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Who says you can’t rank duplicate content?

On May 23rd I wrote a blog post that should have completely destroyed the myth that you can't rank duplicate content. You can.

My new blog post sharing site, has proven that duplicate content ranks well. The entire site is made up of 100% duplicate content: snippets of other people's blog posts that users can republish on their own blogs.

Just in case anyone still has any doubts about whether Google will send traffic to pages made up of duplicate content, here is the search engine traffic from May 19th to June 26th:



Almost 2,400 visitors from a variety of search engines (mostly Google) in just over one month's time -- all generated from duplicate content. Syndication has been a standard in offline and online publishing for many years. There's no reason Google should ignore content just because it's been syndicated. As the above numbers show, Google does not ignore it at all!

As I've said before, I strongly advise going to and finding some quality posts to republish on your own blogs. Some of that Google love could be going to your syndicated pages, too.

Also, see my previous post on the subject for a cool trick to turn duplicate content into "unique" pages in Google's eyes.

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