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Niche Site Case Study Week 6

I said I would wait two weeks before posting another update on my niche site case study. Well, it's been two weeks, and the traffic for the last two weeks is almost equal to the traffic for the previous month. Here's the stats:

Two weeks ago the total was 575 unique visitors. Now it's up to 949. Notice, too, that the total visits is 1,337, which means that about 30% of my visitors are return visitors. That's very important, as it demonstrates that visitors are seeing the site as a quality site worth revisiting. I thank the tools I used to build the site for that.

Even six weeks into the game, is still sending traffic. Here's the screenshot:

That's 269 total visitors sent from this month. Here's a snapshot of my EzineArticles stats screen:

According to this, EzineArticles has sent 413 visitors since I started the case study in mid-August. Comparing the stats to the stats from two weeks ago shows that I've gotten at least 100 or so additional unique visitors from EZA in the last two weeks.

Some exciting movement in the site's ranking in Google. Thanks to, as of yesterday my site is now ranking #11 for its primary keywords in Google, and #14 for its secondary keywords. To date, people have found my site via 198 different sets of keywords. Thus, my Google traffic has officially overtaken my EzineArticles traffic for the month:

My traffic spiked now that I'm ranking better in Google for my chosen keywords. That resulted in a $2.90 AdSense day yesterday. That may not seem like much, but multiply that over a year and it's $1,058.50 -- from one site. Build 50 or 100 similar sites and... well, you get the picture. So the goal is to keep things moving in that direction (which they are doing nicely).

I've also started getting a little bit of traffic from some of the other search engines (AOL and MSN/Live).

I am very happy that my site is already at the top of page 2 in Google's results for my primary keywords -- and in only six weeks! I can't emphasize enough the power of to get sites ranked like this. I'm hardly alone. I've read dozens of incredible success stories of 3WL members who are seeing the same results.

No doubt in a few more weeks my site will rank on the first page, resulting in far more traffic. The first page of results for any search engine gets a lot more traffic than the second page, and the top 5 results get far more than results 6 through 10 as well. My goal is to get my site in the top five for at least 2 of its 3 chosen keywords.

To date the site has earned $29.81 in AdSense revenue. I've been running ads on the site now, too, and despite 8,039 impressions, it hasn't earned me a dime. I'll be patient, since I've only gotten 38 clicks and the ads are well-targeted, but so far I'm not impressed.

$30 in 6 weeks may not seem fantastic, but look at the growth in earnings per day since the case study began:

Week 1 : 13 cents a day
Week 2 : 16 cents a day
Week 3 : 39 cents a day
Week 4 : 66 cents a day
Week 6 : 71 cents a day

My goal is to get the site up to $3 a day in revenue. Why? Because that means its earning about $1,000 a year. 5 hours of work for $1,000 in return per year is $200 an hour. Not a bad wage! Repeat the process 50 or 100 times and... like I said, the goal is clear. The site may do much better, as many of my sites do, but that's the goal.

Also, with Google you have to be patient. It takes a solid 2 to 3 months to rank well (even with 3WayLinks steadily aiming more links to your site from its network of websites). So don't give up on a site just because it's not getting a lot of traffic and earning wads of cash in its first few weeks.

Finally, one observation that I'd like to make is that my AdSense CTR is awful on this site, only 5.47% overall this month. However, it's spiked in the last few days since I started getting more traffic from Google for a variety of new keywords. Over the last 7 days my CTR was 6.46%. I hope that once the lion's share of my traffic comes from my primary and secondary Google keywords, my CTR will continue to rise. The preliminary evidence appears to be pointing in that direction.

I'll post my next case study update in about one month (October 25th). My family and I are going on vacation next month, and so I won't be available to post until then.

As always, to see exactly what I did to create this niche site from scratch, with only 5 hours of week, click this link.

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