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66 visitors, 13 downloads, 3 sales, $99

Not excited by the prospect of making $99 in a month? You should be. Why do I say that, and what did I do to make my brand new, 2 page web site earn about a hundred bucks in one month? Let me tell you.

Why You Should Be Interested

First of all, to build your enthusiasm for the results of this case study, let me lay out a few figures that can be derived from 66 visitors, 13 downloads, 3 sales and $99.

$99 from 66 visitors is $1.50 per visitor.

Think about that. On a great day you'll earn $1.50 per click from AdSense ads on a page, but even with a good click-through rate of 10%, you need 10 visitors to earn that $1.50. That means you're really only earning 15 cents per visitor on average. The methods I used for this case study earned 10 times that per-visitor value.

3 sales from 66 visitors is a 4.5% conversion rate.

A 4.5% conversion rate is great for an affiliate product (which is what was used in this case study). It's far better when you consider that the product was a free software download that the user had to choose to register for a fee -- which is when I got paid. Conversion rates for software registration are typically far lower than conversion rates for pay-first products. But in this case, of the 13 people who downloaded the software in the last month, 3 people bought. That's 23%! Very nice indeed.

It only took 6 weeks to get a #3 ranking in Google for the keywords that earned the $99.

Yup, a mere six weeks after putting the brand-new, 2 page case study site into the 3WayLinks Network, I had a #3 ranking in Google for my chosen keywords.

How I Did It

Now to get to heart of the matter: how did I do it? It's actually very simple.

  1. I created a simple 2 page site that pitched the product and provided a link to download the software.
  2. I put the site in the 3WayLinks network, using the name of the product as my primary keywords.
  3. I gave the site a title that looks like this: [PRODUCT NAME] - GET IT FREE! -- Do you see why a title like that will draw clicks from the searchers who might otherwise have clicked on the #1 result instead?

Why It Works

Ranking for the name of a product is a great way to earn easy affiliate commissions. The reasons for this are threefold.

  1. Conversion rates are higher.

    If somebody is searching for the specific name of a product in Google, they are obviously much more interested in the product, and therefore are a lot easier to sell the product to.

  2. Competition is lower.

    If you look for software products (or other digital products) that aren't immensely popular, you'll find that there's not much competition for the product name in Google. That means it's really easy to rank for the name of the product -- and fast.

  3. It's easy to "rinse and repeat."

    Since the web site is incredibly simple to build (2 pages, no fancy graphics or expensive templates), it's also very easy to duplicate. Just find another product to create a site around and repeat the process over and over again.

    3WayLinks lets you put 50 web sites in your account. Think about that: if you can build 50 sites that, on average, earn a target goal of $3 a day, that's $4,500 a month, or $54,000 a year -- on autopilot.

Where can you find such digital products whose product name you can rank for? They're all over the place: ClickBank, PayDotCom, and RegSoft are all loaded with software and digital products that you can be an affiliate for. Create the sites, drop them into 3WayLinks (or, which is also proving incredibly successful) and wait for the commissions to arrive.

To find out how competitive the keywords are for the product names, just go to Google's keyword tool and do an "Exact" match search for the product name. Look for product names that get some searches, but not a lot.

My case study site targets a product name that only gets 210 searches a month, according to Google's keyword tool. The products that only get a few searches don't have anywhere near the competition, which means it's a lot easier to rank for the product names.

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