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Still think link exchanges don’t work?

I love it when I'm right. I had a reader write in and tell me about his successful link exchange campaign. He's given me permission to share his results. Here's the email:

I'm getting CRAZY of happiness today, look what happened minutes ago:

See Emanuele's #1 ranking at Yahoo.

NUMBER ONE for my main keyword! and i used Seo Elite (although extensively) just for a week! This is in addition of what happened yesterday, where I started to see #2 positions in many international MSN search sites:

See Emanuele's #2 ranking in MSN

I'll come there and kiss you :)

No kisses please! But I'm always happy to hear from readers who write in their success stories.

Notice that his success came from using SEO Elite, a software tool that I strongly recommend for getting links to your site.

In addition to using the software, Emanuele took my advice about how to word the link exchange requests. Look at this results from that (again, in an email he sent me):

I want to let you know what just happened. I just started to apply what I learned from you (my fault, I should have started immediatly). I'm totally shocked. I'm inundated with answers. But what shocked me is how people are reacting versus how they were nervous using classic "link exchange" request. Also people are blogging on how "cool" I am. I can't believe it.

See an incredible example

Click here for the example.

I couldn't believe it

Of course, thanks.


So there you have it! Evidence that link exchange campaigns do work, and that the way you word your link exchange requests makes all the difference in the world.

P.S. What are you waiting for? Get a copy of SEO Elite now and start seeing results for youself!