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Niche Site Case Study Week 2

It's been 16 days since my niche site case study was launched, and I'm back again for the second in my series of weekly updates on how well the site is doing. Here's the overall traffic screenshots from last week and this week:

Week 1

Week 2

As you can see, the traffic to the site has more than quadrupled in the last week. One major source of this increase in traffic has been If you'll recall, I distributed ten unique articles to and, aiming one of each of the 'About the Author' links from each article to one of the internal pages of the site.

Last week I had 147 article views and 14 clicks on the 'About the Author' link. This week the total is 516 views and 114 clicks.

The above is the screenshot of my external referrers to the site.

In addition to the direct traffic from the article distribution, each of the 10 articles has been picked up by at least one or two other sites so far (according to Google). That's an additional 20+ in-bound links in the two weeks. As the articles continue to spread across the web, the combined power of all of the homepage links I'm getting from plus the links to the internal pages from the article distribution should continue to build the site's ability to rank for a large variety of targeted keywords.

My search engine visitors are on the rise as well. Last week I had 29 from Google, and this week I'm up to 48. This week I got my first Yahoo! visitors, too.

What has all of this resulted in monetarily? Last week I'd gotten 3 AdSense clicks and earned $0.91. This week I'm up to 14 clicks at $2.30. The earnings per click (EPC) isn't as high as I'd hoped, but this is still the very early stages of this project. My daily earnings average is up from $0.10 per day last week to over $0.14 per day this week. I may add some affiliate links into the mix as well, or an eBay auctions ad set, to see if I can bring the earnings up. But remember, the site is still very new, and I'm not at all unhappy with the results. In fact, I'm quite pleased.

All this traffic for about 5 hours of work. Since that 5 hours, all I've been doing the last two weeks is siting back and watching my stats increase. The real increases are yet to come, though. The site is starting to appear in Google for a variety of long tail keywords, and that will only increase as the sites in-bound links continue to grow.

The site still has only 5 out of the 11 content pages indexed in Google, too. I expect to see a jump in traffic once those other pages make it into Google.

Don't forget that I'm using a set of very powerful tools to make all of this work as well as it is. For the full story on how I built this site, and what I'm using to get it ranked in the search engines, read the original post.

Your comments, of course, are welcomed and encouraged!