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Case Study: 1,000 Facebook Comments in 24 Hours

I've stated in the past that there are some products and services that Facebook just isn't a good advertising medium for, and I certainly believe that to be true. However, for some kinds of products it works well, as I've recently experienced after launching

(Incidentally, if you haven't looked at since my last blog post, check it out now -- it's a hundred times cooler looking!)

I'm using Facebook as my primary advertising medium initially because I'd like to see how well it works for a general-appeal website. So far, so good. I'm seeing positive results and generating interest (and sales). It's a long term project that will take time to get into the black financially, but it's growing fast, so I'm happy about it.

To promote, I've done two kinds of advertising on Facebook:

1. The standard ads that appear on the right side of the page in a normal browser.

2. Promoting posts I make on the Community page.

The standard ads have generated most of the Likes on the page, but promoting the posts is proving to be a real winner, too. I wanted to share with you the success of one post in particular.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I discovered this method at this thread at the Warrior Forum. The idea is simple:

1. Find an image that motivates people to engage with it.

2. Post that image to your timeline and ask the people who see it to comment.

It's that simple. Here's the image that I posted to the Community timeline:

And here's the content of the post:


Leave a comment and let us know the first word you see. We think at least 70% of the responses will be the same and 90% will be one of three words.

It's not shopping related, but we just had to share this!

After posting that I promoted the post for $5 to make sure it went out to as many people as possible. At the time of my posting it the page had about 1,500 Likes.

The results, to put it mildly, have been astounding.

Roughly 24 hours later, the post has been seen by more than 45,000 people. More than 14,000 of those people saw it because someone they were connected to commented on the post or shared it with their Friends. The post has received more than 1,000 comments, 200 likes and has been shared about 80 times so far.

This growth is showing no signs of slowing down, either. Of the $5 I spent to promote the post, only $2.63 has been spent so far. So there's still a long way to go. If Facebook will let me, I'll add more money to the promoted post to spread it out even further.

This little graphic and totally off-topic post has generated hundreds of visitors to and added about a hundred additional Likes to the page. The reason those likes are important is because once a user Likes the page they will see my next promoted post (as will their Friends). So they've basically signed up themselves and their Friends for any advertising I do from now on.

I'm only getting started in my Facebook promotion of, so I will be doing more of these kinds of marketing experiments going forward to see what sticks.

If you're interested in reading more about my Facebook experiences from a marketing perspective, post a comment below letting me know. I also encourage you to share your own Facebook advertising tips and tricks for other readers (and myself) to borrow from.

And if you feel this post was beneficial, please use the social buttons below to share it with your friends and followers.

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  1. Great tip Jon, I will implement something similar in my page and see what the results are. I’ve found facebook marketing to be easy to understand and implement, with things like this, it keeps getting more exciting.

    Thanks as usual for the great stuff

  2. Hi Jon, congrates on the increasing numbers of like. btw, is it possible to disclose on how to create the apps for the “CASE STUDY: A new twist on Facebook promotion.”

  3. Excellent experiment John. I’m glad we have people like you in the industry who still believe in sharing their knowledge and what works for them. Thanks a lot and keep sharing.

  4. Wow! That’s a great little trick. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t done any FB related advertising myself yet, but when I do, if I find something that works this well, I’ll let you know. The Warrior Forum is definitely a great tool.

  5. Just launched my fb page to go along the membership/list building my site is targeting.

    is this off topic kind of posting effective for ‘serious’ discussions
    and community.

    I’ve been advised to advertise for likes (max $5/day) and
    not promote anything on the page before I have 1000 likes.

    Anyone experienced can give me some additional guidance?


    Isabelle Etter

    PS: How do you commenters get your profile pic next to the comments?

  6. Hi Jon,

    I just started an ecommerce site and would like to target locally, how would u advise if I am using FB ads to increase the like in order to have the offer trick stated above. Thanks


  7. A genuinely fascinating way to leverage human psychology to raise the marketing effort.

    It would be interesting to see the stats on what people actually saw en masse. I saw the word ‘LOVE’ first (am I starved of affection?).

  8. Great post. It seems like someone has figured out how to make some income from Facebook. Great strategy. I would love to learn more.

  9. It’s a mix of curiosity and using puzzles to hook the reader and some subtle magic that seems to have made this work. All in all, the response you’ve received is amazing. I’m already stressing my braincells for a way to duplicate this mixture of great ideas you’ve merged:) Thanks a million for sharing!

  10. Jonathan,

    I can see why something like this would go viral. Question is, can it be monetized in any way, either directly or for using to attract backlinks?

    Lets say you did an interesting infographic on debt conolidation for example…

    • It would have to be something that really motivated people to share it. Maybe the infographic is informative, but very funny, or the post prompted the user to answer some question in a comment and share it with their friends to get their answer. Something like that.

    • If you are doing retargeting you can win this, cause that post Jonathan made on his Facebook fan page get him traffic, so those people might register his site, so they will be on his list, but if they don’t anyway they are still on his list, on his retargeting list, if you are using a company like retargeter they will let you have your advertisers stay in front of your audience after they leave your site! Their ads can follow your viewers across over 98% of ad inventory (assuming of course Jonathan accept advertisers on his site :-)

      Now the question is how fast and how many advertisers you can convince to pay you $2-3 CPM when you are paying retargeter $1.5. The question to this answer will put you in business even if 99% of people visiting your site bounce.

  11. You are the man John!

  12. Thanks for sharing this info Jonathan! I would be very interested in finding out more about this. I`ve heard of several people using FB ads to get their likes but would like to know the abc’s of it. I think your Sharewith site is a great idea. I do get kinda bummed every time I see something to do with Amazon as I live in Colorado and can`t be an affiliate.

  13. Question: I tried to promote my post, and FB shows Suggested Bid to be $0.80–$2.10 USD.

    I can only get a couple clicks with $5 budget then?
    How did you get so many FB ad clicks with just $2.63?
    Is there a way to optimize and lower the cost per click?

    • You’re talking about the normal ads, not the Promote button below your posts.

      • You were right…. thanks Joonathan!

        Also, is there like a “best time to post”? Weekends/Weekdays? Morning/Noon/Night?

        • I’ve found that morning and evening is best, but promoted posts stay on top of the timeline until the user sees it, so it doesn’t matter much in that case.

        • best time post vary depend on the market, but usually between 9-10h am, 12-1h pm and 4h-5h pm are great time to post.

          For promoted post you do not need to care about the time you post.

  14. From Facebook, “Only Pages with over 400 likes are eligible to see the Promote button. ” Too bad.

  15. Recent attempt to generate likes with a competition about olive oil promoted to italian food interests was disappointing.
    Possibly didn’t have a susficient run up

  16. Bummer! Found this information from facebook about this promote option. And I quote, “Only Pages with over 400 likes are eligible to see the Promote button. “

    • Ah yes, forgot about that. It makes sense though. If your page has too few likes there’s not enough users to spread the post to and the ad money would never get spent.

      • One way I’ve found to get around this is to make a post on my Facebook business page and then “share” it from my Facebook personal page and promote the shared post from my personal page. Of course, this assumes you have a few hundred friends on your personal account to make it worthwhile, but it’s been a great way to build likes for my business page quickly using Facebook’s promote tool.

  17. I’d like to learn more about how you’re using Facebook to promote as well. Great info!

  18. Jonathan – as always, THANKS for sharing! This one is getting added to the marketing arsenal!

    Just out of curiosity, have you thought about/tried as well?

  19. Great Study. I will be following this to see how it develops.:)

  20. I wonder if there’s a software where you can type your favorite words and it creates this squared random words image? THAT would be cool..

  21. Great post, Jonathan. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about Facebook ads. It’s something I’m looking at moving into soon and there isn’t a whole lot of quality information out there on it. Most of it is paid products that are really nothing more than how one specific campaign worked for someone.

  22. Johnathan

    Firstly I’m very interested to find out about your FB experiences but for now I have 2 questions:

    - where did you get the image from?
    - how exactly do you promote your post?

    By the way I’m not surprised it has gone viral, good job though!

  23. That’s fascinating!!
    I will definitely give it a try at some stage, and would love to hear more about your experiments with Facebook advertising!

  24. A couple of observations: The first thing I did was engage in the quiz. That could be a key since it crosses political, personal, and religious boundaries. Some long-running games shows like, “Wheel of Fortune,” and, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” simply string together a line of mini-quizzes and the shows now enjoy international recognition. Facebook allows for audience participation but obviously at a much lower overhead. I’m familiar with the, “passionate pastime photo,” trick but I think this works even better.

  25. Great stuff Jonathan. So if I´m correct you make a post and add the image with a small text. Then you go click the promote button, example:

    That sounds just too easy :P

  26. Thanks Jonathan for the awesome post. I would like to know more about your Facebook experiences from a marketing perspective.

  27. Thanks Jonathan for this great tip.

    I guess we can apply this strategy for any business and I think you don’t mind if I duplicate this.

  28. I was wondering how well those performed, glad to see you’re having success with it. Will have to give it a try as I’ve mainly been doing FB PPC.


  29. I’m struggling to see why people would take the time to like and forward this, there’s no conclusion after you have picked your word. But from a marketing point of view it’s great that they do. :-)

  30. Perfect timing as I plan to join FB very soon as a means of promoting. Naturally keen to learn from all sources and presently working my way through a course to help me get started. Incidentally the first words I saw in your image were love, knowledge and courage, in that order. Look forward to sharing any future tips please.

  31. Hey, looks REALLY interesting. So because you are asking people to recommend Amazon products… are you actually getting them to build referrals to your site and then in-turn hope that these referrals (people) will click through to Amazon and if they make a sale you get the commission? Basically creating a referral system for you to sell stuff from Amazon… and generate income. Could be a big income earner if it goes social/viral in any way shape or form.

  32. Thanks Jon. You always seem to give so much useful information that can be applied in the marketing of ones own website. I myself have a website which should do well on FB; just haven’t the financial means to really advertise. What intrigues me most thus, is how on earth you manage to spend so little, and get so many likes? PLEASE share your secret! Thanking you in advance. I will check out the thread, maybe I’ll find the answer there…

  33. mmm Great post Jonathan . Just more proof of the value you give to other. Has certainly opened my mind to some local possibilities too

  34. Hi Jonathan,
    Wondering how did you get your initial 1,500 likes for the page before your promotion?

  35. Hey Jon how do you set only $5 as your ad spend? Was that daily?

  36. That is a great idea Jonathan and thanks for sharing it. I did not know you could ‘promote’ a post. All I have ever done is the regular FB ads.

  37. Wow.. that’s the power of going viral. People like sharing, people in facebook love visual. I also want to working on this kind project

    Thanks Jon

  38. That is cool I’ll remember that trick I love your page Did you create that or is that an Amazon affiliate page that people can set up? That seems like a great page to attract attention


  39. Hi John, great site, there are two thing that I saw that may be an issue I tried to search for the deals by highest percentages and it did not work for me…each time it said there were “no deals available” . Second, the support link at the bottom of the pages goes to askjohnledger, but there IS not reference to share with me to put in a ticket about… Also you might want to create a SEPARATE page only for share with me, (not include any IM stuff) as it could confuse and distract people who are looking for support for

    • There’s a department at where the tickets can go.

      As to your search issue, I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking. The search is by keyword, not by percentage.

      • I’m not sure you know your own site… there is an option “Highest % off deals first” at the top hand right of the page.

        Too much outsourcing and not much quality control!!!

        btw there are SIX sort options, in case you dare visit the site yourself.

        • 1. Just select the option from the drop-down list and it will sort them (I tested it myself and it works fine).

          2. I wrote every stitch of code on that site myself, thank you very much.

          3. There’s no reason for you to be so rude. It’s seriously uncalled for.

  40. Thanks for the great tip. May I copy the Image and post on my facebook fan page?

  41. Jon, a couple of questions for you:

    Did you do this with a personal Facebook account or with a fan/biz page with no involvement of a personal account at all?

    I am just curious if this can all be done with a fan page because I don’t really want a personal Facebook account.

    • The involvement of a personal account is simply that to create the Page I had to have a personal account. But no, I didn’t generate any of the views, Likes or click-throughs by posting the page to my own personal account.

  42. Wow! What a powerful strategy Jonathan. I am surprised that you have chosen to share this cool trick with us. Thank you.

    The first word I saw was family.



  43. Wow!

    i used facebook advertising quite sometimes but im gonna love using this technique again.

    I appreciate..


  44. I like this observation:”This little graphic and
    totally off-topic post has generated hundreds of visitors.”;
    especially:”totally off-topic”

    And, yes, I’m interested in reading more about your Facebook experiences

  45. This was really helpful. Thanks for sharing Jonathan.
    BTW… The first word I found is love… :-)

    • Me, too! :) That certainly seems to be the first word most people see.

      • Uh Oh. First word I found was Knowledge does this mean I am screwed up? :)

        Very cool tip Jon. I’ve been using this on a sports page I have of mine with regular images that generate a lot of buzz too. But, I want to test what you’re doing because this will definitely pique curiosity and inspire people to like, share and comment.

        Just something about puzzles and games ….

  46. What a great idea…so many different things you can do with this. Thanks for sharing!

  47. Very interesting. Good job. So out of the (now) 1,700 fans, how did how get 45,000 to see it? Through the 64 shares?

    • Whenever a Facebook user “likes” something, all of their Friends see that they liked it and have the opportunity to click-through and check it out themselves. On top of that, promoting a post puts that post in the timeline of the people who Liked it and their Friends. So they see it that way. And yes, to add to that, when people Share the post it gets spread as well.

  48. Wow that is astounding. I tried promoting posts for a client and my CTR was very high, we had lots of likes (and other fb activity).

    I think promoted posts works much much better for posts such as the one you shared and can go very viral and wild.

    • I’m definitely seeing more results from promoted posts that have catchy images attached to them. It’s hard to scroll past it in your timeline without at least taking a look. :)

  49. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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