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3 incredible ways to make more money and sell more stuff.

Would you like to make more money than you are now by making more sales of the products and services you offer?

Stupid question, I know!

But if you immediately had the only logical answer jump into your mind (in case you're an illogical person, the answer is "Yes!!!" :D ), then you need to read this email very carefully.

The reality is that there are only 3 things you need to do to increase the number of people who see your offers and increase the percentage of those people who actually buy from you (your conversion rate).

Here they are:

1. Write an outstanding headline for your pitch.

The subject of this email is an example of a great headline (if I do say so myself). Not because I'm a genious marketer, but because it follows a proven successful formula for

The formula is simple:

[number]+[adjective]+[promise] = Increased open rate!

Here's how my email subject fits into this formula:

3 [number]
incredible [adjective]
ways to make more money and sell more stuff [promise]

It works because it's specific (the number), exciting (the adjective) and practical (the promise).

Of course, you have to actually be able to follow through on the promise -- which brings us to the second thing you need to do!

2. Deliver on the promise that you make.

If you promise to show people how to make more money, or save time, or easily repair their washing machine--whatever--you better be able to deliver on that promise.

Having a great headline that gets lots of people to open your email or read your offer is great, but if you disappoint your readers because your headline promised more than you can give... you'll actually HURT your long-term success, not help it.

This email is an example of delivering in the headline. I promised to show you 3 ways to increase your sales and make more money, and that's exactly what I'm telling you how to do. I'm being specific and giving examples -- two very important aspects of any great offer.

Speaking of a great offer, let's get to point number three.

3. Offer a limited time (or limited quantity) discount.

Although I make lots of sales every day of my outstanding products (even if I do say so myself), I never, EVER sell more than when I offer a limited time (or limited quantity) discount.

Why? It's simple.

You see, you might have a fantastic product that's worth ten times more than you're asking for it, but many of the people you're pitching the product to are very busy (probably most of them are).

So even if they think it's a great product, it's just so easy to put off taking action on it until later. The problem is that once they tell themselves they'll "do it later", they're so busy that they forget all about it.

To prevent people from making that "I'll do it later" decision, you have to make sure they know they have a limited time to act. That's why you limit how long the discount lasts (or how many people can get in on it).

I promise you this: offer your list or current customer base a limited time / limited quantity discount offer for a great product and you'll see a serious uptick in conversions.

Okay, let's recap.

To make more money by making more sales, all you have to do is:

1. Write outstanding headlines following this simple formula: [number]+[adjective]+[promise]

2. Deliver on the promise you make in your headline.

3. Offer a limited time (or limited quantity) discount.

Take those three steps in your next marketing campaign and watch your bottom line smile. :)

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  1. Hi Jonathan:
    I find very useful this post. There’s always something new to be learned. And of course you are a very experienced internet marketer, software creator and some other skills many of us would like to have.
    My best regards,
    Jesus Moreno

  2. I really like this short and concise, high quality post. The part about writing outstanding headlines is a gem by itself. I’ll have to bookmark this for a greater read when I’ve more time. Nice one!

  3. When you know the nut and bolts of the business,
    It becomes easy to make money. Besides you don’t have to spend a dime to start this process of
    making money online. That same tractor can clear people’s land
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  4. Hi Jon and thanks for this article. As always you come up with sensible things. I am glad I follow you ever since I got one of your tools.

    I come to your blog often knowing that I will surely find something I can learn from.

  5. Excellent tutorial. Just the headline tip alone is of tremendous value. To put all three together is awesome. Here’s something I can use right away. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the tips! They came just at the right time!

    I have been making short videos for glass businesses in the Santa Cruz area of California and intend to sell the direct calls to a local business there as I have been doing this for my son-in-laws glass business here in Southern California and he is getting a ton of business from them.

    I am just about to start making my offer to the local glass businesses in the Santa Cruz area for the calls that are being generated from these videos that are on the first page of Google and these tips are giving me some great ideas as to how to structure my offers.

    Thanks again, Doug

  7. Same same. I almost agree with Dita, except its not the first mail with real value that you deliver in the past month. I planned to reply but was too busy & decided its important enough to do it now :)

  8. Cool email Jon!

    I will be using the $100 discount on Article Builder – so watch this space.

  9. Thanks of the advice i will put it in my notes

  10. Hi Jonathan,

    I got to your blog because you sent me this article as an email. It was the best email I got in a long time. As a matter of fact I was going to hit reply and thank you for it (I do that once in a while when I get something special like this.

    Thanks so much and all the best in the new year.


  11. Thanks for the awesome tips! I will most certainly be thinking of you the next time I write an email :)

    Now, do you have any limited-time discounts that you’re offering us, for any of your great products? ;)

    Serious question actually!

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