest tool to generate some domain name ideas. Definitely these question-type keywords pull a lot better targeted traffic.

    Add to the list:

    How Do I
    How To
    How To Get
    How To Make
    How to Lose
    How to Buy

  144. Awesome… I was doing something similar but only with “how to”. This really opens up the possibilities.

    Frank Kern should be interviewing you…

    Thanks again!

  145. As always writing great articles about Internet Marketing. Keep going, you’re the best. :)

  146. Jon,

    That should keep a lot of people busy for a long time! :-)


  147. Jon,

    Are those keywords in the drop down list sorted by popularity or by # of searches for that term, or are they just random results from searches that people have done for those terms.

    For example, since the ‘where can I find chuck norris’ search term is at the top of that list, does that mean that search term is the most searched term including ‘where can I find’ ?

  148. Hey Jon

    Your post is like secret sauce for those that pay attention!

    After you use one of your phrases in Google you can then take it to Yahoo Answers and pick up some content to get you started.

    Next….. you would want to paste some of that content in a pretty nifty program called “The Best Spinner” and whip up some unique articles :)

    Thanks for the post


  149. Great article Jon! It’s the first one of yours I’ve read (purchased Best Spinner the other week) but I plan on reading a lot more now.

  150. You dont find Chuck Norris, he finds you.


    Great stuff Jon, great headline ideas to inspire blog posts in any given niche.

    I’m off to make a list!

  151. This is a great strategy I’ve heard before, but never seen any figures for. Your article has made me rethink my attitude towards it. I’ll give it ago and see what happens.


  152. Jon,

    I would have to agree with Tom Chuong above! The fun starts NOW!!!

  153. Hi,
    great info. but, it’s all about business :( . I want used this question for my blog. Could you please publish question about technology too.

  154. Jon,

    Great post. The future of search is verbs and questions. :)

  155. The list generated is good, I am guessing that this tool will be released soon!

    I would be interested in something like this to find out more keywords for my target markets.

    If you need a beta tester…I would be happy to be one :)

  156. Thank you for those lists! There are a lot of diverse markets in them. It’s a good way to find new niches to go into as well.

    I think I have used your tool before you offered it to us on Dennis Beckers forum a while back. It provided a lot of keywords for helping create targetted content if I remember rightly :)


  157. I have always said you get by giving.. The more you go out and really help people it will come back to you. Keyword research can tell you alot. Pick any topic.. Where can I get a car charger for my iphone?
    What can I do to get rid of credit card debt fast? Nice to see someone thinking as I do. Thanks Jonathan. ;)

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  159. Jon,

    You let the genie out of the lamp man. ;-) LOL
    Here we go…

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