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Niche Site Case Study Week 10

It's been a little over 2 months since I first started my niche site case study. Every few weeks results in a surge of improvement over the last, and this time is certainly no exception. After getting back from a two week overseas vacation with my family, I was delighted to get back and see the improvements.

Here are the overall traffic stats:

On September 27th, the date of the previous case study update, the site had received a total of 949 unique visitors. Less than a month later, that total is now at 2183 visitors, an increase of 230% in about three and a half weeks. Not bad at all!

Very little of my traffic is coming from EzineArticles now. Here's my site referrer list:

And my total EzineArticles stats:

Google is now the site's dominant source of traffic (which was what I planned for). Here's the search engine stats:

AOL is sending me a little bit of traffic, too, since they use Google's search results. The site is now ranked #4 and #11 for its two primary keyword sets in Google, and has received traffic from 261 different keyphrases. To rank the site, you may recall, I distributed 10 unique articles to and, and put my site into 3WL is what's responsible for my #4 and #11 ranking, although my distributed articles have gotten me about 50 links from other web sites so far as well.

The revenue has more than tripled since my last posted update. The update from September 27th stated I'd earned $29.81 from AdSense. As of this morning, that total is up to $86.85. In addition, I earned my first AuctionAds revenue of $3.25, for a grand total of $90.10.

My daily revenue average is up to $2.30 per day over the last 28 days of the last update. I'm very close to my goal of $3 per day.

To repeat myself from the last post: my goal is $3 per day per site, because achieving that results in about $1,000 per year per site. Since it only took 5 hours of work to do everything required to get this site built and ranked, it would be easy enough to create 50 or 100 or more sites that achieve the same goal. Do the math: 50 sites a year at $1,000 per site per year is $50,000. One hundred sites is $100,000 a year, etc.

I've decided that this is the last case study update I am going to post. I think it's very clear that the method I've followed has worked very well, even in a two-keyword market as competitive as the one I've targeted. Honestly, I think had I been just a little less ambitious in my keyword selections that I would be in even better shape, with both of my keyword sets having top 3 ranking in Google. I'm not unhappy, though. As it stands the site will certainly reach my $3 per day goal very soon.

As a recap, here are the tools that I used to build the site:

  1. Niche Inspector - This desktop software tool helps you find profitable niches to create sites around.
  2. HypreVRE Gold - This desktop software tool is what I used to create the niche site for the case study. I used the Gold (paid) version, not the free version.
  3. Instant Article Wizard - This desktop software tool is what I use to create all of the content for the site super fast. You need unique content if you really want to rank well, and IAW is the tool I use to create it (even if I know nothing about the subject).
  4. - This is the service that I've put the site into to get it ranked in the search engine by building up link popularity while I sleep.

Of the four tools, Instant Article Wizard and are really the stars, in my opinion. IAW's ability to create unique, rankable content really fast, and's ability to get the site ranked by building link popularity with virtually no effort on your part are really the bottom line tools.

That said, I like using Niche Inspector because it makes finding subjects to create sites around much easier, and I like HypreVRE because it makes it a breeze to build the sites. I've heard from others who prefer some different tools for those things. However, I have yet to hear anyone suggest any content or link building tools that come anywhere close to the power and ease of IAW and 3WL.

I hope this has been an educational case study for you. If you don't take anything else away from this study, I hope you'll realize that with a little hard work and a bit of patience, you can create profitable niche web sites very quickly.

My method is the antithesis of the million dollar orange. The story goes like this: a man has a fruit stand on the corner of a busy street. On the stand he has only a single orange. A curious pedestrian approaches the man to ask him about his fruit stand, when he sees the price tag on the orange: $1,000,000.

"One million dollars!" exclaims the pedestrian in surprise. "Who's going to pay such a price for that!"

The owner of the fruit stand replies: "I don't know, but I only have to sell one!"

As you might imagine, the fruit stand owner is going to be there a very long time trying to sell that million dollar orange. I prefer the opposite method: create multiple streams of small, profitable web sites. Rinse and repeat a proven method (like the one demonstrated in this case study), and the profits will roll in fast (with no waiting around to sell the million dollar orange).

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