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I’m the 9th coolest guy on the planet!

Yes, it's true. According to Google I'm the 9th coolest guy on the planet now.

In less than one week my new site, went from no existence in Google to ranking 9th for "coolest guy on the planet" (no quotes).

The methods I'm using are all "white hat", Google-approved methods for optimizing a web site. I'm cataloging all of my efforts on the site itself, showing you exactly what steps I've taken (and am taking) to rank. I suggest you check it out and see for yourself what I'm doing:

It just goes to show you that playing by the rules can really work with Google.

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  1. Great articles Jonathan. I’m doing research on setting up websites. Keep up the good work.

    Robert Brealey.

  2. Jon,

    Congrats on joining the competition, but I don’t see your site listed on any of the first three pages. I rank eleventh for the phrase coolest guy on the planet. I didn’t see your site listed.

    Are you sure?

  3. Hi Jonathan
    Nice to see you achieve the position without all the pages of hype.

  4. Congratulations, and thanks for the tips!

    I think that the keywords in the domain do help a lot!

    I made a point of using keywords in my domain, and it rated relatively quickly too, but only on those terms. This confirms that it can be done, and that it’s an ongoing process!

    Thanks again.

  5. Great info, thanks. Got a question… Do you create a new Google Adsense account each you launch a new site or use one account? What do you recommend?


  6. Hello Jonathan,
    Mr cool number 9!

    Great post, again. I love the simple web site and the results speak from themsevles.

    This should be read and followd by EVERY newcomer to the internet, and dare I say it, by a small chunk of skilled marketiers!

    It is a great testiment to your abilities and shows the benefits of follow the rules.

    Good on yer.
    John Adams

  7. Jon, I learn so much from you.

    First the awesome $7 reports system. And now killer seo tips. Did I mention I made over $300 last month thanks to you?

    Basically it seems that you could rank on the first page of google for any low hanging fruit within a month. Very cool.

  8. Gary:

    I’m afraid that’s just a typo in my template. I’ll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

  9. Christopher:

    I’m afraid you’re using the wrong methods for judging competition.

    allinurl:coolestguyontheplanet will only return the domain names or folder names that have that exact string in it.

    Do a allinanchor:”coolest guy on the planet” and you’ll see that there are 12,400 links with that phrase. Better yet, search for “coolest guy on the planet” (with quotes) and you’ll see 34,600 results optimized for the phrase. Without quotes there are 764,000 results.

    Granted, that’s not “home loans” in difficulty, but then I’ve never recommended spending all of your time on very difficult phrases. I’ve always said to go after a few medium-level phrases, which will be much easier to accomplish while providing the same overall results.

  10. Quote from Judith: “in paragraph 3 it references your website name as the Coolest Guy in the World…not the Planet”

    Do you ever employ LSI — latent semantics — in your SEO, and would this be an example of it, if you kept the phrase “in the World”?

  11. Amazing! Jon, you’re so cool, you are actually hot!

    I shall be reading every single word of how you did it.

    Again, we can’t thank you enough for doing these studies and giving us this valuable info for nothing.

    Thank you so much!

  12. Thank you so much Jon for posting your results. Really helps a newbie like me gain a bit of perspective on what to focus on! :)

    I do have a couple of questions about the article writing service (need an article) you used. Did you end up having to do your own research? or you went with theirs? and is this a service you will use again to get your writing done?


  13. Hi Jon,

    Valuable info. Thanks for sharing it with us all. I’m sure LOTS of people will be following your progress with interest.

    I noticed the heading on your coolestguy site opens with H1 and closes with H2.

    (h1)Who’s the coolest guy on the planet?(/h2)

    (I replaced the brackets so it displays here.)

    Was that deliberate? – if so, would you please share your reasons.

    Looks like a typo to me, but it repeats on other pages so I thought I’d ask.

    Conventional SEO tells us to use keyword-rich H1 tags and keyword-rich H2 tags for subheadings and that these include one or more of your primary and secondary keywords.

    But on a quick look at several of your pages, I see that you’re not using H2 tags at all. Again, wondering why.

    Your success without doing so runs counter to accepted wisdom. What else that “they” have told us is wrong?


  14. The information you provided should benefit the total SEO novice, but is your ranking supposed to be perceived as some sort of a major feat?

    Search Google with allinurl:CoolestGuyOnThePlanet and it returns only 11 results (21 if you include the omitted ones).

    Plus I doubt there are a lot of highly skilled SEO professionals out there working to rank on this term. So your experiment may teach a few people something new but you should add a disclaimer regarding your position so somebody doesn’t get their hopes up too high when going after a competitive phrase.

    Unless you want to do something that will actually impress us such as getting a first page ranking for a phrase such as “home loans”, “cheap airfare”, etc.

  15. btw,,, good work and good info as usual.

  16. Hopefully your site will stay in the top 10 but just wondering about the google sandbox effect, not even sure if it’s real but I have heard about sites that rank well for a few weeks then drop out of sight. ALso it seems easier to rank for keywords that aren’t used much or where there is not much competition.

  17. Great info, Jon and very timely for me. Question: If your new site was a blog, how much content would you add before you start SEO?

    Congrats on being the 9th coolest guy on the planet. Wearing sunglasses (in your home page photo) would’ve improved your ranking :-)

  18. Well done Jon!

    It is a super lesson to all the nay sayers that doing things the straightforward way works. The only thing that surprises me is the speed at which you succeeded.

    I look forward to learning more as I study the details of how you became so cool!

    All the Best


  19. Good catch Michael, thanks for building up my ego. ;)

  20. Actually according to Google, you’re the 7th Coolest Guy on the Planet. Brad Fallon and James Schramko are listed twice.

  21. Hello Jonathan,

    9th Coolest Guy on the Planet? Cool! But in my book you’re the #1 Coolest Guy on the Planet. You single-handedly have changed the face of affiliate marketing forever. All of the “guru’s” are shaking in their sandals.

  22. Good catch Judith! That was in fact a mistake, which I’ve fixed.

  23. Hello Jonathan:

    While doing research to start my own website, I discovered yours and all this great information you share…..very beneficial to someone like myself as I am an avid reader but not a website savvy tech! On your “Coolest Guy On The Planet” website the page titled: “Have Other Relevant Sites Link To Yours” -”Determine Your Keywords” – in paragraph 3 it references your website name as the Coolest Guy in the World…not the Planet. Is this a mistake or are you using this name also to aid search engine optimization? I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I’m trying to learn everything I can and your websites are a better teaching tool than anything else out there. Thank you.

  24. The domain makes a lot of difference in MSN, and while it has a small effect with Google, it’s not something that you really need to worry about for big G.

    For exampe, is #1 for “coolest guy on the planet”, and obviously the keywords aren’t in his domain name.

    The age of a domain does have an effect as well. Every little edge helps, so if you have (or can get) a great keyword domain name that’s been around a while, great!

    Be careful to make sure the domain hasn’t been penalized for the previous owner’s actions, though, or you may never get it to rank and not be sure why.

  25. another great stuff delivered.

    how much does the domainname play a role in this jonathan?
    just read a report think it was 4 step system? were the main trick to ro rank good was buying a old domain with the searchphrase in the url/domainname like yours and of course doing the basic onsite SEO.
    and has anyone made experiences about how much the head domainname contra an subdomain with the searchphrase in it do make a difference when it comes to the ranking?

  26. James:

    From the comments posted here, it looks like some people are seeing it in different locations (I guess it depends on which data center you’re using).

  27. Willie:

    You’re completely missing the point. Did you read the blog post? It doesn’t sound like you have.


    I’ve heard that before, but I doubt seriously that Google would tell you to do something that is going to hurt your ranking.

    What probably will hurt you is submitting every single page of a large site directly to Google. Just submit the home page.

    John: should be on the first page.

  28. Hi I entered: coolest guy on the planet into google search engine and it came back with 840,000 page (aprox) I know this sounds thick but how would I find which page you are listed on i.e. first page, second page, third page ? sorry I know this is probably easy kidest regards John Proctor.

  29. There is a school of thought that submitting stuff to google can hurt your sites ranking.

    Some people in the know were arguing that one should not submit ones site to google instead it should be left for google to find it by itself..

    That way, your site ranking is increased some what..

    How much of this is true?

  30. Hi Jonathan Readers n Posters
    … Excellent way to show how this is done
    Leading by example is a true “The coolest
    Guy on the planet” and a leader with a wealth
    of S.E.O tactics to follow … and right smack
    Bang up to date information expressed
    through deed done hands on knowledge there
    for all to Duplicate then to see excellent results
    and then Benefit Big Time

    Keep it coming Jonathan let’s see you at your
    Correct Placement @ No1
    Google Results 1 – 10 of about 863,000

    And soon to be 1 – 10 of about

    All my best to you and yours
    Phillip Skinner

  31. You show up as the 8th coolest guy on the planet when I search (since James Schramko takes about two spots).

  32. Hello Jonathan,
    I have checked out your site “coolestguyontheplanet” you are actually number 14 not number 9 Brad fallon holds that position

  33. Come on…. really does it matter to anyone except YOU that you are cool or not???

    All you are doing as far as I can see is that you along with a lot of spammers are just jamming up our mailboxes with junk when you send stuff like this.

    If you really have some good information, like you usually DO, that’s fine, but your ‘cool’ stuff is NOT cool

  34. C’mon Jon we didn’t need Google to tell us that you were the coolest guy on the planet, we already knew it! Seriously, a guy that reveals all the info that you do (and for free too!) is definitely cool in my book. These case studies are great.

    I have a few pr1 and pr2 sites and all I do to get a new site indexed is add a link to some of my sites and within just a few days most of the pages for the new site are indexed.

    I have noticed that for ALL the pages to get indexed in under 10 days, I have to do a post in high ranking blogs using the URL of the pages that were not indexed in the few days.

    In agreement with what you said, low ranking links will not get your site deep crawled, just the first top level pages.

    Thanks for another great case study! Keep us updated “Cool Guy”!

  35. Not too bad, Jon! Your example proves that Google’s new tweak will make it literally impossible for people to do the Google bomb again. Cheers!

  36. Nick:

    “White hat” basically boils down to the things that Google approves of that don’t try to artificially inflate your rankings.

    “Black hat” includes techniques that Google does not approve of, such as buying links or link spamming.

    Some would say that “black hat” techniques are techniques that are unethical, but I am not making a judgment call on what is “right or wrong” from an ethical point of view with this case study.

    My goal is simply to follow the rules laid out by Google and see where they take me.

  37. Jon,

    Whats the difference between “black hat” tactics and “white hat” tactics and how can I use it to propel a website of mine in the Google pageranks? Thanks

  38. WOW. Jon, I visited your site, and once again…you’ve blown me outta the water with your information. I, for one, am a master of using “black hat” tactics to get noticed on the internet… But you’ve shown this “black cat” how to really get the job done, with “white hat” tactics that have proven to work for you.

    Keep up the good work, Jon. I’m looking forward to your next email.

  39. Every site I’ve built based on content and “above board” SEO has continued to perform. They all have their ups and downs, but on average my business has stayed solid.

    Unlike the nail-biting world of black hat. ;-)


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