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Web Data Parser adds ad-hoc data extraction and more automation!

I have to admit it. I'm completely jazzed about Web Data Parser. It's one of the most sophisticated tools I've developed to date, and I think it has a very broad range of use.

Thanks to the incredible feedback of the more than 180 comments I received on the first two blog posts about WDP, I've added an additional set of features that will blow you away:

  1. Ad-Hoc Data Extraction

    Web Data Parser is no longer limited to extracting data from plain-old fixed-column tables. I've written a smart algorithm that figures out the "shape" of the data in a variety of kinds of tables and parses the data accordingly.

    This means extracting product data from sites like ShopZilla and BizRate, or home data from, or search results from Google -- just about anything!

    You have got to watch the video to appreciate this new feature.

  2. Following "Next" Links

    Web Data Parser now has the ability to look for "Next" links on the page and "click" those links to get to the next page of data, then extract the data from the next page, look for another "Next" link, etc. This saves you loads of time in the many instances where there is more than one page of results.

To see these features in action, watch the new video on the WDP homepage:

Click here to watch the new beta demo video.

Please leave your thoughts and suggestions for improvement in a comment below. Thanks!

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