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How I got 46 page-one rankings in Google in 7 days.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. The bottom line is that I've got 46 sites ranking in the top 10 Google results for their primary keywords -- and it only took me 7 days to achieve it.

How did I do it? Simple:

1. Research low-competition keywords that get between 1,000 and 3,000 searches in Google per month.

You want to target "low hanging fruit" for this method, so look for long-tail keywords that the AdWords Keyword Tool says get between 1k and 3k searches per month.

2. Make sure the top 10 currently ranking sites are mostly inner pages from big sites like or etc.

If most of the top 10 pages are inner pages with few links to them, then the pages are being ranked based on the site authority rather than the page itself. That means it's pretty easy to rank for those terms.

3. Register an exact-match .COM, .NET or .ORG domain name.

For instance, if the keywords are "small green widgets", then I register or or No dashes in the name, and no .info or .biz etc. domain names -- only .com, .net and .org. Google gives a nice boost to sites whose domain name exactly matches the search query.

4. Create a small 5 page site around the content of the primary keywords plus 4 related keywords.

Nothing fancy required. Just about 300-500 words of content per page centered around the keywords for each page. I also have a site map, privacy policy and contact us page on each site.

5. The Magic Bullet: Get links to the new site from

I submit an article to my network and have the article posted on 30-50 blogs in the network. The posts spread slowly, at an average rate of about 5 per day. The article I submit has absolutely nothing to do with the keywords I'm trying to rank the site for. It just has a small "about the author" paragraph that links out to the new domain.

I "spin" the links in the linking paragraph so that 50% of the links use the keywords I want the site to rank for as the link text, and 50% of the links use the domain name itself. Since each post in can have up to 3 links in it, I spin the second and third link so that each of the additional 4 pages gets some links aimed at them as well.

The links from are very powerful, especially since I've made some major improvements to how well (and how fast) each post in the 1WL network gets discovered and indexed by Google. I'm getting a lot of feedback from current users saying their Google rankings are on the rise thanks to these new improvements.

In 7 days of using and repeating this simple, four-step process, I now have 46 sites ranked in the top 10 Google results for their primary keywords. Each day more of the sites I've built come into the top rankings, and the ranking of the other sites continue to improve as more links get spread across the 1WL network and Google includes those links into its ranking algorithm.

Based on the results I'm seeing so far, I'm on track to build an AdSense network that earns at least $5,000 a month starting in October. That's right, in just six weeks I expect to have an additional $5k per month in my AdSense account using this method. Not bad 'eh?

Thanks to this simple method backed by links from, it's possible to build a nice AdSense income fast.

Please post your questions and thoughts in a comment below.