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Results of my Twitter traffic experiment.

Last week I started using Twitter, and was immediately hooked. Twitter is a great way to keep in closer contact with your list members, to grow your list of contacts, and to build traffic.

I decided to test just how much traffic I could build through Twitter, and so performed an experiment: I offered a free gift to everyone who "retweeted" (reposted) a specific tweet (Twitter message). I started this experiment on April 29th. The results were quite impressive, with hundreds of people reposting the tweet.

The biggest accomplishment of this experiment was the quick growth of my Twitter followers (people who are notified when I post new tweets). I started the experiment with 590 followers. As of today I have over 1,200. That's a growth of more than 600 followers in just 7 days.

The tweet that I had people retweeting had a link in it that has generated (as of my writing this) 4,766 click-throughs to my blog post about, my free link cloaking service. Not bad at all!

Thanks to those click-throughs, I grew my user base by more than 150 users (each user is an opt-in into a mailing list as well). That's another great benefit.

There were some unanticipated benefits as well. Because I was readily accessible and answering people's questions via a public tweet or a private message at Twitter, I generated some sales of some of my products. I also picked up some affiliates who made more sales of my products. I also got some great advice from a registered Nutrtionalist who was kind enough to answer my questions to her.

All in all, I'd call my Twitter traffic experiment quite successful. Because of it's success, I have decided to continue answering questions posted to me via a tweet directed publicly to @jonathanleger -- so feel free to hop over to Twitter and ask me any Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization or general business questions you might have.

Please post your thoughts in a comment below.

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