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Finding niche markets to dominate in Google.

Please see the bottom of this post for a clarification on how to understand SOC (strength of competition) values.

After writing my post showing how I got 46 page one rankings in Google in 7 days, I was flooded with requests asking me to release my tool for researching niche keywords to build sites around.

Well, I decided to do something a lot better than that. I've built a web-based system that literally discovers and analyzes niche markets while you sleep! It's incredibly easy to use, and super, super powerful. It uses the exact method that I used to achieve all of those page-one rankings, but it finds the niches much faster than I was able to do so on my own.

Find out how it works by watching the preview video on the home page:

Click here to watch the preview video.

To answer a few questions I'm sure will come up:

  1. When will Niche Horde be available?

    Soon. I can't give an exact date, but as soon as the beta testing is over (and I expect it to be over within a week), I'll make the system available to everyone.

  2. How much will the service cost?

    I'm considering an annual cost of between $27 and $67 a year. I'm not completely decided yet. What I do know is that it will not be expensive. After all, each user helps grow and improve the system by having the Niche Horde client software installed on their own computer.

  3. What are the system requirements for the software I need to install on my computer?

    The software requires a Windows computer (98/ME/XP/Vista) that has the .NET Framework 2.0 installed (most already do). I'm sorry, but it won't run on a Mac.

  4. How big is the database of keywords?

    With only a few dozen beta testing users, the database achieved 32,000+ keywords in its first 16 hours of operation. That should give you some idea of how quickly the database will reach into the millions of keywords, with thousands of available niche markets.

  5. How does the database grow?

    Niche Horde is continually fed new keywords to analyze and expand by finding related keywords. It's fed new keywords by users, and by other outside sources that continually grow the database. So the database actively grows and expands without any work on the part of its users.

  6. How is the competition (SOC) determined?

    The number of competing sites is determined by querying Google for the number of results that 1) have the keywords in the title and 2) have the keywords in links coming into the page. (I've modified the system to only count pages with links matching the keywords as competitors). Those are your only real competition. Sites that only have the keywords in the title or in the body of the page, but have no links into those pages containing the keywords, aren't real competition.

ADDED: Regarding Strength Of Competition (SOC)

I've gotten a lot of feedback from people who don't seem to understand the SOC numbers. Some folks seem to be assuming that if you search Google for, say, "pumpkin seed butter" (with the quotes) and it comes back with 7,780 results that the SOC is 7,780.


That figure is only the number of pages Google has that contains the phrase "pumpkin seed butter" somewhere on the page. That's NOT your competition. Your competition is only the pages of those 7,780 pages that have links coming into them whose anchor text is the keywords "pumpkin seed butter".

To find out how many pages THAT is, search Google for:

allinanchor:"pumpkin seed butter"

Then go to the "Advanced Settings" and set Google to show 100 results per page. Then go to the LAST page of results and look at the "Results X of Y" figures at the top of the page. THAT'S your competition. In the case of my example, "pumpkin seed butter", it's only about 295 pages of the 7,780.

Pages that do not have any links coming into them are not really competing to rank for the phrase. Only pages with links coming into them are the ones you need to concern yourself with. That's what's SOC number indicates.

Please post any additional questions or requests you have in a comment below.