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Build a “link pyramid” to rank your sites in Google.

Google's algorithm is all about ranking sites that are "naturally" popular. That means that, although you can sum up how to rank your site in Google in four words ("Get lots of links"), you need to make sure that your site's link structure is as "natural" as possible (in Google's eyes, anyway).

To do this, you want to construct what I call a "link pyramid" for your site. This pyramid is a 3-level structure of links: 1) your base links, 2) your mid-range links and 3) your highest quality links.

Now, before going into detail about the pyramid, let me outline what Google looks for in every link you have to your site. The more of these qualities each link possesses, the higher value Google places on it when ranking your site.

  1. Geographic Diversity. If all of your links come from web sites whose servers are all in Podunk, Texas, Google is going to see that as being very suspicious. It's easy to know the relative geographic location of any web site, and Google incorporates that data into their algorithm. So you want to get links from web sites that reside all over the web if at all possible.
  2. Link Text Variety. If every single link to your web site all has the exact same link text, Google will devalue your links and not rank your site. In case you're not sure what I mean by "link text", that's the (typically) blue, underlined words in a link (e.g. my blog has the link text "my blog").
  3. Steady growth. If your brand new site goes from having zero links aimed at it to having two thousand links the next week, Google is not going to rank your site very well. Your site will often rank well for a few days, but it will then fall out of the rankings. That's because Google will see your sudden link surge as a brief moment of popularity, but once that popularity passes, so will your rankings. You want to grow your links slow and steady, increasing the rate of growth as your site establishes a broader link base.

Okay, so now you know what attributes each link aimed at your site needs to have. Now let's talk about each of the three levels of your site's link pyramid.

Base Links

The foundation of your link pyramid are your base links. As with an actual pyramid, the foundation is the largest part of this virtual structure. You need more base links than any other kind of link.

Base links are, for lack of better words, lower quality links. Links from things like lesser article sites, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, links from deep inner pages, etc.

It's important that you have a lot of these kinds of links, because Google's algorithm thinks that this is "natural." After all, how likely is it that a web site will have a bunch of super-high-quality links from major web sites and not have magnitudes more links from "lesser" sites? So you want to make sure your link pyramid has a solid foundation of these kinds of links.

Mid-Grade Links

The next level of our link pyramid are your mid-grade links. These are links from web sites that have more authority than the sites mentioned previously, but still may not be top-notch sites. The kind of sites that usually reuse EzineArticles content often fall into this category, as do links from mini-sites and sales letter sites.

Mid-grade sites have a fair amount of links aimed at them in their own right, and so Google sees links coming from them as being more individually valuable than the base links. Of course, that means that you don't need as many links from these kinds of sites as you do from the base link sites.

Nor should you have more links from these kinds of sites than the base link sites. Remember, it's all about looking "natural" in Google's eyes.

Highest-Quality Links

For most long-tail keywords (keywords with less competition in the search engines), you don't even need the top level in your link pyramid. You can usually rank just fine with the base links and mid-grade links. I have numerous sites ranking quite well for many nice keywords without any top-quality links.

However, when you're aiming higher, you need to collect higher quality links. By "higher quality", I mean links from sites that already have a lot of links aimed at them. In Google's eyes, site with a lot of links aimed at them have "authority", and anyone these "authority sites" link to must also be important.

The great thing about links from authority sites is that a few links can make a big difference. So while these links are more difficult to acquire, you don't need nearly as many of them to rank well for your keywords. I've brought sites from page two for my keywords in Google to page one with just a dozen or two links of this kind (and I'm talking about some fairly competitive keywords).

Just For Emphasis

Again, because I can't emphasize this enough, it's important that your link pyramid look natural to Google. That means having a large number of base links, a lesser number of mid-grade links, and a few top-quality links.

Of course, some of your links will blur the lines between the levels of your link pyramid. Perhaps they're not quite "base links", but not really reaching the point of being considered "mid-grade", etc. That's okay. That's "natural", too, and will only help you in your ranking efforts.

The best rankings I achieve I achieve by gathering all three kinds of links at the same time. Of course, I get more base links than I'm getting mid-grade links, and just a few top-quality links at a time. This is the "natural" growth pattern of a popular site, and it's what Google likes to see.

My Personal Link Pyramid System

I've achieved top rankings in markets ranging from patio furniture to music downloads to local real estate listings and more. I accomplish this by taking advantage of my link networks:

  1. - I use this network to create the foundation of solid base links that give my sites sure footing in Google's rankings.
  2. - To get a smaller set of about 250 mid-grade links, I always put my sites into the 3WayLinks network.
  3. - When 1WL plus 3WL isn't enough to break my site onto page one of Google, then I use my not-so-secret weapon: MyWayLinks. Google loves the links from this network, and I've used it to push my sites into top rankings for more difficult keywords.

You see, I designed all three of those link networks. That means that all of the links coming from them are the kind of links Google is looking for. They all have the geographic diversity, link text diversity and steady growth rates that launch sites to top rankings as quickly as possible (without rising too fast only to fall back down again).

Right now I'm offering a trial rate of only $7 a month for the first month of each of the three link networks. That means you could sign up to all three for only $21 for your first month. See if those networks work for you as well as they're working for me and thousands of other web sites.

Remember, though, a little patience is in order here: it usually takes two to three months for a brand-new site to see real traction in Google's rankings. However, if your site already has some links established, you'll often see results faster than that.

(Incidentally, this was my first post ever written from my new MacBook. I'm trying to become more Mac-savvy.)

Please post your thoughts and questions in a comment below.

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  1. I like the pyramid analogy. It’s too obvious to Google when you’re linking everything to everything else and not getting any flow of PR through your sites. Having said that, it’s also quite natural for a lot of sites to end up linking back and forwards a bit, particularly if they are highly related.

  2. It would take some programming and testing, but I would guess it would generate a pyramid of thousands of pages and a very strong internal linking structure.

  3. I’ve used similar tactics on several less important sites and seen favourable results. As with anything in SEO it’s best to test it out for yourself.

  4. This is a wonderful post. I have a question: When you say pyramid style in the post above are you saying that each tier of the pyramid is linking directlt to the main website?

    Pyramid1 Links to main site.

    Pyramid 2 links to main site.

    Pyramid 3 links to main site.

    Or, pyramid 2 links to pyramid 2 which links to pyramid 3?

    In the post above it would seem that you are starting with base links first and they are all pointing to your main site along with mid-grade and highest quality.

  5. What do you think about clocking? I am interested in your program.

  6. This is an interesting method. I have also heard of another pyramid where you have 4 layers and instead of all linking to the main page (s) they link to each above layer.

    What do you think of creating loads of wordpress and blogger sites and using a bot engine to get links for them and than linking them to an above layer which is more of white hat sites and than links to your site?

  7. I cannot signup at your link exchange community. Will the Linkpods page be put back up soon?
    Thanks for a reply.

  8. I want to come up with a swifter way; I’d like to invent it and keep it a secret!

  9. Hey John,
    Great article. Here’s a related question.
    I’ve got a client that has a large catalog site (11 years old, so already well-seasoned). Unfortunately, when you click on a category of the items he has for sale, you get shunted over to an auction app on So his site looks rather thin. His inventory isn’t listed on his own site.

    Here’s the question – he could create a huge internal linking structure if he used his inventory database to create web pages and put navigation on each page. Is it worth it to do that. I’d guess yes, given your article. It would take some programming and testing, but I would guess it would generate a pyramid of thousands of pages and a very strong internal linking structure.

    What do you think?

  10. Hi,
    Thanks for your effort.Actully I am going to start to work on SEO.I have heared The more the link pyramid grows, the more one way links each member gains. Your post seems very helpful to me.

  11. Wow…
    you are really nice,
    thank you very much…

  12. I like your idea and think to book one subscription for test purpose first. But I also think that booking all 3 services is a little costly. If the monthly cost will be lower maybe more clients will join your service which helps all of us ?


  13. Ooh, macbook. I’ve actually been thinking about buying one, but they are a bit pricey. I could get 3 dell’s for one macbook, and although dell’s arent great, they are sufficient.

    It’s a nice thought to be able to break a few laptops and stil have spare cash lying around.

    This link building pyramid seems like a lot of work, but then again, so is everything else that is worth while.

    I’ve been kind of apprehensive about your Xwaylinks stuff but I’m beginning to warm up to them. Might just check them out soon.

  14. HI John,

    Quite interesting blog post for building links. i liked the most strategy of building link pyramid. thanks for sharing wonderful information.

  15. Jonathan,

    As always, you deliver the goods!


  16. Hi Joh,
    thank for sharing build a link pyramid. it is very useful for me.


  17. This is what I have done quite successfully jon and its always a wok in progress but well structured links built in this manner will put you close to the top evreytime

  18. Jon,

    Great post.

    I have just got your WCA- what an analyzer.

    I hoping to get money soon so i can registered for 2 of the 3 link networks. 3WL is for sure.


  19. Thanks again my blog maintaining his position right now after i follow your tips.

    Thanks Jonathan

  20. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. It is a great help for newcomers like me. Have bookmarked and will come back.

  21. Could you advise the type of sites in the network and also what myway links are please?


  22. wow nice info on link pyramid ,thanks for the cool rank in google

  23. Although building link pyramid is a good advice it is not easy to achieve. Creating such pyramid is of course possible but after building such structure we need to make sure that it will not collapse. Links are not static and every month when google rewrites search engine results some of them may become less important. Some blogs and sites may even dissapear or get out of the google zone of influence. All sites must be viewed from time to time, to see is it profitable to keep links to them.

  24. Great post jon,

    How much site that we can add on one account mywaylinks?

  25. Very helpful, thank-you! I’m currently working on link development for my new site, and will definitely use some, if not all, of your tips!

  26. Great post, Jon. I’ve acheived great results by building my backlinks in a similar manner.

  27. Great insight about links. Especially the link growth which is very important for long-term rankings. A lot of people think they can just drop a few links here and there, without considering the growth pattern. That is why many SEO campaigns are not getting the results they want.

  28. I like this post, explaning alots about how to build link for SEO, thanks.

  29. Jonathan,

    Love you practical advice in all your posts – thanks. In your opinion, if you had to choose – would it be better to have may “base link” or a few ‘high quality” links?


  30. I’d sum it up in one sentence – get as much diversed links as possible. From small and from big websites. From sweden and from australia. From many different niches! You will not regret the work put into that.

  31. Thanks Jonathan for this high-quality post.
    Now I can say to know a little more about linking secrets.

    Have a good day !
    Alessandro Zamboni

  32. Great explanation, i will check your another link network.

  33. I love your products especially mywaylinks. It build lots of backlinks and bring more money to me. Thanks Jon


  34. Solid advice Jonathan. Too many beginners don’t understand that they need a broad mix of links. They think they can get links all using one anchor text or all from one source and expect to rank well. I’m going to check out your link networks now. Thanks man.

  35. Great stuff, Jon!

    This article really sums up what is a quality link building.

    But what’s the difference between the links on mywaylinks to your other link networks?

    Plus, what about .edu, .ac and .gov links? They’re very helpful in competitive niches as well!

  36. first time to hear this pyramid strategy.

  37. All very valid info!! And indeed it is so important to mix up the linking, by not having all the links point to your homepage but internal pages of your site as well, changing the anchor text to maintain the “natural” look!

  38. Thank you for the great article Jon!
    I wonder if you still have to use php for the “mywaylinks’ and “1waylinks”?
    I know that you do on 3waylinks, which we currently subscribe to for our blog. We can’t use it on the main web site because of the PHP.

    Thanks again Jon!!

  39. Yup! Always great and useful information here. Waiting your next article brother ;)

  40. Hi Jon,
    Thank you for your email.
    Very nice post. I have a site which I have built over 600 links for within a month and during the last update it stayed at pr0. While the attached site had the ranking improved with less than 200 backlinks! I was still in the dark about the reason. But your post answers a lot of my questions.

  41. Great information as always Jon. Looking forward to using all three networks shortly.

  42. Hey Jon,

    Nice post you got there. I’m currently in all 3 link networks and I have to say that your service simply rocks!

    For a very low monthly investment, this is definitely worth it.


  43. Sorry Jon…one more thing…

    When joining all 3, how fast should I be getting links?

    Meaning, 100 a month from 1wl…another 100 from 3wl….another 10 from myl?

    What should I do?



  44. Jon

    I have been in your 1 way links for a good while and like it.

    I might be slow here but can you explain the difference between the 3 networks? I did read the salespages but I am still not clear.

    I am interested in joining the others.



  45. Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for a great report explaining in detail the different kinds of links we should be aiming for.

    Cynthia Minnaar

  46. Hey Jon,

    I went through your whole niche website case study and it was intruiging. I tend to build bigger sites (500-2,000 uniques/day) but what I really want to know is how you get high adsense CTR.

    I would love an article about how you position and get higher CTR and clicks on your adsense sites.


  47. Do you ever buy links on high PR sites?

    No. I did a long time ago, but it’s just not worth it. It’s much more cost effective to be in a network that provides hundreds of links for a fraction of the price of buying one PR7/8 link — and the hundreds of links do A LOT more for your rankings.

    Don’t you think it would be a little over-kill to have your site in all 3 link networks (3waylinks, 1waylinks, and my-way-links)?

    Absolutely not! That’s how I get all of my sites ranked now. Having hundreds of links going out from a site is perfectly naturally and not looked on with any ill favor from Google.

    What do you think of of links from the yahoo directory/DMOZ?

    I don’t bother. One is too expensive and isn’t worth it, the other is outdated and unlikely to get included anyway.

    Does paying for a service that puts your links in directories make sense?

    It can, but it depends on the directories. A lot of the “services” out there that claim to do this submit to junk sites and charge a lot of money to do it.

    Also, the submission needs to be done slowly over time, not all at once, otherwise you run into the “too fast” penalty from Google (unless your site already has a lot of links and/or gets links regularly anyway).

    Would you mind giving the name of one of the sites you’re using your system with?

    Can’t do that — it’s against my terms of service to protect the integrity of the networks.

    What I don’t understand is the 250 limit on your 3waylinks. Why not gradually extend the number of time?

    250 keeps us flying “under the radar” so it doesn’t appear suspicious to Google.

    Do you have a deal for subscribing to all three services?

    After the large number of requests for this, yes, I’ll have a discount option coming out next week.

  48. Mikael:

    That’s right. If you can sustain the 1,000 links per week growth rate for a long time, then Google will not drop you from the rankings. I was only referring to getting thousands of links suddenly and then stopping.

  49. I have a basic Of SEO after reading your tips i get more confident to make SEO..


  50. Getting a lot of links quickly will only be a problem if you stop getting them right? Getting 1,000 links per week from day 1 is fine if you just keep getting those 1,000 links per week.


  51. Jon,

    Thanks for the great information.

    I always had diffculty in understanding this link building stuff….you made it easy…the pyramid structure…wow…thanks again.

  52. Hey Jon,

    Yeah, it’s good to diversify the backlinks building. I’m a customer of your 3 way link and my way link and both of them are working great for me!

    May even consider joining 1waylink in the future, let’s see if there are any customer for existing customer. :)

    Winson Yeung

  53. Hi Jon:

    Very glad to see that you finally got a Mac! That is wonderful news. Hope your next aps are Mac enabled.

    All the best, Terry

  54. As a member of 3way and 1way Links, I can strongly vouch for the power and effectiveness of your linking strategy, Jon! Before these two gems come along, it was relatively hard to aquire the links needed to improve my search engine rankings. I haven’t signed up for MyWayLinks just yet, but it is definitely in the “to do’s” for my online business!

  55. Hi Jon

    Thank you for this very clear explanation about links. What you’ve said really does make a lot of sense.

    I’ve been extremely confused about how to build links to my sites. I’ve read reports saying that you only need to concentrate on getting high quality one way links to the exclusion of everything else.

    I’ve read reports about buying links on authority sites through text link brokers. I’ve read about the pro’s and con’s of submitting your sites to normal directories, etc.

    As I said at the start of this post, your explanation does make a lot of sense. A typical website that’s been established for a while and has great content would have links pointing to it from a variety of different quality sites.

    Your pyramid idea of having a large number of base links at the foundation of the pyramid followed by fewer mid-grade links and then even fewer high quality links is very logical.

    Can you tell me…

    What would the monthly cost be If I was to use all 3 of your linking building methods?

    John O’Hara
    United Kingdom

  56. Jon,

    Good information and very clear. I’m just starting out on this road and although I’ve had some success by using an internal linking structure for articles on sites such as hubpages and squidoo, I’ve yet to see any real traction on my main site. I’ll be putting a few of your suggestions into practice.


  57. Hello Jon,

    The concept of your linking strategies seems to be very solid, being based on known techniques. You have made it much easier for anyone to improve their rankings.

    Each of the three link services you offer compliments the other.

    Do you have a deal for subscribing to all three services?

  58. Nice Info and Thanks for sharing the info and i want to say about your post that is awesome….

  59. Very good post but $121 per month seem very expensive. Especially when you face the threat of having all your links disappear if you don’t pay up.

    Thanks for the tips though.

  60. good post..thanks

  61. Good job dude…

  62. Any update coming? Can’t wait for new thing from you..

  63. At last a 1,2,3 step process that lays it all out for me. I know linking is important but just how to get this done is another thing. Your article does that for me and is great. Thanks

  64. I am a member of and I love the system. It helps me to earn more money.
    Thanks Jon

  65. Thanks, Jon. Common sense advice as always. Slow and natural is the way to go when it comes to linking. If you do a little bit of link building (all three kinds) daily, you will be surprised at how it adds up over a couple of months!

  66. Maybe next time or next product, you can give tutorial about how to build link piramid not using networking link, but if we want to do my ourself. thanks.

  67. Hi Jon,

    Great article! What I don’t understand is the 250 limit on your 3waylinks. After someone has been subscribed for a while and reaches this limit, he basically gains nothing more from the network. However, to leave at this point would be dangerous (250 links suddenly vanish). Why not gradually extend the number of time? say, every month you increase the maximum by 10), to give motivation to stay in your service?


  68. fantastic post jon, i agree with you about Geographic Diversity, Link Text Variety and Steady growth, i have site with too many backlink and same anchor text but not ranking well in google, then i my rank grow well after i mix with diferrent anchor on another backlink

  69. Hi Jhon…

    I think it’s clearly enough for me about this.. thanks for another great post Jhon..

    Keep to share with us. ;)



  70. Dear JL ;p

    Thx for this GREAT Article of this pyramid strategy.

    Always HAPPY to have u’r email, to sharp my SEO skills

    THX n GBU ;p

  71. Jon,

    I have been doing seo for 3 years now and I must say that getting links is the basic of seo and the network you created really help sites to rank well without much effort.

    Love it!

    John Tan

  72. Jon,

    Another great post, which confirms the approach we’ve been trying to take these past few months.

    I would echo somebody else’s suggestion that you create a package price for people who want to join all three of your linking services.

    Keep these great posts coming, please!


  73. Great insight thoughts and you actually listed out all linking strategies..

    Thanks for the awesome informations.

  74. Thanks for the easy-to-understand report. I think you are spot-on with everything you say.

    I would just clarify that if you were to add the 2000 links you speak about and forget about the site, you will most certainly be penalized. However, if you added the 200 links and then continued to add a few hundred links on a regular basis, I don’t believe you would be sandboxed because of this. Obviously, I could be wrong !!

    I enjoy reading your posts and have learned a lot from them.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind regards,


  75. I am beginning to work on SEO PPC is now quite expensive and competitive, although the results are faster than with the SEO.
    As I see I have come so far only based on links, Google has a sandbox of my websites because I have built links with speed, I believe that the pages had been indexed.

  76. Nice article. Written in layman’s term so people understand what your talking about.

  77. This is why I keep reading your posts Jonathon.

    Where others are trying to make this into rocket science, you strip it down to simple common sense.

    Keep up the good work.

  78. Thanks for this info, can you help me to build my blog with link pyramid method?

  79. Excellent article. When my budget allows, I will try all 3 of your linking services.

  80. This souds so awesome!! My hosting doesn’t support PHP can you direct me to another way to get links?

  81. That’s an excellent distinction on the types of links needed. I have found that, like building the website itself, the foundation comes first. When a site is new, it is just easier to get links from lower ranking sites. As the site grows, then the second and third levels are more accessible.

    Then, in a couple of areas I work with, I discovered that there are “friendly” mega sites, those sites that give links to almost anybody. These aren’t in every field, and are more likely in “personal” topics than corporate topics. That discovery really made linking for those sites a lot easier.

    So now whenever I can I set out to find those mega sites in whatever area I’m working in, and latch onto those top level sites soon. It seems to help, and certainly doesn’t hurt.

  82. hi jon.. I’m trying to get steady growth of links for my site..

    @ The Dude with Tude : wow, you’re all in the 3 networks? it’s nice to hear that.. 1waylink, 3waylink and mywaylinks each are already powerful I think.. how powerful is that if we use that 3 all.. :D

  83. Hey Jon:

    No doubt your services deliver… big time! But hey, why not put together a single package deal for the trio!


  84. Thanks for the info Jon,

    This continues to reinforce that not all links are created equally and that we need to pay attention to the quality of the links every bit as much as the quantity.

    I see a service like yours having value.

    Thanks again.

    Rex Turner

  85. Just talking to some seo contracted people about doing this instead of their traditional methodology.

    We use some bookmarking and article publishing combined with web2.0 sites that already have a base PR6 or stronger such as video sites and other sites such as yahoo glue, kijji, propeller and others.

  86. I had never thought that far into it, but it does sound reasonable that Google would categorize the inbound links and look at the number of each.

    Thanks for filling us in on that one.

  87. I understand that the first month on all three link networks is 21.00, but after that it comes to 141.00 per month and that is a lot of money, for what you could make on a few blogs or web sites. But thank you for the great information on link building.


  88. I personally can attest for 1 waylinks and 3 way links because I am subscribed to both and have helped my sites consistently get ranked high on Google. I may have to implement mywaylinks as well.

  89. Good work on this article Jon, I’m beginning to work on SEO right now since PPC is quite expensive and competitive, although the results are faster than with SEO.
    As I can see I’ve only gotten base links so far, google has sandboxed one of my websites because I’ve built links to fast, well, I think it has because the pages were de-indexed.

  90. Hey Jon,
    Would you mind giving the name of one of the sites you’re using your system with?
    I would like to know in what place of,, etc, the site is now.

    Thank you,

  91. Thanks for another great post Jonathan. very helpful, as always.


  92. Does paying for a service that puts your links in directories make sense?

  93. Great post Jon.

    One thing about getting a lot of links very quickly, how much proof of sites being penalized for this have you seen?

    A lot of links then dying off to no links I can see would look suspicious.

    But a lot of links very quickly followed by steady growth is surely natural and happens all the time when a blog post / forum post or whatever gains internet notoriety for a while.

    I used a service that added about 700 links within a few days on one of my sites (a few years ago) and only seen positive effects. I did and still continue to use other link building methods for this site and it ranks always ranks well.


  94. Yeah, absolutely Jon. In fact I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing for a long while now, with pretty good results. And your services allow to put most of it on auto-pilot :)

  95. Hi Jon

    Thank for that great background info. I can only attest the effectiveness of your link networks – I use all three of them!
    What do you think of of links from the yahoo directory? I recently saw an interview with Matt Cutts from Google where he stated although those links are paid links, they are quite high valued, as the yahoo direcory has quite strict editors – same with the free DMOZ links (free, but even stricter editors)
    What is your opinion about links from those two directories?


    BTW: Have you ever considered installing “subscribe to comments” on your blogs? It makes following the discussion a lot easier and makes your visitors returning visitors ;-)

  96. Jon,

    Don’t you think it would be a little over-kill to have your site in all 3 link networks (3waylinks, 1waylinks, and my-way-links)? You would have to have 2 separate links pages, each for 1way links and mywaylinks… Therefore, you would have hundreds of links to other sites on your site, and you’d have hundreds of links coming from other sites all on the links/resources pages…

    You don’t think it would look suspicious to have 400 links all coming from links and resource pages? I understand that mywaylinks has more valuable sites in the network, but the links are still coming from a links page nonetheless.

    What are your thoughts on what is too much?

  97. Thanks Jon for the insightful post.

    Do you ever buy links on high PR sites?

  98. Now I’m in all 3 networks, but the one thing I don’t get is why are links better than the 3-way links, or 1 way links, when they seem like similar sites (at least 3wl and mwl) ?

  99. A very informative and detailed look at linking one the foundation stone to getting your site ranked better therefore more people will see you and hopefuly buy from you

    Obviously you will be promoting your excellent products but I am pleased that you have explained the ‘system’ so that those on a limited budget can still do linking for free


  100. Hi Jon

    great insights once more. I agree, most make the mistake to rely on one single link building method only. It’s easy to identify.

    Diversification is king. Good links from different sources.


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