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Free, Easy Backlinks Using Google Alerts

Webmasters are constantly in search of new and creative ways to get backlinks to their web sites in order to improve their rankings in the major search engines.

One free, easy way to get backlinks is to monitor forums where people are discussing your areas of expertise. This is really easy to do with Google Alerts.

Simply create alerts for each of the major keywords in your industry, and set the alerts to monitor "discussions" only. Click here for a snapshot of some alerts I've setup to do this.

I personally recommend you use an RSS Reader to keep track of these alerts, which is a lot easier than keeping track of email notifications. Google even has a handy built-in RSS reader that you can use if you don't already have one (thus the "view in Google reader" link in the image above).

How this works is simple: each time Google finds a new discussion that is related to the keywords you specify, it makes a note of that in the RSS feed. You can then scan the feed for threads where you can jump in and respond. Most forums let you have a keyword-rich link to your web site in your signature, and so you get free links by joining in these discussions. Those links help your ranking in the search engines over time.

Doing this also establishes you as an expert in your field at these forums, which at a busy forum can be just as valuable as a #1 ranking for your keywords. Not to mention the direct traffic you can generate from your signature links.

How many threads will Google find that you can respond to?

Well, as an example, the "Discussions" alert for "internet marketing" over the last ten days has generated 350 question threads on 140 unique domains. By "question thread" I mean a thread whose title is a question (e.g. "Where do I find a list of blogs to submit comments?" -- that's a real thread). The question threads are often the best to respond to, since they establish your expertise, but you can, of course, respond to any thread that you feel you can contribute something to.

I wrote a script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed, since I find those to be more valuable. Getting free links on 140 domains in 10 days isn't a bad deal at all! And that's no doubt going to grow over time.

So if you're needing some free links, head over to Google Alerts and get started following discussions related to your keywords!

Please post your thoughts and questions in a comment below.

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  1. what a clever idea! I never thought of that,

  2. I never though this for a long time. Now I can add more backlinks following your advice. Thanks!

  3. Solid information Jonathan; a very smart way to not only get back links but to develop content for articles and e-books to answer the question many people have especially newbies.

    To top it off it’s a free tool that anybody can use even those on a really tight budget to start that traffic ball rolling.


  4. This is a brilliant tip and it really works! Put this into practice properly and you WILL get results!

  5. This is great! Hope I could try this one.

  6. Wow. I would never have thought of using Google Alerts in this way for free, easy backlink generation.

    Dan Tetreault.
    Victoria, BC

  7. Okay I have done the google alerts. My question is one of the sites I get sent to to answer questions is Yahoo answers. How do I do a clickable link inside the answers.

  8. Excellent tip Jon yet again,I seem to learn something valuable
    with every blog of yours I read!Thanks again.

  9. I got the idea to what all can we do with Google Alerts.

  10. Now I know what to do with Google Alerts…LOL…Thanks for the post, I will get started on it today! :)

  11. Great post. Who else would have figured out how to get free backlinks using G alerts. You are a true genius, dude. ;)

  12. Forums are where social networking started and are still a great place to promote yourself.

  13. Hey, Jon, this comment is not about this particular topic, but I don’t know where to let you know this, so I’m doing it here.

    I just received an email from you hyping Brian Johnson’s “Commission Ritual.” Trusting you, I followed the link to the site and read about Brian’s product. He was demonstrating how one of his sites ranked high in Google. I went to the site he was showing and followed a couple links on that site and was giving a message from my anti-virus software that it was a bad URL. What gives? Why are you hyping a product that can lead people to a dangerous URL?

  14. nice idea but wondering how long before google discount the fourm links so I ‘m bit worried to use the fourms only links. As they say don’t put all the eggs in on basket :)

  15. Google Alerts can save a ton of time by sending you suitable links on a regular basis. Plus when you keep getting notified about these pages, it is a good reminder to keep up your regular link building.

  16. Nice idea Jon!

    I was always in search of how quickly to find recent discussions related to industry we are in. Your post solves this problem.

  17. Hello,
    Thanks for this awesome tip. Obviously, Backlinking is a never-ending task so thanks for the method of getting back links free.

  18. I’m currently using the best spinner software and it is one of my most used tools for creating spun articles.

    I need to get more stuff as I feel the link wheel is what I need to do.

  19. I guess I’m FINALLY going to set up an RSS reader, because this looks like a really great benefit of using one.

  20. THX, i know this thing but not use Alert’s.
    Now testing.
    Thanks for the reminder

  21. Great tip. Thank you.
    I was using Alert for blog posts – but never really explored ‘discussions’. This is a perfect medium for me. Thanks again.

  22. That’s a remarkable strategy Jon. I love the value you provide and I’ll definitely start looking into Google Alerts to get a lot more traffic.

  23. Great tip Jonathan. Forums and blogs can be an awesome source for backlinks. On your own it can be very time consuming to find each of those applicable forum posts and blog posts. So Google Alerts can save a ton of time by sending you suitable links on a regular basis. Plus when you keep getting notified about these pages, it is a good reminder to keep up your regular link building.

  24. Wow! Great idea. I do use Google alerts but to address questions so to establish authority is a great idea.

    I already have many career change forums in my RSS reader. Now to take next step in responding to questions.

  25. ‘Backlinking’ is a never-ending task I think. Thanks Jonathan for sharing a smart method for getting free backlinks.

  26. A new strategy for building backlinks to me. However, I must work harder to get used to this method since I’m just a beginner.

  27. Got that. Thank you for sharing this great input!

  28. Thanks Jonathan. I followed your advice – it works great!!!

  29. Thanks a lot for the informative post :)

  30. Hi Jonathan,

    Really helpful post! Google alerts seems like a very efficient method for receiving the most relevant notifications in order to build your link campaign. I haven’t used this myself, but I will be checking this out after reading your post here.

    Thanks for the tip!

  31. The best feature i like about Google Alerts is it provides you with email updates of latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

  32. I have been using this method for a few months now and was hoping it would stay a secret! Thanks Jonathan!

  33. I never knew about this Google Alerts. Great info. Thanks alot Jonathan.

  34. As always, your SEO tips are out of the world in the value they provide. Thanks for letting us know about yet another cool way of finding backlinks. I have a question though. You said:

    “I wrote a script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed, since I find those to be more valuable. ”

    Just wondering if that script is for sell anywhere so that I can grab it. ;)

  35. This is the best advise I’ve heard in a long time. Would make a great WSO on the Warrior forum! Keep up the great work with these tips and many thanks for sharing.

  36. Followed your instructions and found it really works. Was not aware you could use RSS Reader this way before. Will definitely be using it from now on. Thank you once again.

  37. Good strategy for back links for SEO and visibility. Our time is always the limitation for marketing and for website development so the more we can focus and automate our work the better.
    I am also using Feedjit to get links back from a dofollow site with high ranking.
    We need to use many ways to get quality links back to our sites.
    Soren Breiting

  38. Articles very useful, thank you for willing to share here.

  39. As always you bring the good stuff to the surface. Thanks!

  40. Thanks for the great advise. Just found your blog. It’s great

  41. Great idea Jon!

    Also I’ve been reading that it’s a good idea to have some of your links NOFOLLOW as it seems more natural than everything being DOFOLLOW. So even if some of the forums are NOFOLLOW it will do some good.


  42. Thanks for this tip. I heard the Google Alert thing before, but I didn’t realize its importance.

    After reading your advice, I have already set up this alert now.

    Hope I will get some free backlinks from it.


  43. I like that you can use all the Google search features when setting up your alerts so you can really narrow down what kind of information and kind of site you are looking for.

  44. Hey thanks Jon! This is great info…

  45. Nice one Jon! Thanks for sharing this easy yet very effective tip.

  46. As some of you may or may not know, this simple idea is a $7 product someone is selling out there, and is an integral part of a another $97 product.

    Know go and put it to use!

  47. I have been using Google Reader for Blogs, but not for forums. Love the free advice interspersed with sales posts. Thanks Jon.

  48. Great advice Jon.

    I’ve been using google alerts but not in the way you describe – great info. As Derrick has asked above, is there a product on the way here to automate this process?


  49. Hi Jonathan,
    Grerat piece of asdvice.I too would be interested in looking at the sc ript you have written.Do you think you will publish it?
    Many thanks and Best Regards

  50. Solid strategy and advice as always Jon.

    I have actually tried this Google Alert method earlier but was not sincere with it. I now intend to pursue it on a regular basis to get backlinks and rankings for my sites.


  51. I wrote a script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed, since I find those to be more valuable.

    I was sure that you hacked something again, I guess you have been able also to optimized your cappuccino machine with a little script and that your making money out of it :-)

    I didn’t know about the “discussions” option of Google alerts.

    You are a gold mine Jon.

    Thanks for sharing this tricks


  52. loved it . i do have a question or 2.

    1 so do you have to log in to your reader every day to check this?

    2 can we use your script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed ?

    Thanks for your help

  53. Jon, I really appreciate your free tips. I didn’t even know how useful Google alerts could be. I look forward to your next blog item. Keep up the good work!

  54. Thanks Jon,

    What a great tip, and something that’s extremely easy to implement. I’ll be doing that as soon as I finish here. Being able to use Google Alerts to help rank in Google, now that is special. Keep up the good work Jon, your tips have always helped me.

    Thanks and God bless.

  55. HI JON,
    Thanks for the updates as you incorporate new products into your programs.Just read some of the info on your new one.

    I just got a new blog online over the weekend that still needs a little work.I hope anyone needing info on motorhomes will stop by.

  56. This is awesome Jon, will be implementing this method right away. Thanks.

  57. The whole idea of staying on top of Google rankings is a challenge, since they evolve over time. This sounds like a good, legit way to gain some relevant backlinks to my travel site. I’m a little unclear how to set it up for the RSS feed instead of receiving dozens of emails. It may be that I need to check into the settings at Google to get that going. I’m hoping Jon will clear that up.

    I must sat that Jon really does have a knack for coming up with useful recommendations.

    Thank you!

  58. Jon, this is very close to what I posted in the forum. Now when can we expect that software? :O)

  59. wow!

    good info jon..i truly love this way to get more bakclinks..
    thanks for sharing..

  60. Simply superb idea. Another idea to get back links for my site.
    Thanks for sharing with us ;)

  61. thanks for the info john, google alerts is very useful, using google alerts to get backlink is a great idea

  62. awesome..
    very good trick
    i used to use google alert but just leave it
    now, i have to take a look again

  63. Interesting concept using Google Alerts. There are many different ways to get backlinks to websites. Good idea though.

  64. Great tips as always. Especially like the Google Reader tip.

  65. I have been using google alerts and appreciate your great advice. However, I just do not understand how to get people back to my website to create the links. Whenever I have put my website in at the end of a comment, I am told that it is not allowed and the comment will not be seen. Where is the backlink coming from? Thanks for your help. You are a great source for information, but some of us may need a few more specific details.

  66. Great tip as always. Would love to get access to that questions script. Thanks Jonathon.

  67. Jonathan,

    Another great tip.

    Like many here, I’ve used Google Alerts for a long time, but have only had them sent to my email address (one I use only for the alerts, then I can set a filter / rule up for them).

    However, I may bite the bullet now and check out the RSS option.


  68. Those are excellent ideas! I’ve been using Google alerts, but always found the comprehensive alerts way too “busy” and the email delivery method clunky. I’ve also found their blog alerts to be very spotty and often bring back low quality sites while ignoring many of the better ones. I’ll have to try discussions and use your RSS idea and see if that is more efficient. Thanks!

    -Kurt Schmitt

  69. Thanks for the suggestions Jon … I do use Google Alerts but never
    thought of singling out discussions … the RSS suggestion is
    a good one too!
    Great tip, but how do you make it so you receive only questions? Did I miss something there?

  70. Hey Jonahan, thanks for the cool tip.

    Would you care to share “script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed”?

    Here is another tip for finding backlink sources:
    search google for
    “internet marketing” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”Please sign in before leaving a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in”

    you can also click on More search tools – Past 24 hours
    to find fresh discussions

  71. I use Google Alert but wasn’t aware you can pick up only discussions. Helpful and useful post…thanks.

  72. Awesome tips!
    The suggestion on using a RSS feeder is also a good idea, otherwise your email will fill up pretty quickly. And if you have more than one blog it could end up being quite a mess.

  73. That’s nice idea, i will try and make backlink for my site.

    Thanks again..

  74. I have been using Google RSS reader but never together with alerts. Grate Tip!!

  75. Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for the great information on google alert… I have heard of it, but didn’t understand it… I have one question that I didn’t think you went into detail on your blog…
    OK, I go to the forum and I see a thread that is a question or comment I can answer… So I answer it … But I don’t understand how that links me to my website? I can’t put a link of my site on the thread or can I? I been told if I put a link that is like spamming.
    Am I right? Please give me an answer…
    Reg B.

  76. Really a great tip. Thanks and keep teaching us these little secrets.

  77. You know Jonathan, you never stop amazing me!

    Being a real newbie to the internet marketing stuff. I had never used Google alert (heard of it before – but never used it).

    So far I have been trying to stay updated to a lot of discussions on forums that I find interesting, and due to time constraints, have never been able to do so.

    I had (prior to this blog post) never even considered setting up an RSS Reader to stay on top of the things I needed to know.

    Most of my time is spent writing, or on your

    The RSS feeder on Google alert’s should really help me to stay on top of things I need to know.

    Thanks for all your efforts and help,

    Joyce (alias – HoneyJo)

  78. Answering questions in forums can be a bit beyond newbies but you can often find an answer by searching the internet so you can add something valuable.

  79. This is my first time of hearing about this and I will say it is great.
    I normally used search engine to search for related niche.
    I will start using it and it will be much easier.

  80. Thanks for the email, thats a great tip. Im going to use it for my keyword rite now. That was easy and painless i just set it up.. Thanks again

  81. Great tool! Have never tried this before, but will start ASAP!

  82. Hey Jonathan,

    I’ve used Google Alerts in the past doing just as you say but I kind of got away from doing it. When I did use it I sent everything to Gmail. I never would have thought of sending the alerts to an RSS reader. I think I need to get back into doing it because it’s a great way to build backlinks as you say.

    Thanks for the great tip.

    Jeff Sargent

  83. Of course there is also the aspect of just being helpful, reaching out to someone just because they really do need help.

    Someone mentioned Google may change the back link credit factor and so they may. Hopefully that won’t change the fact that most of us having been helped in a time of doubt or frustration, will pass on that help just out of kindness.

    Now if Google wants to be kind too, that is an added benefit.

  84. Been doing this for quite some time. It is an excellent way to get you backlinks without doing a whole lot of extra work.

    It is easier with a niche blog or website. Thanks for the heads up on the rss feed since I’ve only been doing it via direct email.


  85. Jonathan,
    This is a great idea that I need to use more. I do think it must be a presale letter for your next product :) . Great sales pitch. I look forward to getting the tool when you release it.

  86. Jon that’s a very creative use of some basic tools that are freely available. Sometimes fusing elements like this creates a new compound that is far greater than the sum of the parts.

    Excellent stuff!

  87. I just figured this out when I was preparing my autoblog for Lollipop Bling. I wanted to keep a tap on how popular it was going to be. I noticed that a lot of the blogs were under 100,000 with aweber and they all had high page rank.

    I left comments with my link and my ranking and indexing got me on the first page of google in 4 days in the number 3 position!!!!

    It really works….

    Elon Bomani

  88. Wow, i did this and started receiving alerts instantly, now i have related websites to post backlinks. thanks a lot for this post.

  89. Thanks for your great tip on using Google Alerts.. I for one never knew you could use the term ” discussions”. Your RSS feeds idea is also very useful, this will save me a lot of time.

  90. Hey Jonathan,

    Really nice post with excellent advice!

    I have used Google allerts in the past to get ideas for my tweets and other web contents but did not think to use it exactly the way you have suggested,

    Thank you

  91. Thanks Jon for this. Although I use google alerts but your method adds another spice to make things easier and faster because I have to do those manually.

  92. Hi,
    Great tip, but how do you make it so you receive only questions? Did I miss something there?
    Thanks for all your help.

  93. I use Google Alerts all the time with a RSS feed to find relevant questions about my niches. I have discovered that most questions are common and similar, so what I have done is created a half dozen templated responses to common questions on found on forums. These templates are chalk full of quality content (usually 700-1500 words). I’ll tweak the template a little to make sure it’s inline with the conversation and then post it.

    You’d be amazed at how much traffic you can get back to your site if you post something really useful and helpful in these forums.

    I also analysis the forum and make sure it has lots of traffic. I use market samurai, compete, & SEMRush to get an idea of the traffic value. I also look at whether the comment dates are recent, if really old and no real traffic I don’t spend as much time. If very current and forum has tons of traffic then I’ll spend more time on the post.

    I also look to see if the thread is ranking well in the SERP’s for any major keyword phrases, if it’s within the 1st 3 pages, then I’ll tap it with links to help get on page 1. This is where using Jonathan’s blog network helps. So the thread will get more traffic. This is key and something I find a lot of IM’ers forget to do, is to promote the promoters.

    I’ll also check back to the forum thread to every once in a while make see if there are any questions about what I wrote or on the topic in question.

    You can do the same thing for blog comments too.

  94. Thanks Jonathan for this advice. I went straight on google alerts in my niche and posted several comments.

    This is much easier than trawling the blogs looking for sites.

  95. I’ve used Alerts in the past but didn’t realize that I could set them only for discussions, so thanks for that powerful tip. I definitely agree that 140 sites in 10 days is a champion notion. And great teaser for your script. :-)


  96. I have been using Google alerts for some time to find blogs on which to post comments. However, I find that many of the blogs are of low quality and either do not allow comments or comments are “moderated” and, oftentimes, never get approved.

    Since the purpose of forums is to promote participation among members, this appears to have more potential if, in fact, the forums allow links in the posts. I’ll give it a try.

    I’m certainly interested in the script you use. Thanks for always providing practical tips.

  97. Hi readers posters Jonathan – thanks for your latest backlink tips update I was in to this idea a while ago now – but like most things marketers get in to its soon swamped with new ways new behaviors new beginnings – then its forgot about – lol

    Phillip Skinner

    It sure is Amazing What Google Picks Up On – About 46,600 results (0.38 seconds) in such a short space of time – this project started about two weeks ago to flood the first page of Google its not only about the search words here its about the back-linking juice

  98. Great idea. Adding the RSS feed is a tip maybe can be used elsewhere?

  99. Brilliant idea !
    The links you can gain this way are in your niche, are very fresh and can bring real traffic.

  100. Awesome tips. I am having trouble with google reader but will take your advice for the email option and take my chances. Thank you very much.

  101. Great post Jon. Like many people have stated here how long before Google changes the game regarding these type of backlinks. Anyway it works today so just go for it. Your discussions idea helps a ton and I’m sure you could knock us up a program to automate all of this stuff.

    It’s still a good idea to have links coming from various methods i.e. article marketing, then if one method stops you will have other methods that will still work

  102. Doh. I just added the keyword “internet marketing” to my marketing forums!

  103. Hi Jon,
    Thank you for another useful tips, really appreciate it. I know using Google alert but never know this method like you mention above to find additional link. Great post.

  104. I wonder if I can set up an alert to give me alerts from only pr3 websites

  105. Thanks John,
    Very useful tips, as always.
    I use google alert, but the RSS tip and the “discussions” one are the jewels on the cake.
    I will do it today !

  106. How valuable are these forum links in reality when most forums these days appear to have the “nofollow” command?

  107. Thanks for the great tip. There are so many different ways to get links that it is hard to keep up with them all.

    This sure looks like a great way and I wonder where can I get the script your mentioned in the post?

  108. Hey Jon,

    Awesome post, great idea.

    Now I have some questions for you, how do you set up the RSS feed for google alert? and would you be able to share the script with us?



  109. Jon. Great tip. thanks for sharing. Full appreciated.

  110. Great suggestion – I have used Google alters in the past but did not think to use it exactly has you have suggested.

    Keep the good ideas coming…

  111. Thanks Jonathan,

    That’s a really helpful post, I have used Google Alerts for a while, but always had them delivered by email, which can overwhelm the in-box a bit sometimes!

    I will be giving the RSS feed a try any moment now.

    Thanks for the heads up …


  112. Yet another great idea…Thanks Jon

  113. Great tip. I am always looking for ways to add backlinks. If you make your script for extracting questions available, I’m all in.

  114. Great tip about the rss feed. I have been using google alerts for some time and have them sent to an email address setup for this purpose.

    An Rss feed is a much better idea.

    Thanks again jon ;-)

  115. Thanks for this simple bit of advice. i will try it out now.

  116. I never try to get backlinks using this method. I have no idea how thing method going to work. Can you explain more detail Jon?

  117. Thanks Jonathan.

    This is a great tip and certainly one that I’ll be using in future.

    I haven’t explored Google Alerts yet, but certainly seems like now is a good time to check it out.

  118. Jon,

    Again you gives us all great insight. Thank you for your guidance

  119. Hi,

    Great advice.

    I already do this, and can confirm that it’s a great strategy for building links back, as well as discovering new forums and sites that I hadn’t known of before.

    Something I also do, is to use Google keywords tool to think of some slightly less common keywords to use with Google Alerts. This brings in equally good sites to post to, that may be a bit less popular (though with good feedback), where my posts have more of a chance of standing out.



  120. Thank you for giving us great advice.I will check out Google Alerts every day from now on.

  121. I’m wondering how important are forums nowadays when it comes to SEO and the RSS suggestion is
    a good one too!
    until now, I kept using email and it was very difficult to keep track of everything and manage the alerts for certain thing.

  122. looks nice. Thanks Jonathan, I will try to see if it works.

  123. Google alerts huh? Never heard of this but it is an extremely good idea. I also like the RSS feed one too. Good post, thanks for the tips!

  124. Hey Johnathan,

    Good one, I know that Google alerts work well and your idea is a beauty… simple & affective.


  125. Hi Jon, thanks a lot for that wonderful tip. Just what I needed to increase traffic and ranking for my new sales page.


  126. Thanks Jonathan, once again, you have taught me something new and saved me time.

  127. Using Google Alerts via the RSS feed is a great idea, and I’m thankful for anything that cuts back on extra emails. Plus it should really be helpful for finding ways to get links in some of the smaller niches, too. Very helpful post, thanks!

  128. Another gem! Thanks, Jon!

  129. Thanks for this valuable tip, Jon! Love the idea of setting up alerts for forum discussions. I am sure this will be a great help!

  130. Really nice post with excellent advice.

    My concern is that surely it can’t be long before the search engines discount forum posting as a type of backlink that their algorithm will be prepared to count.

  131. Thanks John, as always, very useful post ;)

  132. Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding the use of Google Alerts. I’ve been doing that on various niches that I’m involved in, and have found this to be one of the “secret weapons” to get back links fast and easy.

    Any script and software you come up with to help with our tasks will be much welcome and appreciated.

    Best regards,

  133. I love this to the point post. I’ll go for real action now.
    Thanks Guy.
    Be blessed.

  134. great tip,
    used alerts not rss
    thank you

  135. I already read about this method but after reading from your post i am really planning to put it in to use.My only question is if the Google Alet keyword entered is more nicher will i be getting enough alerts like when it is broad?
    Ofcourse i am going to Try this and find it for myself but just thought of asking for a expert opinion.

  136. Hey that’s good information, I have been using alerts for my fitness events, you can also try some searches in twitter for similar conversations.

  137. Thanks for the suggestions Jon … I do use Google Alerts but never
    thought of singling out discussions … the RSS suggestion is
    a good one too!

    Beats getting a few daily emails from Google!


  138. I was totally unaware that google alerts could be used for backlinking and such but thanks for the blog post. I have set alert for myself and see how it goes.


  139. Jonathon,
    This is a fantastic post! Very useful and quality advice as the better informed Internet Marketers are aware making comment either in forums or blogs is a plus in Google’s eyes for favorable backlinks. Especially is the discussion is related to the niche you are marketing from.
    Now gone will be Google searches looking through a needle in a haystack for good forums. This will make the process much easier. Kudos for posting something of great value Jonathon.
    Thank you!

  140. That is an awesome tip!

    I’m wondering how important are forums nowadays when it comes to SEO?

  141. I like the google alerts advice, and was not aware, you could pick up on discussions only! Thanks Jonathon

  142. Great post. Where can we buy or get that script script to extract only the questions from the RSS feed ?

  143. Awesome advice, Jon!

    It’s amazing how many creative ways there are to do anything online and in life. Thanks for the RSS Reader tip – until now, I kept using email and it was very difficult to keep track of everything and manage the alerts for certain thing.

    As always, you provide top-notch advice!



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