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Why you NEED to use to cloak your affiliate links.

The other day I made a couple of minor changes to my free affiliate link cloaking service ( I hadn't looked at the site in quite some time, since it was running smooth and I had no reason to "pop the hood", so to speak.

But since I was making a few changes, I decided to take a peak at my web stats to see how it was doing.

To say I was floored is the understatement of the year!

The site has cloaked over 4,500 new links in the last 30 days, and has delivered 9,616,267 raw clicks in the last year and a half. It's averaging 200,000-300,000 unique visitors per month, and has built my email list by more than 4,600 opted-in users.

That's all great, but how does it help you? I'm getting to that part.

You see, more than 20,000 of those visitors each month are coming from Google, Yahoo and MSN Live. At first I was scratching my head about this, asking myself why on earth the site was getting so much love from the search engines (not that I was complaining, mind you!)

So I started taking a look at the keywords the site was ranking for, and it only astounded me even more. Only about 10% of that traffic was coming from keywords relating to the name of the site -- people just looking for OffTo.

MOST of the traffic was coming from keywords ranging everywhere from "free tee shirts" to "hypoglycemia diet".

That's when it hit me -- the thing about OffTo that should motivate you to use it when cloaking all of your links.

You see, ol' OffTo has racked up a HUGE number of links to its pages (76,259 according to Yahoo! Site Explorer). That massive number of in-bound links has given OffTo a lot of authority in Google's eyes, and so its pages are ranking very well for the
keywords the engines are finding on those pages.

It's the same kind of effect that causes the pages of Wikipedia to rank for so many different keywords. Tons of links means the pages will rank for just about anything.

How does this benefit you?

In case it's not clear yet, this benefits YOU because when you cloak your links using OffTo, your cloaked links will often end up ranking for the keywords on the cloaked page (especially if you choose a link name that has your keywords in it). That means EXTRA traffic from the search engines, for free!

In order to benefit from this extra traffic, you want to be sure the "Hide links to affiliate program on landing page" box is checked when you create the cloaked link, since that's what causes the page to get cached and ranked in the engines.

So the next time you need to use a link cloaker, I strongly recommend you do yourself a favor and get some f.ree traffic by using

Here's the link: