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Do One Thing. Do It well.

While I was reading through the forum, I noticed a post by a user to a Warrior Forum thread. If you have time to wade through a very long thread, I encourage you to do so.

If you don't have time to wade through it, let me give you the gist:

A user at the Warrior Forum is earning about $300 a day from 31 AdSense sites. He builds unique content and posts articles to roughly 5 article directories ( and are two of them). He focuses on product-based keywords (e.g. keywords related to Toaster Machines, Ovens, Washers & Dryers, etc.). He targets only on long-tail keywords (three and four keyword phrases that get a small amount of traffic each month from Google).

In short, he's doing a form of what I did in my niche site case study. Focus on small niches and try to achieve a few dollars a day from the site (incidentally, the little niche site in that case study has now earned over $4,200 in AdSense from my 5 hours of work. It averages over $6 a day -- twice my goal.).

The author makes a few very important points that I feel warrant repeating:

1. Don't listen to all of the "expert advice" you get from forums. This guy is breaking many of the "rules" you commonly hear about.

2. Don't wait until you find a perfect proven system to get started building your sites -- there is no perfect system. Just build your sites and in time you'll fine-tune your own system. (Along the same lines, don't waste all of your time on forums -- spend most of your time focused on your work. There's nothing wrong with participating at forums, but don't let yourself get sidetracked.)

3. Once you have a system, stick with it. The original poster made the mistake of getting himself side tracked for a while, and it slowed down his progress. Once he got back on track things picked up again.

4. It's not hard to rank for long-tail keywords. Just a few links will often get you ranked and keep you ranked for a long time.

5. Everybody fails. If one of your sites just isn't working, move onto another one. I can vouch for this myself. I've built many sites that are ranking fantastically, and others that aren't doing what I'd hoped. Focus on the ones that are working for you -- don't spend all your time trying to figure out what went wrong with the ones that aren't working.

6. It's better to have a lot of small niche sites than one big earner. It's a lot harder to maintain your rankings for competitive keywords, and in the end you earn less than you would from building numerous smaller sites that take less work to rank and earn more collectively.

That's the gist of the thread -- at least it's what I got out of it. It's a great thread, so if you have the time to read it, read it. But the bottom line is:

Do one thing. Do it well.

Please post your thoughts and questions in a comment below.

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  1. I read that thread on WF and at the time I had recently just started doing exactly what the OP was saying myself and was achieving results. Getting sidetracked (particularly with the details of my ‘system’) was a real problem. It’s amazing how much more success you see when you focus in on one thing at a time.

  2. Thank you for that great advice man! I will put it in to practice immediately

  3. I think that’s so true be an ace at one thing not a jack of all

  4. I agree. I try to stick with my strategy of building links instead of using the new hot method like link wheels and other 2.0 methods. They may work but I like to stick to what I know.

  5. This post is really very interesting and impressive to read about.It was a very motivating and boosting experience coming across it.The concept discussed over here is truly awesome.

  6. As usual great post. I think many times people get caught up in trying everything out there instead of focusing on one thing that works for them. Personally, I’m guilty of this myself, else I would be a lot more successful than I currently am.

  7. Hi,
    Really inspirable post.Long tail keywords actually send the vast majority of the search traffic. If you target enough of these keywords, you’ll generate more traffic than simply going after a few popular keywords.I like targeting long tail keywords because they send you traffic relatively quickly. It can be hard to blog for a long period of time if no one is visiting your site.

  8. Thanks have this great sharing with have a nice sharing with good inspiration on this post….

  9. I am assuming that you are talking about John X Factor. This guy completely changed my attitude toward SEO. This is a great summary of his method. I decided to go with regions rather than specific products. We will see how it goes.

  10. I am very familiar with that thread and the course. I started it the last week of September. I am not making my fortune yet but I do know this works. :)

  11. You also depend on Google, They change rules very often. Adsense is good as a side income. Nice post JL.

  12. Good summary. You are right “Do One Thing, and Do It Well”. The main thing is just get started. Thanks for ALL the Great info.

  13. very interesting..thanks for share with us

  14. What your say in the article, very refreshing. You write good content and i like your 3waylinks

  15. really interesting… this is wonderful idea, john. thanks very much…!

  16. What a great post. I think too often people get caught up in the latest and greatest trend out there instead of finding what works for themselves. I’m not the greatest SEO guy, but one thing I’ve learned is that trend hopping definitely does not work.

  17. Excellent advice. I’m so lgad I found your site. I’ll be putting this into practice.

    Body Mojo

  18. I have found that when you find something that works and you really work it, you will have success. It’s easy to get distracted with the next shiny new thing but if you have a system that works you should stick with it. Great post Jon.

  19. Yes Anne Zeise,

    Maybe you should create a course about making $700 per day with AdSense. Nobody is stopping you. In the Meantime, someone has done it, and is offering loads of info for free, to help people out.

    But thanks for sharing your earnings. That definitely helps everyone out.

  20. Thanks for the AWESOME post Jon.

    Seriously, after reading your post, and then about halfway through the Warrior posts, im totally stoked again about AdSense. I just keep saving my position everyday with a shortcut to my desktop, and continuing where I left off the day before.

    There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much freakin useful info in that post, its seriously like getting a “make money with AdSense” program for free. This guy “XFactor” really puts everything out there for everyone. Theres really NO EXCUSE FOR NOT MAKING MONEY ONLINE after reading this stuff. Absolutely GREAT content, and all for free.

    Thanks Jon, im already implementing these strategies, just had to divert a little from the affiliate marketing stuff for a mintue, but I plan on implementing some of my affiliate marketing, SEO tactics with the AdSense tactics John describes. Couldnt hurt.

    Thanks again, and I hope everyone takes the time to actually read that entire post. Just read a few pages a day. Really good stuff.

    Shaun Cartwright

  21. This is great advise as it is so easy to get down over the results of your blogging efforts.

  22. Interesting, but maybe I should be teaching the class. I’ve had four $1000+ days with Adsense in the last month, a daily average in the last 35 days of $748.

    I do think part of the key to success is to make sure the much-loved vendors in your topic area know that you have Adsense available on your site, and that your site targets the buyers they want to attract. Then make sure you have loads of great, accurate content for your community to read, and MUST read to be competent in your activity.

  23. Hey Jonathan,

    Love the post. I agree being focused is the key. It is much better to go after the long tail keywords, so you can start making cash sooner. I do have two competitive keywords that I keep on my radar, but they certainly don’t get the bulk of my energy.



  24. Some like small sites, some like large sites but the point about staying focused and keep doing what you know works still apply.

    Thank you for the reference to the thread Jonathan.


  25. excellent tutorial here, much appreciated!

  26. Fantastic information. I think it is important to not give up, as you mentioned. Learn from mistakes, but understand that there may be some sites that do not rank well. I appreciate the advice about focusing on the sites that are working, as these are the ones you will learn the most from.

  27. Than ks for the interesting post, Jon. I have long been an Adsense fan, but despite all my efforts and costs, I have never made a great deal from Adsense.

    I think my biggest difficulty has always been in finding the right long-tail keywords to use. I have bought and tried numerous keyword tools, but have not found one that provides the ideal keywords for me.

    Writing articles is made easier with your AWP software, and I have a couple of article spinner softwares that spin articles extremely well, using replacement words that I provide personally, using a synonym dictionary. In spite of this, I have not yet managed to get a high-enough ranking to make really good money from Adsense.

    I think your post has inspired me to look for even smaller keyword phrases and build sites around these very small-searched keywords, rather than the bigger searches that all the gurus suggest that we use.

    Thanks again.

  28. Sanjay, the way to find out is to read the thread!


    it’s along thread – 32 pages and I spent most of yesteday reading and taking notes. Going through it carefully is a whole education and training and I heartily recommend it. Jon did not post it here for any other reason.

    And then – take action!

  29. Was the user at the warrior forum who makes $300 a day submitting the same articles to article directories that he post in his websites? If so, it will help to get traffic from article directories but not ranking high in search engine. Isn’t it?

  30. Great advice. I have fallen behind the last month and a half and have really started to refocus on what was working before the drop off.

  31. This is very good advice. I have been doing just the opposite of this all this while. I had at one time read about benefits of targeting long tail keywords as they are easy to rank for.

    Tried that by doing bum marketing with a few articles targeting long tail keywords. I submitted these articles to ezinearticles directory and got rankings fairly quickly and easily. I started getting a few visitors to my articles and through them to my website. The visitors were not many, but they were quite targeted and I did make a few sales.

    But then I got greedy and over-ambitious I guess. Instead of continuing the strategy which was working so nicely for me, I started to target more competitive phrases as I wanted a lot of traffic to my sites.

    When I started doing this, I had to struggle a lot to first of all achieve top rankings. I had to work a lot harder trying to get backlinks to my articles and websites. Gaining backlinks was very time consuming process and then Google would take its own sweet time to reward high rankings.

    The frustrating thing would be that after building so many links and finally able to book top rankings, there was no guarantee the rankings would stay still. Overnight the article may disappear from the first couple of pages. Sometimes the rankings would come back, and other times they may not.

    It was so difficult to maintain the rankings for competitive keywords. In the end, even if I was able to secure good rankings for tough keywords sometimes, I think the time and effort it took would have been better spent in ranking for tens of long tail keywords which would have helped me earn as much as I did with the tough keyword rankings and even the effort needed might have been less comparatively.

    So reading your post, I am now motivated to go back to my previous strategy which I had shunned because I probably got over-ambitious. Thanks for the post.

  32. As always John you’ve hit the nail right on the head about getting side tracked.

    Adsense is the only consistent income stream that pays me every month and I should concentrate on what works and stay at it.

    What type of website do you recommend, Static or WordPress?

    Word of caution for those who are using XsitePro. I had several websites that I developed with XsitePro and then lost the database. Not fun, so if you are using it, please be careful.

    Thanks for all of info John

    Best Regard’s
    Steve Fisher

  33. Hey Jon,Great post but should i intergrate other promotions into adsense sites like amazon,ebay,clickbank hop ads etc? Thanks Storm.

  34. I have been on line now for almost 10 months trying to learn the business. I have been in business for years but this online thing was more than new to me. It was like an alien language. I am of the precomputer era so it has been a rather steep learning curve for me. I have just read your comments and I am again motivated to refocus and start anew. thank you.

    Good work,

  35. G’day Jon,
    I have read the thread and the biggest message I got from it that things do not have to be perfect to get results. keep things super simple and leave the analysis out of it.

    Cheers mate

    Craig McPherson

  36. Since Adsense revenue effective for volume based only, having multi sites with niches topics are very advice.

    Denny Miradji

  37. Thanks for the successful story. Listening to SEO experts talking about what works and what doesn’t work is like listening to financial gurus talking about which stocks are worth buying. Very often, these experts get wrong not because they have no idea what they are talking about. But because SEO is such a dynamic field and there are so many new variables coming into play all the time.

  38. Jon,

    Great stuff. This is great advice for someone staring out, don’t look for the big ticket right away. The big ticket items take so much more work to get anyhting out of it and then you have to work very hard to maintain it.

    Long tail Adsense sites might seem like a lot of work for a little but if you stay focused, it really happens quick. This is what I do:

    I put up my first site (golf) and then write ten long tail keyword articles right away without thinking about anything else, then submit them.

    I get my next site prepped (gardening) and then load upload it. The I write ten long tail keyword articles right away without thinking about anything else, then submit them.

    Then I write 5 more articles about (golf) and submit them.

    I get my next site prepped (treadmills) and then load upload it. The I write ten long tail keyword articles right away without thinking about anything else, then submit them.

    Then I write 5 more articles about (gardening) and submit them.

    If you follow the pattern, you get into a rhythm and by the time your on your 4-5 site your first is at $2-$3 a day. Keep doing this for 6 months and you’ll have a full time income from home that will stay consistant for a long time.

    It works for me, I hope it help you.

    Good Luck,


  39. Great post.
    I’ve dealt with adsense before but there were too many contradicting informations at the time. I was driving traffic through ppc marketing and quickly realized it weasn’t a good business model.

    This post is simple, the steps are easy. I can create at least one site a day. This would be intersting project to do.

  40. Nice Tips.

    I already start with my blogs, and some of them just have 3-5 but get 50-70 unique visitor per day. i think in the future i can generate more income in this way.

  41. I had assumed that absence was a waste of time until I happened to get a check from Google. I had to go do some digging and find where it was coming from. Now, I know this is a truly powerful technique.

  42. I think the “catch” here, as with any online project or business, is to stay focused and find the system that works for you. Too many things out there will grab your attention and sidetrack your business if you let it.

  43. Great information as always Jonathan. I sell mostly telecom services and with the time I have, long tail keywords are the best bet. I used to try to rank for keywords that were to competitive and it just does not work. Even using long tail keywords I have one site now that averages almost a buck a click and $10 per day. This is great supplemental income to go along with any sales I make.

  44. Great post John,

    Yes, I have about 8 sites now all with Adsense on them and make about $20 per day with them. I feel it’s important to have “your” unique content on the sites and to submit articles on a regular basis to article directories. I know it’s not much but it helps pay some of my bills each month! My hubby is pleased…that’s a bonus ;’)

  45. Excellent post Jonathan.
    Especially the piece about just doing it. There are too many shiny objects that get in the way so your ending is bang-on.

    Thanks for your ideas.

  46. Hi Jon,
    Great post ! It has been 16 months, i always delay to launch my first website. Because i was looking for the best methods.
    You’re right, don’t wait for the perfect proven system, just build it.
    Once again thanks, it’s very inspiring…Good Luck!

  47. “don’t waste all of your time on forums — spend most of your time focused on your work.”

    This is huge.

    It takes only one successful project to realize how much unnecessary time was actually wasted on forums and socializing, which could have been put to good use.

  48. Great insite on adsense earnings I to am building adsense
    websites. I guess the secret to earning is having multiple
    websites. I am defenently going to increase the number of
    adsense sites for myself. Bidding on the right keywords
    defenently has a big affect on how much you earn per click.

    Keep up the great info on this blog!
    Thanks Steve

  49. I like the point about submitting to a few GOOD article directories. The practice of blasting about an article to hundreds of directories just does not seem to work well anymore.

    In addition alot of the smaller directories have been abandoned and you article may not even get published!

    Making use of web 2.0 sites is also helping me sites like squidoo,zimbio,wetpaint and the others can give yo an added boost.

  50. While you’re working on your authority site build one or two of these small 6 – 10 page adsense sites a month. If you’ve chosen your long-tails well in a year you should see some decent earnings and have your eggs scattered among several baskets instead of just one. Good insurance just in case, and it won’t take too much time from your main site. Who knows, one of your smaller sites may just take off and you can spin off several more. This isn’t a “make money quick” scheme, by any means.

  51. If your niche empire is monetized with affiliate links then here’s another rule:

    Take the time to milk a winner before moving on to the next niche site. Setting up niche sites is like drilling for oil. If you find a gusher, you should exploit it. It would be silly to continue with your oil exploration at the expense of developing your proven oil well.

  52. What a fantastic tips! I am going to start few more small sites. Do you advice blogspot blogs? Or shall I go for my own domains?

  53. I was also following that thread Jon. It’s a great read and the poster was very helpful in answering questions. He also has a course now that he is selling but the meat of it is in that thread. If you follow that thread and stick to it you will earn money.

  54. I for one had given up on the ‘adsense way’ for earning money online until that is that I logged into my adsense account to find money had built up in my account!
    well it wasn’t much but it has encouraged me to try some more sites..
    I will have to try to write better articles with a more focused message and stop trying to rewrite all the old articles that have built up on my hard drive!
    anyone got any good templates that may be better focused to adsense revenue?

    ..Ok going to do some writing now!

    Thanks for the info John


  55. Thank you for sharing this information. I’m not new in adsense game, but it gives me more idea.

  56. Hi Jonathan

    Great advice

    In my earlier days I used to spend an awful lot of time in Forums when I was new to the internet marketing arena.

    I quickly realized that the more forums you spend time on and the more “Guru” lists you are on – tends to take away from your main goal.
    You have to eventually decide where you want to be and work in that direction.

    You get all this hoo ha about first adsense was king – then it died a death and then it came back again.

    You decide what is your path and keep working and become good at it. It’s the only way.

    Many thanks Jonathan for your blog posts. Its one of the few I always make a point of reading because you have a straight to the point – no BS way of teaching and communicating wthout getting bombarded with thousands of emails everyday like the “others”


  57. Thank you, Jon, for saving all of us so much time – once again! – with this excellent summary!

    fine regards,
    Leo S.

  58. Thanks for a timely reminder Jon about focus

    Its my number one issue, im bloody great at everything else!!!.

    Today is the first day of my newly FOCUSSED life,

    For anyone reading these comments this far down – STOP IT – Go and do something else

    either profitable
    or happiness producing

    Thanks again Jon, always a pleasure to open your emails


  59. Very good advice indeed….

  60. Hi

    Great thread,what I’d like to know are these one page mini-sites?

    Have seen lots of these around and wonder how much they make.Would like to get into building these sites.Are there any examples of the sites you are talking about,so that everyone reading the above know what they are like.

    Kind regards.


  61. I started off with Adsense on each site as I created them but didn’t make enough to make it worthwhile so I got rid of it. It’s interesting how some succeed at it and others don’t. I might have another go now I have read this.

  62. I also disagree with aiming to make 3 dollars a day per site – it’s just not worth it

    You have to post content, get backlinks, do site maintenance, upgrade plugins, etc.

    A big site gets advertisers attention – and they start asking about placing advertising on your site

    Aim big, not small

  63. Great thread you pointed us to Jonathan. I haven’t been this excited about internet marketing anything in a long time. It’s 2:00 AM and I have been reading most of the thread in question. Great nuggets of wisdom in there!

    Not that I will be doing exactly what John is doing but that someone can make $300 per day doing the simple things real well should give any of us hope that we can do the same if not better.

    Thanks for posting this Jonathan.


  64. Hi Jon,

    Thanks for the heads up about focusing one ONE thing and do it extremely well.

    Although I’ve been doing online marketing for a few years now, sometimes I still get sidetracked with all the crazy Internet marketing launches going on :)

    Welly Mulia

  65. Another great artilce by Jonathan.

    I learnt most of that stuff the hard way, and got sidetracked for over a year following ‘expert’ advice, and I made less in that year than I had in the previous years when I had been keeping it simple.

    So newbies follow the advice, stick at it, and you’ll do well.

  66. Hi 5 Jonathan, members one n’all, super words “Do one thing. Do it well” – or – Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan – came to mind when reading this cool post – I’m thinking you have to add – All On Auto – I reckon if you can get as much of the Repetitive Promotional Stuff in Automation Mode – you can free up more time to write a better blog, make a better video, post a better comment, Do your job as a “value adder” much more professionally – Freeing up more of your time online is Key to Success…

    All my best to you and your time management
    Phillip Skinner

  67. I guess the answer to great earnings on Adsense is to have multiple site with unique content. Content seem to be the common denominator for success on the internet but it is surely the hardest thing to achieve. Do anyone have tips on how to do that?

  68. Very interesting Jon and timely for me too.

    I am looking again at my business models this weekend and adsense is something I need to look at again.

    Thanks for the reference to the thread and to your own case study, I’ll go through both carefully.


  69. Yes, already read that thread until page 24 (not finished all when i read this newsletter)

    Really really simple things, hopefully this make everybody clearly how to make money with adsense

  70. This post is right on the money .I have a few adsense sites that make me money .One site earns me around $2000 dollars a year and i have others that earn me between $50 and $1000 a year .

    The best one that earns me over $2k a year is in a small uk niche .I spent about 8 hours on the site originally .I then spent another 3 hours doing some basic seo and a couple of articles and thats it.Now i do nothing and its still on page one of google earning me passive income that i take annually .

    This guy is right dont worry about trying to make the perfect adsense site just get going and see what works and what does not.

    I dont spend much time on adsense now as i earn my living from internet marketing .However my adsense sites pay for a florida holiday once a year !

  71. Totally agree with the statments made. Stick to a project and see it through, getting sidetracked is too easy to do. Start off with building 1 adsense site and then move on to your next. This sounds basic butmany don’t follow this rule.

  72. That is really an inspirational thread!

    Right now there are just too many product launches talking about the latest marketing or traffic startegies. But most are rehashed materials. (How many making-money-with-CB-products do you need???)

    This guy is doing nothing fanciful. His traffic and linking is only using article marketing. How simple is that! Simple but works.

  73. I think google hate me, when I’m getting a lot from adsense, my ranking should go down.

  74. That’s funny, I was just wondering today about your niche site case study and wanted to ask you what you might do different if you were to set it up a new. Would you still use the HyperVRE platform or WordPress? Any other considerations? Thanks Jonathan

    Kind Regards,


  75. So, that is the rule. Finding long tail keyword is a good idea. You don’t have to fight with bigger competitor. Thanks Jon. I will try it in my site

  76. Jon

    Great post, I have a few sites that are earning a bit of adsense each day and agree that its the long tail keywords that rank well.


  77. Good information. I like this posting. Yes, we can make more money as long as we want to work hard.

  78. Jon

    Thanks for this post. This is the first time i will have the chance to comment on your blog post after reading so many of your articles.

    You see, this is the advantage of having a tool like WCA-it opens up niches as if niches are falling from sky.

    I am bracing up to joining 3waylinks next week then 1waylinks to follow so i can also be earning from many adsense accounts.

    Thanks, this is very helpful.


  79. Thanks for the awesome post and the link to the warrior forum thread Jon.

    I liked the entire post except the 6th point. Its not better to have a lot of niche websites. Because a tsunami is always more powerful than a 1000 waves.

    * One big website helps a lot in SEO as time goes on.
    * Scale kicks in.
    * Exponentiality kicks in (improve traffic of each page by just 1% on average and you have insane exponential growth.)
    * And joint ventures and stuff become a lot more easier.

  80. My friend and I brainstormed one night and created am Seo site based on 1 keyword which took us a few hours to put up. Last month the site had 30k+ visitor days and made us over $5k.. U just never know what will work until you test!

  81. I have seen so many things about Adsense but this was a nice clean simple way to present it. Thanks Jonathan for taking the time to compose this into such a concise outline. Your 3Way links are great too.

  82. Yes, I’ve heard about this before. A friend can make 800 $ a day through 50 blogs. I just wonder how he manage all that blog, but the revenue is great. I agree with you John about do something well, very well and we’ll get the result :)

  83. Hey Jon’,

    I’m a keen follower of yours and have been for a couple of years. I don’t usually jump in but Adsense is something that i’m very serious about.

    I too have earned a great deal of money using Adsense (selling just 1 of my sites last year paid for my luxury honeymoon – a carribean cruise). Adsense is great for newbies as it teaches all the basics of SEO, Site layout, and Buying Keywords. But it’s also very scalable. You can easily flip an Adsense site for 8-12 x monthly income and use that money to outsource more new sites. Before you know it you can have dozens of these little earners and easily replace you full-time income.

    Thanks for the great post – I hope you don’t mind me adding my 2 cents:

    1) When doing your keyword research long-tail is important but don’t just look at the numbers. By targetting buying keywords (same as you would with PPC) you can achieve CTR% of 20-30%.

    2) Leverage your statistics! If you’re receiving traffic for keywords that you didn’t specifically target then create new pages or ‘spin-off’ sites using that data.

    3) When writing (or outsourcing) your articles take a look at Ezinearticles and see which article is coming top (getting the most traffic) within your niche. You can then model your article on that (just don’t rip it off).

    John Reimann.

  84. Thanks for this information. I have several blogs as well, but I have not tried artikel marketing… Now I know I need to focus on it to get everything fired up…thanks

  85. I’m familiar with the thread you mentioned, and have read about half of it (which at the time was 500 posts – took me several hours). I wrote my own summary and it’s nice that yours is even more concise than mine. Very useful – my advice to other readers, pay close attention, this stuff works!

  86. Yes, you’re right . Hopefully i’ll find my own tune sooner. Good luck and all the best.

  87. It is very good earning money $300 a day from Adsense and I would be happy if I could make that much money. Thanks for the good advices about not spending much time on forums that I use to be in there looking for tips and that’s a wasted time and I should spend time focus on my works instead.


  88. Nice tips…

    I still on the way on finding my perfect ways to earn some money from adsense.

    But, building niche sites with long tail keyword optimized it, is the great idea.. I think.

    Thanks Jonathan.. :)

  89. Great info Jon. I believe the most powerful phrase is the title of this post, “do one thing, do it well”. Man I know first hand how true this is.

    I am a very focused person in most all areas of my life, but when I began my internet business, I jumped from one thing to another and wasted a lot of time as a result.

    This seems to be the downfall of many internet marketers. A lack of focus is a killer in this business because it takes time to realize success.

  90. It’s a very good valuable information that have not preceived in my mind. After reading your blog that given me a more clear thinking how to achieve good ranking in google. I will apply this method for my next niches.

  91. Hi John,

    thanks a lot for a wonderful piece of advice.

    I have been running a site dealing with ELT – English Language Teaching which gets me about $3 a day.

    Could you please help me sort out a least ttargeted niche to create some more websites : ?

    It would be a really great if you could help me.

    btw I also work for – The #1 Internet Marketing News Site.

    Thanks a lot,


  92. a very down-to-earth and realistic post. I’m beginning to be annoyed by so many ‘fantastic’ systems there are out there.

    spending more time working and less time surfing forums is also sound advice.

    I hope more people can get that.

  93. Adsense sites are something I would really like to tackle if only I had the extra time. I will definitely give that thread a thorough read first.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  94. Very good advise.. today’s social media sites, tools and facilities make link building easier… and yes forums can be a waste of time with a lot of people dispensing advise that might potentially be harmful or detrimental to your progress. Always best to take action, make mistakes, learn from them, improve, succeed, repeat.

  95. I completely agree with you. I did exactly the same (albeit on a much smaller scale) and today I am earning $3-4/day from Adsense. I know that may not sound like much at all but it’s free money! And it’s for life.

    Johnathan – I have found you to be one of the most down to earth ‘guru’ out there and I am a member of your 3waylinks network.

    Keep it going and best of luck!


  96. Thanks for the link to that thread and the excellent summary, Jon. It is interesting to think about completely automating and/or outsourcing a business building sites like this….

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