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Revisiting my article writing case study.

So I'm doing my video review of Matt Callen's HyperVRE software (which I'll be sending out in a couple of days), and in the process I revisited the article writing case study that I put together last fall.

In that case study, I wrote 5 articles and did nothing else to advertise a site that I had built, following the results for one month (which were great). Well, I compiled the case study into a PDF report for Matt to send to his list to show the power of my Instant Article Wizard software.

That made me curious. I wondered if that site was still getting any traffic, so I checked out my stats, and WOW! What a surprise! The site is, and it's a 5 day mini-course on how to train your dog. In the "about the author" links of my articles, I (mostly) used the keywords "free dog training".

Do a search for "free dog training" at Google, and notice which site is ranking #8. Yup, that's me.

I checked the site's stats, and sure enough, I'm getting good traffic from those keywords. Ha! So I checked my signups and, sure enough, I've gotten hundreds more since the case study was done.

That site, which I'd long since forgotten about, has been quietly growing in its rankings and traffic, and collecting more and more email addresses from people, and making sales of its back-end product -- all from writing and distributing just 5 unique articles on the subject matter.

The site is still getting traffic from and as well, many months later. So is writing and distributing unique articles a great way to build traffic to your web site? My site's #8 ranking, traffic logs and signup rate are proof that it is indeed. It's a long term strategy that really works!

If I accomplished that much by writing only 5 articles, imagine how much you could accomplish by cranking out dozens (or hundreds) of articles using Instant Article Wizard!

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